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Easter Crafts to do at Home

Enjoy Any of These Fun Easter Crafts!

Make a special Easter craft to make with the family to keep for years to come. Bond over each craft and enjoy seeing the outcome of each craft. Every year, you can bring out these crafts for Easter and remember the time that you got to make them together.

Paper Bag Bunny:

An easy craft to make together is a paper bag bunny. All you need for this Easter craft are paper bags, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. All you have to do is cut the construction paper into bunny ears, glue the pipe cleaners on the paper bag and draw the bunny face however you’d like on your paper bag bunny. Display your paper bag bunnies or use them as puppets.

Easter Wreath:

There are many different ways to make Easter wreaths. For instance, you can take a plain wreath and add Easter eggs, print out bunnies to add to it, or even add anything else that you would want to add to make it an Easter wreath.

Decorate an Easter Basket:

Find some plain baskets lying around the house and decorate your very own Easter basket. Get out any of your art supplies and add them to the plain basket. Get creative with it! Tie on bows to the handles, paint the baskets, or just add a bunch of colors to make it your very own Easter basket.

Popsicle Stick Chicks:

Another really easy craft to make for Easter are popsicle stick chicks. Grab a few popsicles to stick together. Paint the popsicles yellow and cut out arms and legs to glue on to the popsicle stick chick.

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Paint Easter Eggs:

Get out a few plain hard-boiled eggs to paint them as Easter Eggs. There are quite a few different ways to paint Easter Eggs, for instance, you can either paint them with brushes or dip them in a mixture of white vinegar and quite a few drops of food coloring. After dipping your eggs, put them off to the side to dry.

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps:

Keep one toilet paper roll a round shape, and then shape the other two toilet paper rolls as bunny ears. Glue the tubes together and dip the DIY Easter stamp in some paint to stamp on paper. After picking up the stamp off the paper, you will see a colorful bunny appear on the paper that you have stamped.

Paper Plate Bunny Craft:

Another easy craft to do is the paper plate bunny craft. Find a paper plate and glue cotton balls to the paper plate to give it a bunny look. Use pipe cleaners to glue on to the cotton balls for the bunny whiskers. Find any art supplies that you have in your home that you can add to your paper plate bunny. If you don’t have cotton balls, an alternative to this craft is by drawing a bunny face on your plain white paper plate.

Mosaic Easter Eggs:

An easy Easter craft to do with kids of all ages is to cut out white computer paper in the shape of an egg. Take out different colored sheets of construction paper, and cut them into different pieces to make a paper mosaic egg.

Easter Chick Handprint:

Trace your hand or your child’s hand on yellow construction paper and cut it out. Put it off to the side and get a white piece of printer paper or white construction paper to cut into the shape of a cracked egg. Place the yellow cut out hand behind the cracked egg and glue it on the back, so that you will have a chick hatching from an egg. This is a great craft to hang in your window for others walking around can look at. Add yellow feathers to the back of the yellow hand to make your chick look fuzzier.

Pom Pom Chicks:

Enjoy making 3D chicks appear on a flat piece of paper. For example, if you have yellow pom pom balls, find all the different sized ones and use one for the chick’s body and one as the head. Glue these pom pom balls to the white paper, and draw the chick’s feet and beak in place.

Spend Time With The Family Making Any of These Amazing Crafts!

There are so many fun ways to create Easter crafts right at home. Try out any of these fun and creative crafts to do right at home with your family! Keep all of these beautiful crafts for years to come, and display them in your home every year.

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