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Eat Gluten Free in Central Florida

Best Places to Eat Gluten-Free in Central Florida

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in the Central Florida area. A lot of them have delicious gluten-free options to choose from! Get together with a group of friends to eat at any of the amazing gluten-free restaurants in town. Choose from some of the delightful dishes that are offered on the menu at a restaurant near your home.

Mellow Mushroom:

Located in Orlando, Winter Park, and Sanford is Mellow Mushroom. At Mellow Mushroom, visitors can get some of their gluten-free options like cheese pizza. A lot of the toppings for the pizza have the gluten-free option as well. Check out some of their specialty pies that can be made gluten-free just for you. People love the variety of gluten-free options at the Mellow Mushroom.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen:

Winter Park has a wonderful vegan restaurant with plenty of gluten-free options to choose from. Ethos Vegan Kitchen has delicious meals to order like gluten-free salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. While looking at the menu at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, you will have the ability to ask for certain items to be gluten-free if they don’t already come gluten-free.


If you are looking for an amazing gluten-free burger, you will be able to head over to Smashburger located in Alafaya, Lake Nona, and a few other spots in the Central Florida area. Customers are able to order a delicious cheeseburger with a gluten-free bun. Look over their menu at some of the other great gluten-free options as well.

Another Broken Egg:

In Lake Mary and Winter Park is the popular restaurant, Another Broken Egg. This brunch spot has a lot of great gluten-free options on their menu. Order some of their amazing gluten-free omelets and pancakes. Enjoy ordering some of the other great options at Another Broken Egg.

Sweet! By Holly:

Orlando has the lovely Sweet By Holly location with tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. If you need to order some gluten-free treats, then you will be able to order one of their special cakes or cupcakes. Treat yourself to any flavor gluten-free cupcakes like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and so many more other flavors that you will adore.

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Blaze Pizza:

Orlando, Winter Park, and Disney Springs has the wonderful Blaze Pizza. A couple of the pizzas and a large variety of salads are gluten-free at Blaze Pizza. You will love the taste of their pizza and salads at these locations. Enjoy the huge pizzas that are available for everyone that stops by. Not only is the gluten-free menu items delightful, but the atmosphere of Blaze Pizza is also very inviting.

Margaritaville Restaurant:

Another restaurant in the Orlando area that has some great gluten-free options is at Margaritaville. There are plenty of starters, entrees, and sides that happen to be gluten-free at Margaritaville. Try the gluten-free margarita pasta, veggie burgers, or sandwiches. Any of these menu items will satisfy your taste buds.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse:

Visit BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse for some of their gluten-free options. Order the amazing salads, entrees, pizza, and brunch. These gluten-free options are all very tasty and people who have to eat gluten-free really enjoy all the great options at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

The Rusty Spoon:

Central Florida has another great gluten-free restaurant in the Orlando area, The Rusty Spoon. You will notice right away the fresh atmosphere of this location. There are so many gluten-free menu items that guests often rave about at The Rusty Spoon. This restaurant makes their food fresh making everything taste just as great as it sounds. Find your favorite gluten-free meal and enjoy your dish with friends or family.


The cute cupcake shop in Central Florida, Smallcakes Cupcake and Creamery has a lot of mouth-watering sweets to order. While there are amazing gluten-free options, this cupcake shop is not one hundred percent gluten-free. However, Smallcakes makes sure that there are a good amount of gluten-free choices for customers that can’t intake gluten. Smallcakes is located in areas of Central Florida like Lake Mary and Winter Park.

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Rock and Brews:

Get together with a fun group of people and visit Rock and Brews. At this restaurant, you will realize right away that it is a rock-themed restaurant. Rock and Brews serve classic items that everyone can enjoy. Ask for a gluten-free bun or a gluten-free crust with your pizza order. Look over the Rock and Brews menu for other of your favorite dishes that are offered as gluten-free. Check out Rock and Brews in Oviedo Florida.

Noodles and Company:

Experience many noodle dishes that most people have no idea are gluten-free at Noodles and Company. For instance, some of the gluten-free options that customers can try at Noodles and Company are dishes like Pad Thai, Tomato Basil Bisque, Wisconsin Mac and Cheese, and many other items. Employees at Noodles and Company are always helpful when it comes to questions about their gluten-free menu options.


