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Easy Christmas Crafts To Do Together

Make These Christmas Crafts for the Season This Year!

A fun and easy way to spend time with the family at home is by making easy Christmas crafts to put up around the house for the Holiday this year. Not only can you put them up this year, but you can keep these crafts for years to come, and of course you can make a different version of the same craft next Holiday season to compare the difference.

Cardboard Gingerbread House:

Instead of making a cookie gingerbread house, you can make a cardboard gingerbread house! This way you can keep it forever, and it won’t be as messy as making one with candy and frosting. Use cardboard for the house itself and then add stickers, glitter, and cut out shapes to glue on the house. You can even purchase fake snow to put around the house. Pick up items to help decorate the gingerbread house from craft stores like JoAnne’s or Michaels.

Decorate Christmas Ornaments:

Another fun and easy craft to do together is to decorate or paint ornaments. Buy clear or plain ornaments so that you can decorate them however you would like. Place your decorated ornaments on your Christmas tree every year and look back on all the fun that you had decorating them for years to come.

Snowman Flower Pots:

Pick up flower pots from any local store like Dollar Tree, Walmart, or even Home Depot. Once you have the flower pots, paint them white and get some markers to draw the eyes and the carrot nose. After you make the snowman’s face, you can use ribbon to tie at the bottom as the snowman’s scarf. Put either flowers in the flower pot or put candy or chocolate in the flower pot.

Santa Plates:

Buy the plain white plates from any local store or even online to paint a Santa on! Draw a line in the middle of the plate and then paint the top red, add cotton balls to the middle for the fur on his hat and then add the paint to make his face. To make the beard for your Santa, add white strands of paper or if you have extra cotton balls, then you can glue them on the bottom where his beard would be.

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Hand Print Christmas Wreath:

Use green or red construction paper and trace your hands, the kid’s hands, or anyone who wants their hands traced for the handprint Christmas wreath. After all the hands are cut out, you can glue them together in a circular shape. Add ribbon to the wreath and little pom balls to the hands to give them those extra decorations.

The Holiday Shakers:

If you’re looking to turn your entire home into a type of winter wonderland for the season, then you can get tiny figures like Christmas trees or tiny reindeer to put inside your salt shakers. It’ll look like a white wonderland forest right in your salt shakers. This is more of a small craft that can turn into home decor.

Decorate Stockings:

While it’s fun to buy stockings to hang another fun activity to do is decorate stockings. Find plain stockings and decorate them however you would want. For instance, you can paint your name on them or draw on them, you can even glue small little pieces on them to give them a little something extra.

Snowflake Craft:

Get some popsicle sticks and glue them together in a snowflake shape with them all crossing each other. after gluing them to each other, you can add some color to the sticks, glitter, and whatever else you would like to add to your snowflakes.

More Popsicle Stick Crafts:

If you have more popsicle sticks to use, then you can make more popsicle stick crafts. For instance, you can glue the popsicle sticks in a line to paint whatever Christmas character that you would like. Paint a penguin, gingerbread, or snowman on your popsicles.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman:

Don’t let those empty toilet paper rolls go to waste! Take the empty rolls and paint them white to make them look like a snowman. Add eyes, a nose, and buttons with markers. You can also add pipe cleaners to the top of the toilet paper roll and glue it on each side to make it into an arch shape. Glue small poms to each side to create earmuffs.

Enjoy Making Any of These Christmas Crafts Together!

Pick out one of these crafts to do together or try to do all of them before or even later on Christmas day!

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