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Debary Community Spotlight

Debary Highlights

Living in Debary, you will feel right at home. This part of town has so much to offer for everyone in the area.  Explore the parks in this part of town, visit all the local restaurants, and enjoy being able to go shopping at all the local shops. There are so many fun and exciting things to do in the Debary area. 


Debary Blue Springs State Park:

The Blue Springs State Park in the Debary area is something that you want to experience. Blue Springs State Park is over two thousand and six hundred acres. Many people from all over Central Florida and others from out of town come to this state park to see the amazing manatees. Majority of the time, guests that visit this park will see moreHomes for sale near Blue Springs State Park. Beautiful crystal clear water. manatees during the winter months. People in the community will come to this state park to enjoy swimming in the springs. During your visit to this state park, you will also have the opportunity to explore the historic Thursby house. Thursby house was built in 1872, so you will get a glimpse of an old-style home. The park also offers plenty of pavilion seating. Before you leave the park, check out the gift shop to pick up any souvenirs.


Downtown Debary:

Debary is located in the Volusia County area in Central Florida. Explore its beautiful historic downtown area. There is plenty to do and see in the Downtown Debary area. For instance, you can explore the outdoor area, enjoy any trails that they have to offer. Check out the local shops in this area and spend a day soaking in the sun in this quaint town.


Debary Hall:

One of the most historic parts of Debary is Debary Hall. Anyone is able to visit this landmark any Tuesday through Saturday. Debary Hall was built in the 19th century. This is one of the oldest historic sites in the area. When visiting Debary Hall, people often notice that it is located just in front of the St. John’s River. During your visit to this hall, you will be informed of plenty of historic information and will also be able to see a few interesting artifacts here and there.


Shopping in Debary:

If you happen to enjoy being in an area where there are plenty of places to shop, then Debary is the perfect spot for you. Get plenty of affordable items at the Family Dollar. AutoZone is also located in the Debary area. Spend time together with some friends to go thrift shopping at the SPCA Thrift Store. Visit the tropical fish store, the Stormborn Reef. Some other stores that you will want to visit in Debary are places like the Dollar General, Smokeless America, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. person walking through the aisles of a grocery storeCheck out the Debary Pool Supply, Williams Custom Jewelry, and Walgreens are some other great stores in the Debary area. A few other places to check out are places like Disc Golf Center, Gus Tire Services, Winn-Dixie, and so much more.


Restaurants in the Area:

There are so many different selections on where you can go to eat in the city of Debary. Try out places like 4-B’s Restaurant, Goodfella’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant. Visit the Swamp House Riverfront Grill, Sake Thai and Sushi Restaurant, and Antonio’s Wood Fired Pizza. Some other places in the Debary area include Genuine Bistro and Lounge, Nonna Maria’s Pizzeria, and China 90. Residents also love checking out The Original Anthony’s Pizza, IHOP, and the Debary Diner. Find your favorite restaurant in the Debary area and visit often.


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Debary Dessert and Sweet Shops:

If you are living in the Debary area and have a sweet tooth, then you will have plenty of choices on where to go to get a sweet treat! Get some fresh homemade donuts at Donuts to Go. Try a pastry item with a cup of coffee at MG Coffee Brews and Bites. Stop by the nearest Dunkin Donuts in the area to grab a tasty donut or a fresh hot or iced coffee.


The St. John’s River Eco Tours:

Debary has a great river tour. Experience the St. John’s River Eco Tours. Being on the river and checking out the boat tour means that you will also get to take a look at any of the wildlife nearby. See any of the Florida alligators, the manatees, or turtles that live at this river. Schedule your tour for the early morning or the afternoon. Each tour is narrated so that you will be able to learn a lot of interesting information while enjoying a relaxing time soaking in all of nature’s astounding beauty. This facility is also home to the marina which has the Highbanks Camp Resort and the Swamp House Grill Restaurant. The St. John’s River Eco Tours is a great way for you and your family to enjoy a day with perfect weather. Any of your friends, either local or out of town guests will also enjoy this boating experience.


Parks in Debary:

Take a trip to any of the parks located in the Debary area. For instance, you can visit Lake Monroe Park. Lake Monroe Park is the perfect spot to take your boat out on the lake. Bill Keller Park is another fun park to visit in the city of Debary. The playground is in a shaded area so your kids can play away from the hot sun. Anyone who visits this park Beautiful park with playground for kids in Debary, Florida.will also have access to the basketball courts and the tennis courts. Another park in the Debary area that you will want to check out is the Rob Sullivan Park. There is also a fun playground area at this park that your kids will love. Softball fields, soccer fields, and a football field are also at this location.


