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Community Spotlight – Christmas

Christmas Highlights

When you hear the word Christmas, I’m sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is jingle bells, stockings, sleigh bells, and other Holiday festivities. What if you had the chance to live somewhere in the state of Florida called Christmas? It might not be Christmas every day in this town, but you will love all of the fun things that this town has to offer. Enjoy spending time in this joyous Florida area. This fun and exciting city has a lot of great events, plenty of activities, a good amount of choices on where to take your children to school, delicious places to dine, and unique interesting places to shop. You will love getting to explore this town known as Christmas.

Orlando Wetlands Park:

Once you’re in the Christmas part of town, you will definitely want to check out the Orlando Wetlands Park. This particular park has a large amount of space for any of its guests that come to visit. You can come to this park with friends and enjoy time hiking the trails, having picnics at the different picnic areas, and just spend time appreciating the wildlife in the area. If you are the type of person that enjoys being in nature, then this will be the perfect park for you.

Airboat Tours:

Christmas Florida also has a decent amount of Airboat tours in the area. You will love getting the chance to experience one of these amazing adventures anytime of the year. For instance, head over to Airboat Rides at Midway in the lovely town of Christmas, Florida. This experience sits at least six people in the airboat. You will get to appreciate being up close with nature in your tour, and there’s a great little gift shop to purchase a souvenir to remember your experience by. Another airboat tour in this area that you will want to check out sometime is Ray’s Airboat Rides. You will be able to learn a lot during this tour and see a lot as well. Switchgrass Outfitters and Airboat Tours is another airboat experience that you and your family will be able to enjoy together. You will also have the option to experience The Capt. Dukes Airboat Rides. During this experience you will love getting to choose to do any of the regular tours or the sunset tour.

Fort Christmas Historical Park:

Enjoy being out in nature at the Fort Christmas Historical Park. This area is definitely a historical experience that you will learn a lot about by visiting. You will see many historical buildings, the sugar mill, pioneer homes, and much more. People in the community enjoy visiting this area anytime of the year. You can visit the gift shop that it has to offer and your kids will enjoy playing on the playground. This museum and park all in one also has quite a few events that anyone can attend.

Venues in Christmas Florida:

If you’re looking for the absolute perfect spot in the area to have your dream wedding, then you will love having the option to have your wedding at the Country Lane Barn. This venue is a great place to have a rustic themed wedding. You will have the option to use the indoor area as well as the outdoor area for the whole wedding event. The area can easily made used for the ceremony and the reception, so that you, your wedding party, and all of your guests won’t have to travel too far.

Parks in the Area:

The town of Christmas Florida has quite a few parks to choose from. If you ever need a place to go for an RV Park experience, then this is the perfect place for you. Check out the Christmas RV Park. This local park will be extremely welcoming and you will love the hospitality that it shows to all of their guests. You will enjoy your stay so much, that you will definitely recommend this park to others either in the area or to any out of town friends and family for when they come down for a visit. The Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area is another park in Christmas that you will want to visit. This park is known as a nature reserve. Many people enjoy coming to this park to do some hiking while being in the beautiful outdoors, you can also come out to this preserve to fish, camp, or just spend time in the gorgeous Florida weather.

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Events in or Near the Community:

This area of Florida has exciting events that anyone can attend throughout the year. For instance, check out the Orlando Salsa Congress event. During this salsa event, you can enjoy dance showcases and workshops. You and your friends or family can also attend the Festival of the Sea which is a seafood festival. You will definitely want to come to this event hungry for seafood because you will get to fill up on a delicious amount of seafood that this festival has to offer. There are also vendors and arts and crafts. The kids will also have the opportunity to enjoy having their own area to play. Check out the Caribbean American Heritage Month festival close by in the area. At this event, the guests will learn about the Caribbean culture. There will be Caribbean food and music to enjoy as well. Some other events that are held near this part of town are events like career fairs in case you happen to be looking for just the right career for you, they also host other events like food festivals, and other events that you will want to mark on your calendar.

Jungle Adventures, a Real Florida Animal Park:

The Jungle Adventures attraction in Christmas Florida is one that you won’t want to miss out on. This inexpensive experience is a great way to spend the day. You will have the opportunity to have a hands on experience with the wildlife that is offered at this particular park. You will also be able to see so many wild animals like gators, other reptiles, black bears, birds, and so many more. There are also plenty of activities that you can do while being at this park like the Gator Jamboree Feeding which is where you can see the gators get hand fed right in front of your eyes! Then there’s the Jungle Swamp Queen River Boat, where you will be able to ride along on the Green Gator River. Your family will have a blast exploring this exciting park. Not only will you have a fun day, but you will leave this park more knowledgeable about many things within the park.

The Exotic Animal Experience:

Christmas Florida has a unique attraction in the area where you will be able to experience exotic animals up close and in person. Make a morning appointment to come by and visit all of the great animals that this attraction has to offer. You will be able to meet animals like kangaroos, sloths, lemurs, wallaby, goats, and zebras. This experience is one that you won’t ever forget. You will appreciate being able to enjoy seeing these animals so closely. You will get to learn their habits and how they interact with the guests that come to visit them.

