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Museums in Central Florida

Visit  all of the Amazing Museums in Central Florida

Check out all of the great informational, artsy, and creative museums that are throughout different areas of Central Florida. Find one near your home and go with friends to check them out. There are so many to visit that you will be able to see a different one each time that you decide to visit. Keep going back to your favorite ones as well.

Gallery on First:

One of the popular museums is in Downtown Sanford. Gallery on First is a unique museum with a few different rooms to explore. Each room has beautifully crafted artwork by emerging and upcoming artists in Central Florida. This museum is open throughout the week but is by appointment only on Mondays. Check out when they are having events and attend the events at this location.

Polk Museum of Art:

Located in Lakeland is the Polk Museum of Art. There are different exhibitions at the Polk Museum of Art. While visiting this museum, you will notice the different genres of art. Guests will be able to see modern and contemporary art, the art of ancient Americans, Asian art, and plenty of other cultured items.

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology: 

Orlando has an amazing museum filled with skeletons. the Museum of Osteology has over 500 real animal skeletons. This is a huge museum, so guests are able to spend a lot of time exploring this museum. When purchasing tickets to this museum, guests can also get complimentary scavenger hunt tickets.

Orlando Science Center:

Another fun place to visit that has a museum and other rooms to explore is the Orlando Science Center. The Orlando Science Center doesn’t just have wonderful exhibits, but this location also has many amazing events that happen throughout the year. Guests can even look into renting one of the rooms for any type of event.

Albin Polasek Museum:

Winter Park is another area in Central Florida that has quite a few amazing museums. One of those museums being the Albin Polasek Museum. Visit one of the popular exhibits at Albin Polasek Museum. Admire the sculptures at this location as well. Events are often held here and people also have the opportunity to rent out the Capen House for a wedding, event, meeting, or Holiday party. People often love renting out this area because of the history that this museum holds.

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art:

Another museum in Winter Park to visit is the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. When visiting this museum, people have the ability to see jewelry, vases, stained glass panels, and more. Most people take at least ninety minutes to walk through the music. Just like many of the other museums in Central Florida, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art also hosts events.

Cornell Fine Arts Museum:

Check out the Cornell Fine Arts Museum located in the Winter Park area. The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is connected to the Rollins College Campus. Some of the art within this museum includes American Art, European Art, and other featured art collections. After exploring the museum, check out the museum store inside the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

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Madame Tussauds Wax Museum:

Visit the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to see the wax figures. This wax museum is located on I-Drive. The wax figures at this location include historic figures, singers, movie stars, and more. Feel free to get up close to these wax figures, and take photos with your favorite ones. Madame Tussauds changes out the wax figures every so often, so whenever you go, you will get the opportunity to see a different variety of wax figures.

Mennello Museum of American Art:

Take a trip to the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando. The unique part of the Mennello Museum is that there are huge unique sculptures in the yard of this museum. Walkthrough the property of this museum to see all of the great sculptures to see and take pictures of. Of course, there are events to attend at this location, and even an opportunity to do yoga in their sculpture garden.

Orlando Museum of Art:

One of the bigger museums to visit in Central Florida is the Orlando Museum of Art. The Orlando Museum of Art has many different exhibits that happen throughout the year. Learn about the history of the art displayed, check out all of the collections in the Orlando Museum of Art.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition:

If you are looking to visit a museum with a theme, then you will enjoy being able to visit the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The whole museum is based on the movie, The Titanic. Guests will get to see at least 300 artifacts from the Titanic. During this experience, guests will also get a boarding pass on to the Titanic. Take a keepsake photo on the grand staircase at this museum.

Winter Garden Heritage Museum and Railroad Museum:

Located in the Winter Garden area is the Winter Garden Heritage Museum and Railroad Museum. The Winter Garden Heritage and Railroad Museum holds a lot of history, so if you are looking for a museum filled with history, then this is the perfect museum to visit. This is also a great place to learn about the Central Florida Railroad.

Lake Mary Museum:

Another museum to see and learn the history of a Central Florida town is at the Lake Mary Museum. Being at this museum, you will learn about the history of Lake Mary, as well as some of the other communities nearby. Check out the photographs, artifacts, and other interesting items to check out. Every so often, you can visit the events that happen at this Lake Mary Museum.

Sanford Museum:

Visit another great museum in the Central Florida area. The Sanford Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Sanford. This museum is still accepting historic Sanford artifacts. However, this museum only collects items that are related to Sanford and has to do with the history of Sanford.

Zora Neale Hurston National Museum:

Check out the Zora Neal Hurston National Museum. The Zora Neale Hurston National Museum can be found in Eatonville Florida. Visitors love being able to visit this museum to learn more about Zora Neale Hurston’s life. Guests will be able to learn about her, see photos, and learn more about the community in which she grew up.

Museum of Art and Science:

Make a trip to Daytona Beach to visit the Museum of Art and Science Museum. Many people can spend hours at this museum. There is so much to see, and so much to do. Admire art from different collections including coca-cola memorabilia. Kids will also be able to take a tour at this museum and will be able to learn so much during their visit. The Museum of Art and Science also offers other amenities.

Orlando Fire Museum:

A wonderful and unique museum in Orlando is the Orlando Fire Museum.  If you’re interested in learning about the history of the Orlando Fire Department. All of the volunteers at the Orlando Fire Museum are all retired firefighters and many others who know the history of the fire department.

Museum of Art:

DeLand has wonderful art throughout its city. The Museum of Art is one of the interactive museums in Central Florida. Check out the amazing events that happen throughout the year at the Museum of Art. You will love all of the exhibits that this museum has to offer.

Museum of Military History:

Kissimmee has the Museum of Military History. This museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday. Visitors that come to this museum will get to learn about military heritage. Artifacts, photos, and memorabilia all from military history can be found at this museum.

Kissimmee Air Museum:

Another museum in Kissimmee to visit is the Kissimmee Air Museum. The Kissimmee Air Museum is an experience like no other. For instance, visitors can experience flying at this museum. This is a hands-on flying experience. Enjoy this experience, and learn about the different types of planes.

Fort Christmas Historical Park:

There is a great historical museum in Christmas Florida. The Fort Christmas Historical Park is a great place to learn about and see history throughout this museum. Each of the rooms in this museum is set up as replicas. For instance, there is an old schoolhouse and an old lunchroom.

Enjoy All of the Amazing Museums in Central Florida!

Visit all of the great museums throughout Central Florida. There is a wide variety to visit in the area. From educational museums to artistic and unique museums. Central Florida has it all. Go to one of these museums for a fun outing or bring your kids to have an enjoyable time at one of the many museums in the area.

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