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Closing on your Home: Let’s Celebrate!

Congratulations, closing day is approaching and your loan is approved, this handy cheat sheet will help you keep track of what’s next!

Schedule closing with the closing coordinator (your coordinator will arrange the location, date, and time of the closing)

  • Schedule movers
  • Schedule utility switch
  • Wire remaining funds
  • Final walkthrough
  • Close on your new home
  • Deed recorded and keys!

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Three days prior to closing, you will be provided with closing documents (CD) to review and the final dollar amount you need for closing. You will need to wire this directly to the title company. Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in online banking fraud these last years. We highly encourage you to call your escrow officer prior to sending funds to verify the transfer information.

A final walkthrough of the home will typically take place within 24 hours of the final closing. Your Client Care Coordinator will take care of scheduling this with all parties. The closing will typically take place at a title company. Your Buyer’s Agent will attend both the walkthrough and the closing with you.

At closing, expect to sign your name many times. You’ll be putting your John Hancock on a pile of legal documents! If all goes well (as it usually does), you will eventually leave your home closing with a stack of documents (which you should save) and the keys to your new home! Then we celebrate!

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