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Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

Decorate Your Bathroom With Any Of These Ideas!

The bathroom can sometimes be a difficult space to decorate. Get inspired by some of our easy tips on how to decorate a bathroom in your home! Whether it’s a half bath, master bathroom, or guest bathroom, you will love the new look!

1. Add Greenery

A great way to brighten up your bathroom is by adding greenery to your bathroom. If your bathroom has a small window or just a shelf somewhere in the bathroom, then a great way to add a pop of color by adding a beautiful greenery piece. Pick up greenery plants from any store in Central Florida like Walmart, Home Goods, or Target!

2. Basket Storage

Not only is adding basket storage to your bathroom helpful when it comes to organization, but basket storage in the bathroom also adds a wonderful flair to your bathroom home decor! Set your basket on the back of the toilet with a roll of toilet paper next to a home decor item or only add the rolls of toilet paper to the basket storage. Pick up your favorite basket from a home decor store near you.

3. Add Fun Signs

Another way to add amazing decor to your bathroom is by purchasing a fun print to put in your bathroom. For instance, there are plenty of bathroom signs that you can buy from Hobby Lobby or Big Lots!

4. Replace Mirrors

Instead of having the regular, rectangle styled mirrors in bathrooms, look into purchasing mirrors of a different shape. For instance, you can purchase oval-shaped mirrors to go above the sinks or even mirrors in the shape of a hexagon!

5. Paint the Walls

In order to decorate a bathroom the way that you want, you might want to start off by going with the color of the walls. The paint color can have a lot to do with the theme of the bathroom or you can work around the color of the walls, and get bathroom decor that will accent the walls.

6. Bathroom Counter Tray

A beautiful way to display perfumes, decor pieces, makeup, or anything else that you might keep in the bathroom is by placing a tray or basket on the bathroom counter. For example, you can organize all of these items on the tray in your bathroom and not only will it be organized, but it’ll look great too!

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7. Shower Curtain

Find a shower curtain for your tub or shower that will pull the entire look of the room altogether. There are so many unique shower curtains that you can get anywhere. The shower curtain in the bathroom is something that others will notice right away, so you will want to find one that fits the look that you’re trying to accomplish.

8. Display the Necessities 

If you want to create a certain decor look in the bathroom, but unsure of how to do so, then what you can do is find apothecary or mason jars. Get apothecary jars to put items in from your bathroom like cotton balls or q-tips in. This is the perfect way to add some decor in your bathroom, but also helpful when trying to decide where to keep these necessities.

9. Bold Lighting

Bathrooms are a room that requires plenty of light! However, in order to give your bathroom a wonderful makeover with amazing lighting, you will want to look into finding some of the best light fixtures to add.

10. Add Shelves

Shelves are the perfect addition to the bathroom. You can either put decor on the shelves, greenery, or put any necessities on the shelves for easy access. Feel free to add shelves to any wall of the bathroom, if you are working with a small space, then you can place the shelving above the toilet area.

Enjoy Decorating Your Bathroom!

Add some fun decor items to any bathroom in your home! Decorate with a theme or just add some pieces to your bathroom to help make it a little more decorative or colorful.

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