More Parks:

Gateway Park is another fun park in the area to explore. Enjoy spending time at the picnic tables and check out the gorgeous butterfly garden. Visit The River City Nature Park to play a game of disc golf. Power Park in Debary is the perfect place to take your kids to run around and play. The playground equipment at this park is very well maintained. Community Park says it all in the name. This park is the perfect spot to gather together as a community. Check out the fun splash pad area for the kids to cool off in. Enjoy Eagle’s Nest Park and Gemini Springs Park. Gemini Springs Park is another popular park amongst the locals in the area. This park has a trail to walk along or to just hang out. This is one of the parks that you and your loved ones can come visit to spend time relaxing at.


Schools in or Nearby Debary:

Residing in the Debary area means that you will need to know what schools are in or near the area. You will be able to choose from schools like Debary Elementary School, Reading Edge Academy, and Highbanks Learning Center. Other schools in the area include Debary First Presbyterian Preschool, Christian Care for Lil’ Angels, and the Community United Methodist Preschool. Debary Sunshine Academy, Frontline Head Start, as well as Florida Learning Academy Seminole, are also a few of the other schools.

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Beauty, Hair, and Nails:

When you look good, you usually tend to feel great. The Debary area has a lot of great options for places to go to either get your hair and nails done. Have a relaxing time getting pampered at any of the spas around town. Check out places in the area like The Palms Day Spa and Salon, or Katie’s Nails and Spa. You can also enjoy places like Hope Nail and Spa, Unique Nails, and Nancy’s Nails. A few other places that you can enjoy are places like Bella Vie Hair Salon and Salon Moxie. Lena’s Nail Salon, Full Circle Salon and Spa, and Comfort Time are a few others.


Gym and Fitness Centers:

Stay in shape and maintain your healthy lifestyle at any of the gyms or fitness facilities that the Debary area has to offer. You will have the opportunity to get memberships or stop in at any of the gyms in this part of town. For instance, check out CrossFit Force2Reckon, and have access to a karate school known as Full Circle Martial Arts, a gymnastics center called RAD Gymnastics, and more.


Debary Golf and Country Club:

Another part about the Debary area that you will absolutely love is being a close distance to the Debary Golf and Country Club. People in the community love being able to come out to this exquisite golf course. This country club keeps well-maintained greenery and has a great indoor venue. Many people in the community or people from other parts of Central Florida use this country club to host their wedding. You can choose from an outdoor or an indoor area.


Special Events and Fun Occasions:

Debary has a lot of great special events that you will love being able to attend. For instance, take your family out for a great day at local Farmer’s Market. This Farmer’s Market is a great place for people in the community to enjoy homemade items, fresh produce, and other things. Another great event that you can attend is the family event known as National Trails Day. There is plenty to do at this event. At this particular event, people in the community will become aware of all the Nature Trails in the United States.

Fourth of July Event in Debary:

Another great event in this area that you can attend is the Fourth of July event that takes place in Debary. The Fireworks, Fun, and Fanfare Fourth of July event has everything. Enjoy the food, the vendors, the exciting raffles. Not only will you enjoy the fun and exciting things happening, but you will also get to experience the amazing fireworks show.


Businesses in the Area:

Being in Debary, you will notice all the businesses that this town has to offer. There are businesses like the Seminole Precast Manufacturing Inc., Debary Enterprises Properties, Vick Consulting, and Partridge Business Valuations. Some of the other businesses include Trinity Accounting Solutions, Automated Bookkeeping Services, and Betlen Tax Associates. Advanced Business Cleaners and Services, Debary Fence, Parkview Town Center, and Business Interior Group Inc are just a few more.


Doctors, Dentists, and More:

Living in the Debary area means that you will need to have places to feel comfortable going to get your checkups, schedule dentist appointments, and have access to pediatricians. Check out places in this area like the family practice physician, Humberto A Dominguez, and the medical clinic, Orlando Family Physicians. People in the Debary area will have other options like Debary Endodontics, Advanced Family Care, and the Florida Arthritis Center. Advantacare Pain Management Center Inc., the Florida Foot and Ankle Group, and the Central Florida Eye Specialist. Other health offices in the area that you will have the option to check out are places like Central Florida Pediatrics, Central Florida Eye Specialists and Laser Center as well as Mid Florida Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.


Spring to Spring Trail:

A fun outdoor activity to do in the Debary area is exploring the spring to spring trail. This trail goes from the Gemini Springs area to the DeLeon Springs State Park. Spring to Spring trail is a great way to get fresh air by taking a leisurely stroll, jogging, or riding your bike. You will love having this trail to walk down any time of the day in the beautiful Florida weather.


Nearby in the Neighborhood:

Debary is within a close distance to a few other cities in the Central Florida area. For instance, a few other cities in the area that you will be within a short distance to is Sanford, Orange City, and Deltona. People can also head over to Lake Mary, Casselberry, and Maitland.


Live, Work, and Play!

Feel right at home with all the great things that the Debary area has to offer. Choose from any of the divine restaurants to eat at and shop at any of the local stores with friends. Spend time with family at any of the parks nearby. You will meet so many friendly faces in the city of Debary and you will love the welcoming atmosphere that they have.


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