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Best Places to Study in Central Florida

Find the Best Areas in Central Florida to Study

It’s always important for a student to have a place to study when each semester rolls around. Being in an environment where students can focus on reading a textbook or writing a paper can be essential to doing well in school. The places that a person chooses to study can have a huge impact on grades as well as grade point average. Central Florida has a wide variety of places to study at.


UCF Arboretum:

A peaceful location in Central Florida to study is at the University of Central Florida Arboretum. This outdoor area is not only for UCF students but is also welcome to others in the community. If you are a student that enjoys just being in nature, then this is the perfect area to sit and study. The Arboretum is in a quiet area with picnic tables to sit and study at. Students often also come to this area to do group projects because of how spacious the area is.



Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte:

Another great area in Altamonte to study is at Cranes Roost. Cranes Roost Park is open daily, so no matter what time of the day that you need to study, you will be able to visit. There are many areas of this park to sit and study at. For instance, people can sit on the grass and study whatever you need to study for. People also often enjoy studying at Cranes Roost because it is within walking distance to many great restaurants.

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Tea and Tea:

Often times many people will end up studying at coffee shops, however, if someone isn’t much of a coffee drinker, then there is a great tea shop in Winter Park to sit and study at. Tea and Tea has a wide variety of tea and snacks to enjoy while you sit and study. The location of this tea shop is warm and welcoming making it a great place to focus on your studies at.



Fort Mellon Park:

Spend some time studying at Fort Mellon Park. Fort Mellon Park is located in the beautiful Downtown Sanford area. Sit down with a textbook and notebook at any of the pavilions. If you prefer to study in the sunshine, then bring a picnic blanket and lay out everything that you need to have a successful study session.


Coffee Factory and Cafe:

Waterford Lakes has a spacious coffee shop that is the perfect location for any study sessions. Coffee Factory and Cafe has plenty of great areas to sit indoors or outdoors. Feel free to bring your laptop to do homework, write papers, or do group work while also enjoying a hot or iced coffee. The Coffee Factory and Cafe is a great place to enjoy delicious food and have a wonderful area to focus on your studies at.



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Starbucks Coffee:

A popular location that people enjoy going to study at is Starbucks Coffee. There are Starbucks in almost every area of Central Florida making it easy to find one to sit and study at. Luckily with all the Starbucks in the area, you won’t have to travel too far to have a study session. While studying at Starbucks, you will have the ability to order one of their amazing coffee drinks or pastry item. Studying at Starbucks is also a great place to meet up with other classmates to help each other study together.


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Seminole State College Library:

In Altamonte and the Lake Mary area is the Seminole State College Library. The majority of the time, this college campus library is open to students who need access to the internet for studying purposes. Seminole State College Library also has a wide variety of books that will help you with your studying process. Another great aspect of this library is that they offer study rooms that will block out any noise making it a lot easier to stay focused on studying.


Panera Bread:

Visit a Panera Bread near your home to have a comfortable study area. Grab a tasty pastry, a refreshing drink and use the wi-fi available at this location to study. Panera Bread offers a comfortable space for studying. People will often sit for hours studying at a Panera Bread near them.


Seminole County Public Library:

There are a few Seminole County Public Libraries to sit and study at. For example, you can check out the Casselberry location, Oviedo, or Lake Mary. Libraries are always a great place to sit and study because of the quiet atmosphere. Much like the Seminole State Library, people who come to the Seminole County Libraries to study will have internet access as well as access to a whole library of helpful books. Enjoy studying with one another at any of the Central Florida library locations.

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University of Central Florida Campus:

The University of Central Florida campus has a lot of amazing spots to sit and study. There is a two-story library where you can either choose to use any of the computers or just sit at one of the tables and study. Students can also sit comfortably at any of the chairs located in the library. If you prefer to sit outdoors, then there are certain areas to sit and study. For instance, you can enjoy studying at the memory mall with all the open space or study for your next upcoming exam at the Reflection Pond.


Foxtail Coffee:

Winter Park, Altamonte, and Sanford are a few locations in Central Florida that have Foxtail Coffee. Foxtail Coffee is another coffee shop that provides delicious coffee as well as a great study environment. Another great aspect of this coffee shop is that they provide a clean area with a farmhouse-style environment that isn’t distracting when trying to study.


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Downtown Credo:

In College Park, there is another great place to study while sipping on a cup of coffee. Downtown Credo will make you feel like you are studying right in your very own living room. This particular coffee shop will quickly become an enjoyable place to study. People who visit this coffee shop to study will be in a very intimate space with very limited distractions.


Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co.:

Another great Coffee and Tea location to study at is located in Winter Park. Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Co. has a great indoor and outdoor area to enjoy studying at. Read any textbook in the beautiful Florida sunlight or hang out at any of the tables located inside the coffee shop. Bring your computer and a couple of study partners to also enjoy the atmosphere while also studying.

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The Sanctum Cafe:

Located in Orlando Florida is The Sanctum Cafe. People usually like to visit this cafe to study because of the tables available to use. There is also a large variety of food items to order while studying at this location. Eat lunch or dinner while writing your midterm paper. Enjoy visiting The Sanctum Cafe for food and studying.


Roots Raw Juice Bar:

In the Sanford and Lake Mary area is the Roots Raw Juice Bar. At Roots Juice Bar, people can bring their books to study while also enjoying a tasty and healthy smoothie. All the smoothies made at this location are fresh and will be a great refresher while studying or doing homework. There is also a great variety of options to choose from, so you and your study partners will enjoy being able to study at this location.


Quickly Boba Cafe:

Near the University of Central Florida campus is the Quickly Boba Cafe. Visit the Quickly Boba Cafe to get a boba tea and study together with a group. If you are a student at the University of Central Florida, then you will be within a close distance to the Quickly Boba Cafe making it convenient for when you need to have a quick study session.


Blaze Pizza:

Get a meal and study at the same time. Order a pizza at the very popular Central Florida location, Blaze Pizza. Sometimes the best way to make a study session more bearable is to be able to eat pizza while reading or studying. Blaze Pizza makes huge pizzas that will fill you up. The environment is friendly and welcoming. This will make it an easygoing place to be able to study at. Sit at one of the outdoor tables to enjoy the breeze while studying for your next exam.


Study in so many great areas in Central Florida!

Central Florida has an abundance of areas to feel the most comfortable studying at. You can find gorgeous outdoor areas to sit in the breeze while doing all your studies. There are also a lot of great coffee shops and cafes to sit and enjoy great drinks and snacks to make your study session a bit more fun. Find the best study area that suits you and make it your regular study place!


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