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Dundee Community Spotlight

Dundee Highlights

Dundee Florida is a place that you might not often hear much about. However, you will fall in love with this area once you visit this beautiful part of Central Florida. Enjoy being able to visit all the exciting places, explore the different parks, and dine at all the great restaurants. Spend time getting to know one another as a community within the Dundee neighborhood.

Bok Tower Gardens:

One of the most popular places located in Dundee is the Bok Tower Gardens. Fall in love with this amazing garden and all that it has to offer. Enjoying having the opportunity to visit this garden anytime throughout the year. Not only will you just be able to admire all the beautiful nature, the sweet wildlife, and the beautiful flowers. People who visit the Bok Tower Gardens will also want to take the opportunity to check out the events that this garden has for anyone in the community who visits.

Bok Tower Events and Blue Palmetto Cafe:

Some of the events or activities within the Bok Tower Gardens are events like indoor or outdoor concerts. Check out classes offered for members, and other events that are scheduled throughout the year. While visiting the gardens, make sure you try the Blue Palmetto Café. Order anything from salads to soups and so much more. People that come to visit these gardens absolutely adore the atmosphere of the area and decide they want to have their dream wedding here. The Bok Tower Gardens in Dundee Florida have everything that you will want and so much more.

Hotels within the Area:

There are so many inexpensive hotels around the Dundee area that others can enjoy comfortably. For example, some of the hotels within the area include places like Fair Bridge Inn, Rodeway Inn, and Suites, as well as Budget Inn. Three Oaks Bed and Breakfast, Hampton Inn and Suites, and Holiday Inn Express are a few more to choose from. Lake Roy Beach Inn, Holiday Inn, Capernaum Lakeside Lodge, and Courtyard Inn along with a lot of other great options that you will be able to choose from.

Dundee Recreational Park:

Dundee Recreational Park is one of the most popular parks in the Dundee area. This park has a fun and exciting playground that kids will enjoy and plenty of space for dog walking. The Dundee park has a grassy field to sit and enjoy the fresh outdoors or possibly have a picnic with one another. People of all ages can come to this park and will love spending hours just roaming around this park together.

Schools around Dundee:

Check out all the educational schools around the Dundee area. Choose to enroll your kids at any of the schools near your lovely modern style home located in Dundee. Some of these schools include Dundee Elementary Academy, Dundee Ridge Academy, and Brigham Academy. There are also other amazing schools like Garden Grove Elementary School, Jewett Middle Academy, and The Stay and Play Learning Center. Denison Middle School, Heritage Christian Academy, and Elbert Elementary School are a few more of the many great schools located in Dundee.

Dinosaur Playground Bounce House:

Kids love being able to play at the Dinosaur Playground Bounce House. This playground area is located in the nearest mall. The best part about being able to play at this bounce house is all the awesome inflatables to choose from to play on. Not only will you and your kids be able to enjoy hanging out at this playground area, but you will also have the opportunity to plan a birthday party in this area as well.

Restaurants in Dundee:

Take some time out of your busy schedule to relax and dine with friends at any of the delicious restaurants located in the Dundee area. Some of the restaurants that you will have the opportunity to go to are ones like Mirtha’s Latin Café or a tasty meal at the Dundee Diner. Grab some barbeque at the Dundee Barbeque Company. Eat at the Subway Restaurants or Floridino’s Italian Kitchen. Acropoli Italian Bistro, Top China, and McDonald’s are also some delicious options in the Dundee area. Parada Tropical, Hardee’s, Di Maggio’s Pizzeria, and a lot of other great places that you will want to try while living around Dundee.

Davidson of Dundee Citrus and Candy Factory:

Who doesn’t love being able to go somewhere quick to get something sweet? Dundee is popular for the candy shop known as the Davidson of Dundee Citrus and Candy Factory. This delightful candy factory has something that everyone will love. Find items at this location like citrus treats, sweets, and great gift items for friends. Many people also like visiting this shop for a friendly atmosphere and the environment that this sweet shop gives off to all their neighborhood guests.

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More Parks to Explore:

Dundee has a lot of other great parks beside the recreational park that you will be able to check out. For example, some of the other parks within this part of town include places like the Rotary Park that is mainly used for softball, skating, and having picnics. Some other parks in the Dundee area include the Martin Luther King Jr Park, South Lake Howard Nature Park, and the Lake Shipp Park. This park is   complete with a playground area for the kids and a beautiful picnic area with picnic tables, and plenty of grassy areas. Visit a few other parks like Kiwanis, Lake Ned Park, Central Park, and Lake Maude Nature Park. People in the Dundee community love experiencing all of these parks to get a breath of fresh air and to just hang out in the beauty of nature.

Doctors, Dentists, and More:

Dundee has a lot of great doctors, dentists, and pediatricians that you can visit at any given time. Some of the healthcare offices around town include places like Central Florida Health Care the Dundee Pediatrics, Integrative Physical Medicine, and the Dundee Podiatry and Therapy Services. There is a wide range of dentists in the area as well. For example, some of the dentist’s offices in Dundee include places like Havendale Dental Office, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as Dental Solutions of Winter Haven.