If you are looking for an amazing restaurant with grilled cheese and burgers, then you will want to visit Toasted. Visit Toasted in areas like Lake Nona, Winter Park, and Windermere. The Toasted menu has so many delightful gluten-free grilled cheese and burgers. This is a great place to visit with plenty of seating inside and out with a beautiful view while you eat your delicious gluten-free meal.

Shake Shack:

Another restaurant in Central Florida with amazing burgers that offer gluten-free buns or lettuce wraps is Shake Shack. Visit Shake Shack in places like Winter Park and Doctor Phillips. Shake Shack has so many delicious burgers that you can order with a gluten-free bun.

Brooklyn Pizza:

People can ask for a gluten-free pizza crust at any Brooklyn Pizza location. Central Florida residents have the chance to get a taste of authentic New York-style pizza. Brooklyn Pizza gives many people the ability to try out their pizza. Visit Brooklyn Pizza located in the Orlando area.

Dandelion Communitea Cafe:

Orlando has the amazing Dandelion Communitea Cafe. This restaurant is organic and GMO-free. There are a plethora of gluten-free items at Dandelion Communitea Cafe. Try out different gluten-free items like their amazing chips and dip, any of their burritos just without the wrap, and other additional items. The Dandelion Communitea Cafe is all about serving healthy food. They believe in creating quality meals for everyone in the community.

Maggiano’s Little Italy:

If you are in the mood for a little Italian food, then you will want to take a trip over to Maggiano’s Little Italy. At this restaurant, they want to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy their items even with dietary restrictions. Maggianos has many gluten-free items that they prepared just for their guests. For example, some of the options that customers can order include their baked ziti or their delicious chicken breast.

Fresh Kitchen:

When eating at Fresh Kitchen, you will experience an entire gluten-free atmosphere. All of the Fresh Kitchen dishes are exactly what they say that they are, fresh. Visit the Waterford Lakes location or the Lake Mary location in Central Florida. Eating at Fresh Kitchen isn’t just a great experience, but the food tastes amazing as well.

Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar:

Some people often want to find coffee shops that are gluten-free. Orlando is home to the Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar which has a few gluten-free options to order. Not only can you order coffee but guests can also Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar also offers smoothies, teas, and iced drinks. This location also offers pastry items that are also gluten-free.

Too Much Sauce:

Orlando has another amazing gluten-free restaurant, Too Much Sauce. All the bowls at this location are made fresh for customers every day. When Visiting Too Much Sauce, you will have to try at least one of the many sauces that this restaurant has to offer. Each sauce is also one hundred percent gluten-free! Visitors love eating at this completely fresh and gluten-free restaurant.

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen:

Try out some of the amazing paninis in Orlando at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen. Order any of the amazing gluten-free items offered at this location. Not only can you visit the Hot Krust Panini Kitchen, but Central Florida residents also have the ability to online order or check out their catering menu.


Winter Park has a fresh restaurant with plenty of gluten-free options. Bolay has a lot of great items to choose from. Pick anywhere between a small or large chef bowl. Purchase any size drink to go along with your order and enjoy eating a delicious gluten-free meal.

The Omelette Bar:

If you are looking for some tasty breakfast items that offer gluten-free options, then you can check out The Omelette Bar in Orlando. There are a lot of great omelets, waffles, and more to order.

Zoe’s Kitchen:

There are quite a few areas in Central Florida where people in the community can eat at Zoe’s Kitchen. At Zoe’s Kitchen, there are a lot of delicious gluten-free options to order. They also cater to any event that you might be hosting. Enjoy eating a gluten-free meal with friends and others in the community.

Check out all the great places Central Florida to eat Gluten-Free!

Looking for restaurants that have gluten-free options can often be difficult. Luckily, Central Florida has realized that many people in the area need those gluten-free options. Many restaurants also try to make all of their options taste as amazing as they sound. Customers enjoy being able to experience a different atmosphere that each restaurant has to offer. As a result of this, so many people love having the ability to branch out and try out all the wonderful items at many different locations close to home.

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