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Pet Boarding Locations in Central Florida

Places to Board your Pet in Central Florida

Going on vacation can be made a lot easier when you are able to take your pets to a trustworthy pet boarding location. Luckily, there are many great pet boarding locations around the Central Florida area. Find the closest one near your home and drop your pets off in caring and loving hands while you’re out of town.

Uptown Dog:

Located in Winter Park is the wonderful Uptown Dog Boarding and Grooming facility. This location is a clean and welcoming environment for your dog to play and relax. Depending on the size of your dog will depend on how much you will have to pay per night. Uptown Dog asks that owners bring only a few items that will make your dog feel comfortable during their stay. For example, their normal food treats that you want them to have, and of course, medication or vitamins that they might need.

Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit:

In Orlando, Central Florida residents can take their pets to Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you will have the ability to board your pet at Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit. Not only is this a pet boarding location, but your pets can even spend a day at the daycare available at this facility. Before dropping your pet off at Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit, just make sure that your pet has met all the requirements before drop off.

The Parc Pet Suites:

If your home is located in Longwood, then the perfect place to take your pet for boarding is at The Parc Pet Suites. At Parc Pet Suites, you will feel secure with knowing that your pet is safe and well taken care of in a comforting environment. All staff members are trained and know how to professionally care for your pet.

Best Friends Pet Hotel:

People in Central Florida also have the opportunity to take their pets to the pet care facility located on The Walt Disney World property. Best Friends Pet Hotel will treat your pet to suites, room service, housekeeping, and a lot of fun activities to keep them busy. Check out which vacation pack would be the best for your pet.

Waterford Lakes Animal Hospital:

Of course in the Waterford Lakes area is the Waterford Lakes Animal Hospital. This isn’t just an animal hospital but at this location, people will also have the ability to board your pet. The Waterford Lakes Animal Hospital ensures that they treat all pets staying here will be treated like family. Pets who stay at this location has supervised outside time to make sure that they are always taken care of.

The Green K-9:

Check out the pet boarding location in Mount Dora. The Green K-9 has some of the most spacious rooms. There are also four grass play yards located at The Green K-9. Pets will be loved at this location with all of the very best pet products. At The Green K-9, guests will know that their special needs and anxious pets will have the opportunity to sleep in a human bed with a staff member at night for no additional charge. This facility goes above and beyond to accommodate to your pet’s needs.

Plantation Pet Resort:

If you live near the Oviedo area, then you can make an appointment to check out taking your pet to Plantation Pet Resort, also known as The Pet Bow-Tique. Your pet will feel right at home at Plantation Pet Resort because it’s located at a home. Plantation Pet Resort allows dogs as much outdoor time as they need. Dogs who stay at this pet boarding location won’t want to leave because of all the age-appropriate toys that they get to play with on-site. Not only that, but pets will also get to cool off in the wading pools during the warm summer months.

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Pet Paradise:

Throughout many different Central Florida locations are Pet Paradise boarding facilities. Find a Pet Paradise near your home in Apopka, Sanford, and Orlando. Board your dog or cat at a Pet Paradise location close to home. Let your dogs feel like they are on vacation while you’re on vacation. For instance, at Pet Paradise, their bowls will always be filled and their beds will always have comfortable blankets. Pets who stay at this location will also love all the amenities and all the amazing playtime adventures they’ll get to experience.

Orlando Canine Country Club:

Orlando is the Orlando Canine Country Club for all dogs to feel welcome. When boarding your dog at Orlando Canine Country Club, you will have the ability to access the webcams places throughout the facility to check in on your pup. Dogs will have playtime, housekeeping, room service, and even bedtime belly rubs! The outdoor activities are endless at the Orlando Canine Country Club with all of the great open spaces.


Located in Winter Springs is the PetSuites pet boarding location. Depending on which package that you choose to get for your pet depends on what all they will receive during their stay. PetSuites also allows half days for dogs to come and play for a while if you have an active pet who enjoys playing while you’re away for the day.

Ruff and Fluff:

Before you leave for your destination, check out the pet boarding location in Winter Haven. Ruff and Fluff will treat your pets like their own. The staff at this location has worked at Ruff and Fluff for years and will get to know each and every pet on a personal level. Not only will this make you feel better as a pet owner, but this will also allow your furry family member to feel loved and less anxious staying at a place that they know and love with people who care so much about them.

Sunny Days Pet Resort:

Close to the Lakeland area is the Sunny Days Pet Resort. For the safety of your pets, the Sunny Days Pet Resort has 24-hour surveillance cameras so that you know that your pets are safe and well-taken care of. Pet owners can also get a photo update during their playtime or their outdoor playtime. Sunny Days Pet Resort will keep your pets on the schedule that you prefer.

Dog Days Lodge and Daycare:

Another pet boarding facility in Lakeland is the Dog Days Lodge and Daycare. People love bringing their dogs to this boarding location because of the kennel free aspect. Dog Days Lodge and Daycare believe that each and every dog that enters this facility should feel welcome and at ease in an unfamiliar environment. Dogs get to play with a supervised ‘house parent’ and unsupervised, dogs are separated into their very own play space.

V.I.Pet Resort:

Port Orange provides Central Florida residents with the V.I.Pet Resort for your pet. This inexpensive boarding facility has many amenities for dogs, birds, and cats. Before dropping off your pet while you are away, guests are able to tour the facility during operating hours. Dogs that stay more than one night at this boarding location are required to get a bath before exiting. Pet owners have the option to upgrade to a full groom if they wish.

Woof and Whiskers Resort:

Located in Kissimmee is the Woof and Whiskers Resort. This pet resort is near the majority of the theme parks in Orlando making it easy for Central Florida residents visiting the amazing theme parks while they’re active pet is at play at the Woof and Whiskers Resort. Staff members are trained and experienced with animals. Pet owners will know that their pet is in good hands at Woof and Whiskers Resort.

Every Dawg Has Its Day:

This unique pet boarding location is an in-home pet sitting service. Every Dawg Has Its Day will make sure that your furry companion stays in their everyday schedule as much as possible. All dogs that get to stay at this location will have the time of their life at this location. You will feel comfortable knowing that your dog is in such good hands while away.

Preppy Pet Orlando:

Of course in the Orlando area is the Preppy Pet Orlando location. Preppy Pet Orlando will adjust your dog’s needs to the play areas for the size of your dog making their stay comfortable as well as fun. There are even a variety of different boarding options to choose from. Preppy Pet has been in business for fifteen years, so you know that they have been caring and loving for pets for a long time now.

There are so many Places to Board your pet in Central Florida!

Dropping your pets off at a pet boarding location while being away is a hard thing to do, but when you know that they’re in good hands makes the situation a bit easier. Knowing that your pets have a second home at a pet boarding location in Central Florida is a great feeling. Pick the one that you and your pet favor and make it your go-to pet boarding location.

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