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Celebrating New Years At Home

Ways To Ring In The New Year Right From Home!

Even if bringing in the new year looks different this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate right from home. Below are some fun and easy ways to make this New Year’s Eve memorable for everyone in your household.

1. Happy Memory Board

One way to do something creative at home on New Year’s Eve is by creating a happy memory board. Grab a poster or some cardboard and tape photos of your favorite memories from this year. If you don’t have photos, then you can always just write them out on the poster, cardboard, or whatever you might have on hand. Share with everyone in your household what your favorite memories are.

2. Create A Festive Cocktail Drink

Get creative and make a fun cocktail drink right from home! There are so many fun cocktail recipes that you can find online to make right at home. Find your drink of choice and give it a twist or just get creative with it. This will be a great way to ring in the new year from home.

3. Zoom Or Facetime Party

This year zooming with friends and family or chatting on facetime has been a big part of socializing with one another. If you’re really missing going to a New Year’s Eve party this year, then having a little New Year’s party on zoom is a great way to celebrate from home this year. Play virtual games together and maybe enjoy watching the New Year’s countdown together.

4. Bake Some Sweets

The best way to celebrate at home is to have snacks, but not just snacks, but bake some goodies as well! Decorate them with a lot of sparkles, sprinkles, fun frosting, and just make your choice of sweets look appetizing and festive for your at-home New Years’ celebration.

5. Movie Night

Pop all the popcorn, get out all of the snacks, and enjoy all of your favorite movies! With it being a New Year’s Eve at home, the night might seem like it’s taking the clock forever to get to finally get to midnight. If this is the case, then it’s the perfect time to just lay around and watch all of your favorites until it’s time for the countdown!

6. Sparklers in the Backyard

Head outside either in the back yard or the front yard do light up some sparklers as you count down to the new year! This will be the perfect way to end the year together. Wait until a minute or so before the clock strikes midnight to light up your sparklers!

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7. Board Games

Many times at New Year’s Eve parties, people love to play board games together! Why not play all your favorite board games right at home this year? Playing board games is another great way to pass the time along until the clock strikes midnight. Gather all of your favorite games and play one round of each of them or just pick one and stick to playing that one for the night.

8. Make A New Year’s Resolution

A more traditional thing that you can still do this year is making a new year’s resolution. Talk about all of the goals and accomplishments that you want to complete in the new year.

9. Take Fun Photos Together

Put on your fanciest outfit and enjoy taking a bunch of photos together. Make your own fun props to pose with. You can even create an amazing background to pose with as well. Take as many or as little photos as you’d like throughout the evening. This is another great way to create a fun New Year’s Eve tradition right from home.

10. Watch The Ball Drop

Even if New Year’s Eve looks different this year, some things will stay the same! For instance, this New Year’s Eve, you will still be able to watch the ball drop virtually. It has been announced that there will still be performers and a great show just like all the previous years, but this year, it’ll just look a little different.

Have Just As Much Fun This New Year’s Eve!

Staying in for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean that it has to be not as fun! Make the most of New Year’s Eve at home with movies, games, sparklers, festive drinks, and all the tasty food.

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