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Adriana Velasquez

Realtor® and Transaction Manager, Se habla español

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Realtor® and Transaction Manager, Se habla español


Adriana’s role as a realtor and Transaction Manager is essential to Wemert Group Realty. As a client care coordinator, Adriana is constantly working on the listing and selling side of the home buying process. She is making sure that she is in contact with clients as often as she can. Adriana is the person working behind the scenes with everyone involved in the process to make sure everything gets taken care of properly. Being able to see clients happy at the end of the process is something that makes Adriana enthusiastic when it comes to selling real estate. She always has a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are. Adriana has enthusiasm and a positive outlook on all situations. Clients and everyone involved in the process feel comfortable and trust Adriana one hundred percent.

When Adriana isn’t working at Wemert Group Realty, you can find her spending her time outside doing all kinds of fun outdoor activities. Visiting the Disney parks is something that Adriana looks forward to. She likes being able to experience the thrill and the magic that all the parks have to offer.

Adriana also enjoys relaxing at the beach. Laying in the sun and soaking up the warmth of the breeze makes her radiate the positive vibes that she always has. Spending time appreciating the Central Florida weather is something that Adriana looks forward to. For instance, you can also find her biking to stay in shape or doing this activity with her beautiful family.

She is a reliable realtor and client care coordinator. She loves being able to help others and being able to do so is what keeps Adriana moving forward on a daily basis. You will notice right away how trustworthy she is and how helpful she will be to everyone in the home buying process.



GET TO KNOW Adriana Velasquez

Q: What is your title at Wemert Group Realty and how does it apply to the real estate industry?

A: I am a realtor and client care coordinator. As a client care coordinator, my job is to make sure our clients are constantly informed of where are we in the process of listing and selling their home as well as making them aware of what’s next. Not only do I stay in contact with our clients, but with all parties involved in the transaction. The agents, lenders, and title company. I manage all the administrative/paperwork part of the real estate transaction from listing agreement through closing.

Q: How has your past job experiences helped you with your title at Wemert Group Realty?

A: I used to be in sales, nothing related to real estate but this gave me the experience that I needed when I started on the team as an agent. I have knowledge of knowing how to treat my clients and provide the best customer service.

Q: Have you always lived in Central Florida? Where do you consider home?

A: I moved to Orlando, FL in the Summer of 1998. I am originally from Venezuela.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of working at Wemert Group Realty?

A: I love all outdoor activities with my family! Especially biking and going to the beach.

Q: What are your favorite things about living in Central Florida?

A: I like that I am able to do outdoor activities all year long, visiting the beaches and Disney!

Q: What have you learned since working on the team?

A: I have learned so much about real estate since I started working on the team and I keep learning something new every single day. I have learned that teamwork is the key to success.

Adriana Velasquez

Realtor®, Wemert Group Realty