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Comedy Clubs in Central Florida

People love to laugh and comedy clubs have become a fun outing for groups to attend together. Experiencing a comedian in person is something that many people in the Central Florida area love to have the opportunity to do! Find a comedy club in Central Florida or many comedy clubs to choose from. You will not be disappointed in the comedians at any of these locations.

SAK Comedy Lab:

The SAK Comedy Lab which is located in Downtown Orlando is a comedy club that you will be speaking about for weeks to come. This venue is one of the most popular. SAK holds a variety of different shows on different nights of the week. All comedians and improv comedians keep the content clean. By doing this, SAK reaches a wider audience. If you are looking to become an improv comedian, then SAK also offers classes for those who are wanting to learn how to become one of those hilarious comedians that you get to see at this location.

Bonkerz Comedy Club:

Another great comedy club located in multiple locations in the Central Florida area is Bonkerz Comedy Club. This location has a show every Friday and Saturday. You can find Bonkerz Comedy Club in places like Orlando, Sanford, and Deltona. Admission is an affordable price making it available for everyone to attend the Bonkerz Comedy Club. Guests can even arrive an hour early to get there ahead of time. Just make sure everyone in your party is together so that you can be seated as quickly as possible! This venue is wonderful because it even allows free parking on the premises. You and your entire party will be laughing hysterically throughout the whole show!

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In Orlando near International Drive is the Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant. This particular location has had a variety of famous comedians start at the Improv Comedy Club. At the Improv Comedy Club location, guests can book this venue for any of their events. All ages are welcome to come to this location on Wednesdays for a free open mic night. Guests will have the opportunity to either participate in the open mic night or just enjoy watching others! Another great part aspect of this comedy club is that dinner is available for all who come. Because of Improv offering dinner, you will have the ability to try any of their entrees, appetizers, and signature drinks. Many people recommend this location to others quite often.

Mama’s Comedy Show:

At Mama’s Comedy Show located on International Drive in Orlando is a comedy club that will make you feel right at home. Mama’s Comedy Show is placed inside the “Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theater.” This comedy club is specifically for adults only. Finally, one of the best parts about this comedy show is that they will refer to you like family and all the comedians will have you belly laughing for the rest of the night.

Porky’s Comedy Club:

If you live near Saint Cloud, then Porky’s Comedy Club is the perfect comedy club to check out in the area. Adults eighteen and older are welcome at this location. An interesting fact about this comedy club is that a portion of the proceeds that Porky’s Comedy Club gets goes to a charity that has fundraisers for first responders and their children. Porky’s Comedy Club also gives out yearly scholarships to the first responder’s sons and daughters. For instance, this means not only are you having an amazing time enjoying the show with friends, but you are also helping others.

Outta Control Dinner Show:

Located inside WonderWorks in Orlando is the Outta Control Dinner Show. This location has it all! From a hilarious comedy show to an amazing magic show. The Outta Control Dinner Show is a fun place for everyone of all ages. The main magician and comedian, Tony Brent is able to manage a show filled with incredible magic as he adds many laughs to his show. Since you will spend a lot of time laughing, this would start to make anyone hungry. Outta Control Dinner Show gives guests the opportunity to choose to eat during your show. Pick between items like salads, pizza, and desserts!

Comedy Clubs in Central Florida

Central Florida has a lot of amazing Comedy Clubs in the Central Florida area. Go on a date to any of the eighteen and older venues. Visit one of the comedy clubs near you for all ages with family members. As a result of visiting these comedy shows, you will have giggles that will last you a lifetime.

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