Congratulations to our amazing agent, Lauren Miller on helping her buyers find their brand new home! Help us give Dee and Crystal a warm welcome home!

“Congratulations to Dee White and Crystal White on their BRAND new home purchase! They trusted our team so much after their first home purchase, they came back for more! We were able to sell their home for top dollar and assist them in this new construction home. Check out this kitchen!!! 🏡

I was able to negotiate for the builder to pay ALL of their closing costs (except a little rate lock extension)! And with their VA loan, that meant nearly no cost to buy. 🏡🏡 Although a success story, there was definitely some turbulence in between. But with their trust, we were able to get through 2 buyers falling out at the finish line because of COVID, forced insurance, “missed” (actually prepaid) mortgage payments, forbearance, negotiating additional builders fees, and more. Even with all of these things stacked against them, we were all able to coordinate and persevere over each hurdle! Now they can unload the truck and settle in their dream home! 🏡

An infinite “thank you” and gratitude to a few ladies: Michele Chelie Moon who coordinated their home sale and assisted when their buyers failed to qualify and lenders didn’t perform! Poor Adriana Velasquez Vegas had to take the brunt of communication but of course, did efficiently and graciously. And Sarah Zack who always has my back to make sure in all the chaos there’s some calm too. Thank you, ladies, we truly couldn’t have made this happen without your constant support! 🏡 I can’t even imagine attempting this without a team behind me! Thank you again!!”

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