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National Day of Encouragement

National Day of Encouragement

September 12th is National Day of Encouragement! In honor of this day, we made a printable of encouraging post-it notes for you to give to others or hang up anywhere as a daily reminder for yourself.

National Encouragement Day-Printable

Why National Day of Encouragement is Important:

Uplifting others can have an enormous impact. Simple words have the ability to inspire others. Encouragement can start with words and silently turn into positive actions. In our busy lives, we often forget that small words of encouragement can make a huge difference.

Where you can put your printables:

Pick your favorite encouraging quote and keep it at your desk.

Put one of them in your child’s lunchbox, so they can have some encouragement throughout the day.

Keep one in your wallet or in your car.

Share one with a coworker who might be having a rough day.

Make them into a little booklet as a gift for someone.

Send them to a family member.

Give one to someone just to make them smile.