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Educational Resources

Find All of the Educational Resources for your Kids!

There are so many websites and links to help your child get the educational resources that they need. Find the website that will work best for your kids to learn while school is out. Each link provided below will take you to all of the educational resources.

Age of Learning:

The Age of Learning website will help you fill out the information of where your child goes to school, and will then give you the access that you need to get the school work for your child.

Breakout Edu:

Another great educational resource for your kids to get the learning that they need at home is on Breakout Edu. Students love using this educational resource because there are so many amazing, educational games to play while also learning.

Book Creator App:

Get creative with learning in your household with the Book Creator App. Using this app will help keep your students connected to their teachers during this school closure.


Check out the Buncee website that is a hub for teaching students that have to do their learning remotely. Parents and students can use this website when it’s convenient for them, and at their own pace.


During this school closure, BrainPop is provided free access for everyone that needs their educational resources. No matter what school your child attends, they will be able to easily use this website for their learning experience.

Discovery Ed:

If you’re looking for an educational website to give you some guidance during this time, then you can visit Discovery Ed to get some advice. Discovery Ed is ensuring that you and your children will be able to get the education and resources that you might need.

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Education Perfect:

Activate the school that your child attends on the Education Perfect website to get the learning that your child needs. This is another website that is offering free learning during this time.


Create an account on the EdPuzzle website to help your kids with staying connected in the educational world. After signing up for this website, a teacher from your child’s school will be contacted to fill out the form for you.


Another great website that is doing their part in helping parents, students, and teachers is Elementari. Elementari is a place where educators will be able to also have access and respond to student’s work.

Google for Edu:

Teachers are able to keep their lesson plans going on Google for Edu. This educational resource is a great website that will keep your kids engaged in learning.


Another website that will help you keep your kids on track with their learning development is GoGuardian. This website provides an activity timeline, student-teacher chats, and a screens view feature.


Teach and learn on the Hapara website. There is so much deep learning that will take place on the Hapara website. Keep the learning moving forward with this free website.


Learn on the Kahoot website. Access this learning website completely for free.


Use the virtual teacher to help teach your kids while schools are still out of session for the time being. Many people have turned to Kami for the best remote learning experience.


Request on the ListenWise website to have access all the way until May. They are constantly adding more resources and adding how they can help every day.

Magna High:

One of the best resource sites to help with learning math is Magna High. Magna High will provide full access to the students that have to use this site.

Moby Max:

A great website to use for Kindergarten up unto 8th grade is the Moby Max website. Moby Max is an award-winning site that is letting students use their software completely for free.

Microsoft Education:

Many programs have paired with Microsoft to help provide educational resources for students everywhere. Microsoft Education has provided an online classroom to help students learn and focus better remotely.

Mystery Science:

Looking for a place that will help with science? Check out Mystery Science to help your child stay up to date with science lessons. Mystery Science will help your kids love the subject of science.

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Students will stay engaged and keep learning through Nearpod. Not only will this be a learning website, but Nearpod will also help ease your stress on what to do at this time.


If you’re looking for a website that will keep you connected with others, then you will be able to use the Pronto website. Pronto is doing its part to keep companies and other connected while working remotely.

Pear Deck:

Many resources are helpful on the Pear Deck website. You will be able to make a plan, prepare students, and much more during this time.


Check out Parlay for another educational resource to use during school closures. Sign up and use Parlay for free.

Seterra Geography:

Help your children learn geography on the Seterra Geography website. Custom quizzes, leaderboards, and more are provided on this website.


Get some help or advice from the ScreenCastify educational resource link. This website is doing what they can to help you and your children during this time.

Slido Education:

A package for all educators to help is by using Slido Education to have interactive lessons. Educators will be able to stay connected using this online resource.


Sign up to use Twinkl as your educational resource. Twinkl wants to make sure everyone is getting the education and resources that they need.


Another great website to use during this time is Tynker which is a platform that is used at no cost.


Use Wevideo to help children with projects and other school-related assignments.


A website to get some insight on everything going on right now, check out Wakelet that has plenty of information for your kids to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the world right now.

Enjoy Using Any or All of These Local Resources!

Students will find a lot of these local educational resources helpful and fun. Keep your children engaged in learning by using any of these resources.

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