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New Year, New Home? It’s Your Turn To Buy! – Buyers Edition

Want to buy a home in 2021? Then read on!

If buying a home this year is on your New Year’s resolution list, we’ve got you covered with some practical steps you can take to be ready to take on the task this year – because it truly is your turn to buy! The good news is, you don’t have to figure any of this out alone – and our team will be there every step of the way to help make sure you can find the right house, on your timeline (in your budget!) with the least amount of stress possible.

These are a few of the steps you’ll take in the home buying process.

1. Find an Agent You can Lean On To Help You Every Step of the Way.

That’s where we come in! Our agents are ready, willing and able to be by your side through each step of this complicated process. While tv shows make buying a home look easy the truth is there are some major hurdles you need an expert to guide you through along the way. Add in the fact that there’s not a lot of inventory in Orlando/Central Florida right now and it becomes even more important to work with an Agent who is experienced and dedicated to your success.

2. Get Pre-approved

Besides the fact that many sellers won’t even entertain an offer without a pre-approval letter, getting pre-approved (if you’re not paying cash for your new home) is THE best way to know what you can spend. It’s best to find a local lender who has a reputation for closing on time and get pre-approved before you submit an offer. We work with lots of amazing lenders who help the families we serve each and every day. You can find a list of those lenders here.

3. Once You’re Pre-Approved, it’s time to start looking!

Once you have a general idea of your borrowing ability, ask your agent to set you up on a search; your agent will show you how you can be instantly notified when a home that meets your criteria is listed. You can set a price cap and filter by location. If you want your child to go to a specific school, you can filter by that school, etc. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that in a strong seller’s market like we have in Orlando, many of the homes will end up selling above list price. So it can be a good exercise to set your search for approximately 10 percent below your price cap to allow some room to escalate up in price if a home you like ends up receiving multiple offers.

4. Start Exploring in Person and Online

It’s good to check out different neighborhoods to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Your agent can look up the neighborhoods you like and review sold homes to get a sense of sale prices in that area. Once you’re ready, you can start looking at homes. You should request a tour as soon as you see a home you like hit the market. Your Wemert agent can often accommodate same-day tours and if it turns out to be ‘the one’, we will be able to place an offer quickly on your behalf.

5. Be Creative With Your Search

While everyone else is looking for the three-bed, two-bath home in the ‘established’ neighborhoods, there may be ways to get a better deal on homes that have room to build an extra bedroom or bathroom. Look for the up-and-coming neighborhoods in your area that are expected to improve and appreciate over the next few years. Renovation financing for ‘fix up’ buyers and creative financing for contingent buyers will also be key in obtaining your goals. Your Wemert agent will be up to date on all kinds of creative ways to make the market work for you and creatively find properties that suit your needs.

6. Be Flexible With Sellers

You can make yourself more competitive by accommodating the seller’s needs. Your Wemert agent will often ask the listing agent what day the seller prefers to close as this can be a consideration when looking over multiple offers. We have won offers because of our buyer’s willingness to close when the seller needs to. The more accommodating you can make your offer, the more appealing it will be to the seller. Your agent will help you through this and offer suggestions along the way on how to navigate these ideas.

7. Be Patient 

In this market, we have to keep at it! It may take time to find your perfect home but don’t get discouraged. If you lose out on a home or two, it wasn’t meant to be. In most cases, our buyers end up with a better home than the ones they lost bids on. Be patient. We’ve helped literally 1000’s of families over the last 20 years and it will happen for YOU too.

Why Hire Wemert Group Realty
When it’s Time to Buy?


Our reputation, community connections, and allied resources help make us a perfect partner when selling. Our easy out clause, flexible commission, quick response time, and concierge service make us the easy and expert choice.


Our dedication to our clients, to our craft, and to our team is absolutely unmatched in our industry. It is our aim to always go above and beyond for our clients. Our team will do whatever it takes to get your home sold.

We like to think our results speak for themselves. Our clients recommend us to their family and friends with real estate needs because of our win-win strategies, passion, and integrity for what we do, and the ability to get a home sold.

We’re With You, Every Step of the Way

When it comes time to buy a home, you need an expert who can partner with you to help meet your needs. At Wemert Group Realty, we are a true team. Our impeccable service and skills are second to none in the industry. Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the home buying process each and every step of the way.

We are Your Trusted Local Orlando Real Estate Experts

Our Buyer’s Agents know our market and the available inventory at all times. Your agent will partner with you to consult, negotiate, and craft offers using our unmatched reputation and resources. When it comes time to buy, you can trust that our buyer’s agents are THE best in the business and will partner with you each and every step of the way.

Buying a home is one of your largest and most important financial investments. Choosing a Wemert Group Realty agent will provide you the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and care.

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