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Best Places to Study in Central Florida

It’s around that time that every college student starts to dread. Finals are coming up, midterm essays are being assigned, papers need to be written, and group projects need to start getting done. It might be hard to just sit in your room trying to study or you might not get a lot of quiet time having roommates living with you if you happen to live in a dorm or apartment. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the best places to study that work well for you and the type of study habits that you will need to succeed in your college journey or whatever it might be that you happen to be studying for. The environment that you choose to study in can have a huge impact on your grades and how you take in knowledge. Luckily, there are so many great places in the Central Florida area to visit that you will enjoy being able to study at.


UCF Arboretum:

A great quiet and peaceful place around the Central Florida area to study is the University of Central Florida Arboretum. This is an outdoor area that is open to not only the UCF students, but is also open to people in the community. The reason that this is a great place in particular to visit while also studying is because you can sit in the fresh outdoors while getting any assignment or readings done. The area is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, so you will feel comfortable spending hours here. There are quite a few picnic tables to sit at, so you will have a place to sit and place your books, textbooks, or notebooks. This is also a great meeting spot for group projects or group studying because there’s a lot of open area and it’s a peaceful setting. You will be able to easily hear each person talk and hear what their input is as opposed to if you were to meet in a loud environment with a busy setting.


Brick House Coffee and Kitchen:

Another great place around the Central Florida area that you will most likely enjoy being able to study at is the Brick House Coffee and Kitchen coffee shop located in Oviedo Florida. Many college students love being able to study or do school work in a coffee shop setting since it is a low volume environment and you can sip on a hot or cold beverage as you highlight, read, or type. This coffee shop offers plenty of comfortable seating for either one person or more. You won’t just enjoy the atmosphere of Brick House Coffee and Kitchen, but you will also like all the menu options that you will have to choose from while studying there for a few hours.


Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte:

If you’re the type of person that prefers to sit outdoors to study, then Cranes Roost Park located in Altamonte might be the perfect place for you to study at. This area has a wide range of places to sit and is open to the public. You can sit on any of the benches along the walkway overlooking the water or you can make yourself comfortable sitting on the grass in a shady area in a peaceful spot. Even though a lot of people tend to come to this part of Altamonte, you won’t feel like you’re in a crowded environment because there’s plenty of places to sit alone and study. This area is also within walking distance to quite a few great restaurants, so you can either check out those places before or after your study session. You can even have the option to take the food to go and enjoy eating your food while studying at Cranes Roost Park. Some of the delicious places in the area includes places like Five Guys, Planet Smoothie, Jason’s Deli, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Denny’s, Panda Express, and Steak and Shake to name a few. This might become one of your favorite places to study within the Central Florida area because of it being outdoors, peaceful, and close to a lot of other great places.


Tea and Tea:

Often times people will wind up at coffee shops to study. If you aren’t much of a coffee drinker, but gravitate more towards tea, then the Winter Park area of Central Florida will have your new favorite study location. The Tea and Tea is a Tea House shop that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that you will enjoy being able to study at. Just like a coffee shop, you can order drinks such as hot or iced options and include food items like pastries or sandwiches. You will be able to sit comfortably at any of the tables and work efficiently at the Tea and Tea.


Fort Melon Park:

Spend time doing homework and focusing on studying at Fort Melon Park located in Downtown Sanford. This is a great part of Central Florida where you can sit in the shade at any of the pavilions within the park to do your studies. You will also have the option to bring a picnic blanket and set up a small area on the grassy field to sit in the cool Florida weather while learning and studying for your upcoming final. People in the Central Florida area like to visit this park to study because of the atmosphere and the peaceful scenery it has to offer. You will find yourself spending hours here making it a productive study day.


Coffee Factory and Café:

Check out the Coffee Factory and Café located in Orlando Florida. This coffee shop and café has plenty of indoor seating as well as outdoor seating that you will be able to choose from. While studying individually or with a group, you can choose from items like sandwiches, pastries, and hot or iced coffee and tea drinks. This is a pleasant atmosphere for doing all of your studying at and you can also feel free to bring your laptop here to do any homework, assignments, or group work as well. This is a place that you will want to visit regularly to do any work that needs to be done.


Starbucks Coffee:

Of course Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in America. This popular coffee shop isn’t scarce within the Central Florida Community either. You can find the closest Starbucks Coffee shop that will be most convenient for you to travel to. For instance, you can find a Starbucks in Oviedo, Sanford, Winter Park, Lake Mary, on the University of Central Florida campus, Waterford Lakes, and a lot of other nearby cities that will be perfect and close to home.


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Seminole State College Library:

A lot of colleges are open to the public for whoever might need internet access or to use resources. The Seminole State College library has a lot of books that could be helpful for your study habits and the availability to plug in your laptop to use your internet resources as well. One of the best parts of the Seminole State College library is being able to use their study rooms. These rooms are specifically students who need quiet to be able to focus while they study or for students working together in a group that need a place to gather. The people that work in the library are helpful and will guide you if you have any questions that need to be answered. You can choose to sit upstairs or downstairs. You will also have the option to sit at any of the tables or comfortable sitting areas. It’s up to you and what you’re most comfortable with and what will be the most helpful.


Panera Bread:

Somewhere that you can grab a quick meal, a pastry item, a coffee drink, or a flavored tea while also being able to use Wi-Fi and study in a peaceful atmosphere is Panera Bread. There are actually a lot of different Panera bread locations in Central Florida to choose from. Fortunately, it will be extremely convenient to head over to whichever Panera Bread is closest to your forever home. For example, you can find a Panera Bread in Lake Mary Florida, Sanford Florida, Oviedo Florida, a few are located in Orlando Florida, Winter Park Florida, Apopka, and quite a few other locations as well.


Studying is something that all college students should be doing in order to be a successful student and pass their classes with good grades. However, each student does better studying in their own way. Whichever way that is, there are a lot of great places within the Central Florida area that will be the perfect place for each student to do their studying. It might be a place outdoors that will be most effective, some people might prefer to study in complete silence, while others prefer some background noise and places with options on food choices. You will have so many great options on places to study that you will want to switch it up occasionally on where to go to study, and see what works best for you.


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