Home Sweet Home! ❤

Home Sweet Home! ❤

Congratulations to Drew and C’arrah on their beautiful new home! We know home buying can be a stressful situation, and that’s why our agents will go above and beyond for all of their clients! Our amazing agent, Ashley Murphy made their home buying dreams come true! See what Ashley had to say on closing day:

“Closing Day is the BEST day – especially after a somewhat rocky journey to get there. I met Drew and C’arrah in January and they were looking for their first home in the middle of wedding planning – with a fast-approaching wedding date. I instantly connected to their story because Sean and I bought our first home within a month of getting married too. (Hint: it’s not for the faint of heart. ) We quickly found them a cute condo that fit within their budget and they’d be able to move in just a few weeks after their honeymoon. Fast forward to a few days after their wedding and we found out their lender hadn’t been doing the behind the scenes work he said he was doing. Ugh!

I called one of my amazing local lender partners – Jodi Goldberg – who swooped in and saved the day. We had some communication issues with their previous lender which had caused some delays earlier on. Jodi is the MOST responsive person I know and has incredible followup and communication. She and her team were able to pull off a condo closing in 16 (!!) days. For those of you not in the industry, it’s almost impossible – but not for Jodi’s team. She helped get us back on track and get Drew and C’arrah closed on their first home as Mr. and Mrs.

I’m so thankful for the partnership with Jodi and her team. If you’re looking to make a move, we’d love to partner with you and assist. Or, if you love your home and are curious how current interest rates could affect your monthly mortgage if you refinance, reach out to Jodi to see how much she can help you save.”

Thinking of buying or selling? Let us do the work for you! We want to help you get into your dream home. Call or text us now at 321-567-1202 🏡