Schools in or Nearby the Area:

You will have plenty of options on where to enroll your children living in this area of town. For example, you can take them to any of the great schools nearby like East River High School, East Lake Elementary School, Columbia Elementary School, Columbia Elementary School, Corner Lake Middle School, Cornerstone Charter Academy, Avalon Elementary School, Timber Creek High School, and Camelot Elementary School.

Places to Dine:

Christmas Florida has a wide range of delicious places to dine at. For instance, try the Chinese restaurant in the area known as Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant. If you happen to be on the lookout for a great Lebanese restaurant, then you can check out Avalon Pockets. Some other appetizing places nearby in the area that you will want to check out are places like Island Thyme Caribbean Grille, Sushi 99, Nunos Café, McDonald’s, Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers and Buffalo Wings, Subway Restaurants, Eastside Bistro, Long John Silver’s, Papa Gio’s Pizzeria, Bamboo Wok Chinese Restaurant, Lil Anthony’s Pizza, Wok and Roll, Chubby’s Family Restaurant, Domino’s Pizza, Boston Market, Del Taco, and so many more places that you will love.

Hair and Nail Salons:

Living in Christmas Florida, you will want to have many options on where to get pampered at in the area like getting a fresh new haircut, treating yourself to a new hairstyle, getting a manicure or possibly a pedicure. There are many places in the part of town to do so. Check out some different locations in the area like Bella Nails, In Style Hair, Clix Hair and Nails – A Salon and Spa, Estilo Hair and Nail Salon, Nails Hair Spa Massage, Beauty Bar Salon and Spa, and Aydon Nails and Hair Salon.

Businesses in Christmas Florida:

You won’t ever have to look too far for places of business in the area. You will be within a close proximity to places like Drywall Paint and Tile Inc., Final Touch Construction Inc., Christmas Storage, Hall’s Propeller Services, JCA Electronics Inc., and plenty of other places as well.

Town of Christmas:

You can’t have an area of Florida called Christmas without the Holiday spirit being somewhere in town. The town of Christmas has the permanent Christmas tree located here. You can enjoy this part of town not just during the Christmas season, but you can come visit during anytime of the year. Have a Christmas in July and stop by to admire this little section of town.

Gym and Fitness Centers:

You will be able to stay healthy and in shape at any of the gyms and fitness centers in the area like LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Parrish Health and Fitness, Gibson Gym, Planet Fitness, and the Healthy Evolution Fitness. You will enjoy being able to sign up for a membership or visit any of these gyms in this area.

Shopping in Town:

Check out all the interesting and unique places to shop in the part of town. Get your groceries at Christmas Groceries or the local Publix Supermarket, you can also get affordable items for you and for your home at the local Family Dollar. If you ever need to buy paint, you will be within a close distance to the Sherwin Williams Paint Store. Shop at any of the other stores like the Winn-Dixie, Marshalls, head over to the hardware store to get anything that you might need from either Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Places to Stay in this Area:

If you have visitors coming from out of town, then you will be able to offer them plenty of hotels in this area of town. Christmas and around the area of Christmas there are quite a few different hotels to choose from like Days Inn, the Hampton Inn, Fairfield Marriot, Quality Inn, the Holiday Inn, the Best Western, Ramada, Executive Garden Hotel, Three Oaks Motel, Hilton Garden Inn, Travel Inn, and so many more.

Wedgefield Golf Club:

Being in the Christmas area of town, you will be able to have access to the Wedgefield Golf Club. This exquisite golf club has a great variety of food that you can choose from. You can spend time at this golf club with friends anytime of the week. Not only can you spend time eating here, but you will also love being able to experience the wonderful view in the outdoor area. You can admire the Florida sunset and you will appreciate how well taken care of this environment is for any of the guests that stop by for a visit. The people that work here are friendly and give a make it a positive and welcoming environment. You will want to visit this area multiple times.

Christmas Florida is a great place for the whole entire family to enjoy. You will love seeing all the friendly faces in the area. You will also always feel a sense of calming in this beautiful area of town. Your family will like being a part of such a friendly atmosphere. The city of Christmas Florida is a great place for people in the community to gather together and enjoy this gorgeous town that anyone can easily call their home. After getting settled into your new home, you will want to go out and explore your new hometown. You will be delighted to be able to get together with friends in the area and experience all of the great places to eat. You won’t ever get bored or run out of ideas on where to take the whole family for a day of fun. You can choose from any of the great attractions in the area. Not only will you be able to have attractions to choose from, but you will also be able to take the family out for a fun day at any of the airboat rides in the area. Get all of your out of town guests from the local hotels that they’re staying at and take them out for a day of shopping at all of the interesting places that Christmas Florida has to offer. You will love the wildlife, being able to enjoy the nature atmosphere of the area, and just taking in the outdoor part of town.

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