Other Dentists and Pediatricians:

Residents in Dundee can also make trips to Greenberg Dental and Orthodontics, Aspen Dental, and Dental Associates of Florida. A few other offices that are available to the people in this community is Boyett Family Dentistry, Palm Dental, Bright Smiles of Winter Haven, and Spring Lake Dental. Keep your teeth clean and healthy at a lot of other wonderful dental offices in the area. Check out the wide variety of pediatricians in the town of Dundee. For instance, you can check out offices like Pediatric Partners, Nemours Children’s Primary Care, and Sunrise Pediatrics. Visit places like Kleine Pediatrics, Central Florida Health Care, Heart of Florida Pediatrics, and so many other trusted and wonderful health offices that you and your family will feel comfortable visiting.

Beauty, Hair, and Nails:

Pamper yourself every so often and have the opportunity to treat yourself to a new hairstyle or get your nails done. There are so many endless possibilities at all of the salons in the Dundee area. For instance, some of these salons include places like Clippers, Salon Rea, and Ulta Beauty. Make an appointment at Salon by the Grove, Sassy Cuts, or Ivy Nail and Spa. Many people will love and appreciate all the work that you can get done at any of these friendly salons. Find the right salon for you and visit it often to treat yourself every now and again.

Businesses in Dundee:

Visit a few of the businesses in Dundee like places like the E-Z Storage and Business Center. Other businesses that you will be able to see or go to in the area are places like Jurin Roofing Services and Dundee Area Chamber of Commerce. There is also a Chilton Signs and Design, Competitive Insurance of Dundee, and Olson Construction Inc. Polk Vending Services and the Gonzalez Tax Services are just a couple more that you might need access to living in this part of Central Florida.

Shopping Stores and More:

In this area of Central Florida, there are a lot of great stores and shopping areas located within a short distance from Dundee Florida. Check out stores like the hardware store, Dundee Feed, and Hardware. Close by is the Family Dollar, Advance Auto Parts, and the Southern Comfort Antiques. Check out the Winn-Dixie, a thrift store called Blue Skies Charities, and of course, the Dollar General. Dundee also has a Mobile Home Depot, the Fresh Produce grocery store, as well as Just Found Treasures. People in the area enjoy visiting Sweet Ella’s Vintage Market, the local Habitat for Humanity, and plenty of other stores that will have anything and everything that you might need.

Barbara B. Pedersen Wildlife Preserve:

Nearby the Dundee part of town is the Barbara B. Pederson Wildlife Preserve. This nature preserve has a walking path that you will be able to walk along while also enjoying the scenery. Enjoy looking at the beautiful nature along the trail. Take a break and sit at any of the benches along the way to just take in the lovely Florida fresh air. The Barbara B. Pederson Wildlife Preserve will be the perfect spot to visit with family or hang out with friends. Come visit this area only every so often to clear your thoughts and take a break from your busy life.

Cities near Dundee:

There are a lot of great cities near the Dundee area of town. Some of the closest cities include places like Haines City, Lake Wales, and Winter Haven. Residents can also travel a short distance to Okeechobee, Lakeland, as well as Davenport. Intercession City and Lake Hamilton are a couple more of the other unique cities in this part of Central Florida. If you ever want to visit any of these other Central Florida locations, then you won’t have to worry about traveling too far. These cities are just a short and quick trip from Dundee.

Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours:

Another fun experience to experience in Dundee is Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours. This airboat nature tour will be the experience of a lifetime. Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours is something that the whole family can enjoy doing together. People also have the ability to do this tour with a group of friends. During this tour, you will be able to sail along the water and see all the wildlife and nature. The captain along your entire journey will guide you and explain all of the beautiful surroundings. These airboats have stadium type seating, so that all the boat passengers will have a perfect view and that no one will miss seeing anything during the experience.

Venues in the Area:

Check out all the different venues in the Dundee community for any event. Visit the Dundee Community Center for any event that you are planning. The Dundee Community Center has a beautiful environment and the landscape is absolutely wonderful. This center is spacious and has room for as many guests as you would like to have. There is also a playground area outside that kids will be able to enjoy. Another venue in the area that you can look into using is the Outback Oasis. Outback Oasis is perfect for a rustic style wedding or a beautiful  country style wedding. Guests will have the opportunity to have any style dream wedding inside or outside. Don’t just use this facility for your dream style wedding, but also use it for any other type of event. For example, use this space for a baby shower, bridal shower, or company event. Everyone that visits this venue will talk about it for months after visiting because of how much they enjoyed the space.

Other Venues to Choose From:

Some of the other venues in the area are the Garden Ballroom which is a beautiful venue spot and have you marveling at the size of the space. The Garden Ballroom is gorgeous on the inside and out. A few of the other places that you can check out are venues like the Winter Haven Gardens Inn and Banquets Center. The Lake Eva Event Center, Adams Estate, and Blue View Barn are a couple of others around town that people can enjoy having the opportunity to use.

Lakes in Dundee:

One of the other best parts about Dundee is all the great lakes that this area has to offer. For instance, visit lakes like Lake Winterset, Lake Bess, and Lake Marie. Visit these lakes and find out which ones are the best for fishing and fish there often. These lakes will be a great place to feel peaceful and enjoy the beauty of the water.

Live, Work, and Play!

Dundee might be a small part of Central Florida, but you will realize Dundee will become a place that you want to make into a forever home. So many great opportunities are within this amazing community. Dundee has a lot of great parks and you can also take your children to any of the great schools. Get the chance to meet so many friendly people and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. Dine at all the amazing restaurants in Dundee. Don’t worry about the distance and traveling to the other nearby cities because they are not too far from Dundee. Live, work, and play in Dundee. You will love being able to work, spend time together, and enjoy being in such a friendly community.

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