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Best Local Bookstores in Central Florida

Best Local Bookstores in Central Florida

Local bookstores are some of the best bookstores to find books from. Some places you might have never heard of, but it will definitely be worth stopping in and even find some great reads while browsing through the shelves. Visiting these local book stores is also a great feeling because you will be supporting these small businesses as well as the lesser-known authors. This is a great way of supporting and connecting with the community in which you live.

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Maya Books and Music:

The historic town of Downtown Sanford is home to Maya Books and Music store. This location has been in the city of Sanford for sixteen years. This location is great for people that love books and music. Maya Books and Music store has a loft filled with records with over eight thousand to choose from! You can even search for other items like DVD’S and CD’S. The bottom section of this location is filled with a variety of books. There are so many genres that everyone can choose from. Take the time to stop by this shop and pick up a book that will take you to an exciting new world. The atmosphere of this bookstore is very popular amongst many photographers. You will love how welcoming and cozy that this location is for all visitors!


Writer’s Block Bookstore:

Winter Park is the perfect spot to enjoy some beautiful scenery and shop around at all the different stores within this particular area. One of the best places that you will be able to enjoy visiting often is the Writer’s Block Bookstore. This is the perfect spot to buy books or gifts for the writer or book lover in your life. You will love being able to explore the depths of this unique shop and just get lost in a world of literature and creative writing. Another great part of visiting the Writer’s Block Bookstore is being able to attend any of the fun and exciting events that this bookstore has for the community to come out and enjoy. You will have to make sure that you know when each event is happening so that you won’t miss anything exciting.


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BrightLight Books:

If you happen to live closer to the Oviedo area, then the best place to check out books would be at BrightLight books. This bookstore has plenty of open space for their customers to roam around and shop for as long as you need to. The best part of being in this bookstore is the cozy area where you can hang out and relax in a comfortable chair or couch while skimming through pages of an interesting book that you might want to potentially purchase. If Oviedo is a bit of a stretch for you to drive, but you still want to check out BrightLight Books, then you will also have the opportunity to visit this shop in Casselberry. The atmosphere of this bookstore might be a little bit different, but it’s a good kind of different. You will have endless possibilities of used or new books to choose from. This bookstore also allows customers to do a trade-in just in case you have old books or CD’s that you just don’t know what to do with anymore.


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A Novel Idea Bookshop:

Check out the local bookstore, A Novel Idea Bookshop located in Casselberry Florida. This bookstore is combined with new and used books of all genres. This bookshop doesn’t only sell new and used books, but also sells other items like apparel and other accessories that are book-related. You can purchase these items for yourself or buy as great gifts. You will love being able to explore A Novel Idea Bookshop anytime with friends, family, and anyone in the Casselberry community.


Best Used Books:

A majority of people would rather spend a cheaper amount of money on books instead of paying an outrageous price for a book that they might only want to read one time. Being able to purchase used books is great because their inexpensive, and you will appreciate being able to read a book that has already been loved. The Best Used Books store is the perfect place to find these books. This store can be found in Longwood Florida and has a large number of books to choose from. Just like other bookstores, you can also find other items to purchase like puzzles, movies, music and so much more. Being in this store is also great because of the helpful staff and the wonderful environment in which you’re shopping in.


Muse Book Shop:

In the Historic Downtown DeLand area is the Muse Book Shop. Customers that visit this location can find bestsellers, plenty of paperback books, and many new releases. Breathe in the smell of those classic novels and enjoy the feel of a book in your hands. Keep a calendar of all the events happening at the Muse Book Shop because you won’t want to miss one of your favorite authors coming in for a book signing! This independent book store will love having your business and will spend time answering questions, talking with you, and spending time getting to know what your favorite reads are.


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New Leaf Bookstore:

Another great bookstore that you will definitely want to check out in Winter Park Florida is the New Leaf Bookstore. This bookstore will have everything that you’re looking for at a local book shop. The amazing part of this bookstore is that they take a lot of donations from people in the community. New Leaf Bookstore will take donations at any time for your convenience. Another unique fact about this bookstore is that they have a large number of volunteers that work at this location. They are always looking for new volunteers to become part of the team. The members are friendly and will answer any questions that you might have. New Leaf Bookstores volunteers and employees enjoy spending time helping customers out with anything you are searching for.

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Holly’s Books:

Another book store in Orange City that you will want to check out is Holly’s Books. This is a used bookstore that has it all. Holly’s Books has been in business for twenty years. Holly has been the owner for six of those years after taking over from the original retired owners. If you are a fan of paperback fiction, then this is the perfect local bookstore for you. Holly’s Books also has a wide variety of other genres to choose from. Feel free to stop by anytime to pick up a book that will transport you to another world. This location is always welcoming and has great customer service when it comes to shopping for the right book.


Books, Books, and More Books!

Reading is something that many do to escape reality. There are so many genres of books included in these local bookstores. Finding that special paperback or hardcover novel that takes you away is a feeling like no other.


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