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Tips For Decorating Your Guest Room

Decorate Your Guest Room With Any Of These Ideas!

Many homes have a spare bedroom. One of the best ways to make use of spare bedrooms is by transforming it into a guest bedroom.

1. Purchase a Neutral Bedspread

A great way to start off with decorating your guest room is by purchasing a neutral bedspread. Keeping the bedspread a neutral color will help with getting the rest of the decor for the room! This also gives the room a more simple look, which helps guests to feel more relaxed during their stay.

2. Keep a Dresser in the Room

Sometimes, guests prefer to take their clothes out of their luggage while staying somewhere. This helps to decrease the number of wrinkled clothes! Having a dresser in the guest room is not only convenient to put their clothes in, but guests can also use the tops of the dresser to put some of their other items or anything that they might have bought during their visit.

3. Basket of Extra Necessities

Often times, guests can forget to bring an important item with them while traveling. For instance, people can easily forget toothpaste or shampoo! A great way to decorate your guest room, and also providing your guests with some extra necessities is by adding a small basket full of items in the room. Pick out a basket or bin that you think would look best in the room and add toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and maybe even an extra toothbrush. If you have trouble picking out items, just think of items that you might forget while traveling!

4. Add a Letterboard or Whiteboard

Place a letterboard or a whiteboard either on the dresser or on the nightstand with a welcome message, and the wifi password. Having this in the guest room will help your guests feel welcome and you can avoid the conversation of asking what the wifi password is.

5. Have Clean Towels in a Visible Spot

By having the clean towels folded on a shelf in the guest bathroom or in an easy to see spot in the guest room will make it so much easier for your guests. Your visitors will appreciate having the clean towels right at hand.

6. Add Lamps

You never know how much lights that your guests might want to have in the room that they’re staying in. Therefore, make sure to put one or a couple of lamps in your guest room so that guests can decide on how much light they want to have.

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7. Wall Decor

Add beautiful wall decor to your guest room space. Either add an amazing canvas painting or you can even add a fun mirror on the wall to create that decor, but to also provide your guest with a mirror in the room.

8. Put a Mirror in The Guest Room

Visitors will want to get ready for the day in the room that they’re staying in, so in order for them to feel comfortable with changing and picking out their outfit, you will want to provide them with a mirror in the room. For instance, you can look into either putting in a full-length mirror or even just a mirror above the dresser into the guest room.

9. Clean Nightstand

Provide a clean nightstand in your guest room, so that your visitors can put their phone on the nightstand, or anything that they need easy access to. If there is room, you can always put a small amount of decor on the nightstand to dress it up. For example, you can put a small plant or candle on the nightstand.

10. Coffee Station

If you aren’t much of a coffee drinker, but you know that your guests are, then you can consider putting a coffee station in the guest room. This way if your guests are early risers and don’t want to wake anyone, having the coffee right there in the room will be very convenient! However, if you already have a coffee station located in your kitchen, just leave it there for guests to visit when they wake up. Either way, your visitors will be happy to have access to getting coffee in the mornings.

Enjoy Decorating Your Guest Room!

Create a cozy environment in your home whenever you have your guests stay the night. They will love feeling like they are staying in a home away from home.

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