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Best Places to Volunteer in Central Florida

Living anywhere in Central Florida means that you will have plenty of great options on where you can volunteer. No matter what city you live in, you will be able to find the perfect place to volunteer within a close distance to your home. Volunteering at any of these places will also give you the perfect opportunity to connect with others in the area. 

Hands on Orlando:

One of the many places in the Orlando area that you will love being able to have the opportunity to volunteer at is Hands on Orlando. This is a non-profit organization located in the Winter Park area. Being involved with this organization will make you feel like you’re making a huge difference in the community because you will be. You will get experience working with others, leadership experience, and a great way to connect with others. Being a part of this organization means that you will be involved with community projects that involve homeless shelters, animal shelters, children and families, and a lot of other projects as well.

New Hope for Kids:

Another organization that you will have the ability to check out is New Hope for Kids. This is another non-profit organization that happens to in Maitland. This organization focuses on supporting children and families that have lost family members and helps to make dreams a reality to kids with illnesses in the area. You will enjoy playing such an important role in this organization. It will also be great to be a part of all the events and activities that New Hope for Kids has for their organization.

Habitat for Humanity:

One of the more popular places to volunteer in the Central Florida area is Habitat for Humanity. Volunteer at this amazing organization and help build homes with one another as a team. Not only will you be able to volunteer with such an amazing organization, but you can also donate to Habitat for Humanity as well which helps just as much as volunteering. You will love volunteering at such a caring place and an organization that helps so many people. 


American Red Cross:

Take time to volunteer at the American Red Cross. This organization does a lot to help those who have struggled with hurricane disaster relief. This is a great organization that will also make you feel like you’re making a difference within the community and doing all that you can to help others. You will be able to tell your neighbors, friends, and family all the great and helpful tasks that you do within the American Red Cross. You will also make new friends as well as connect with others within the community while making an impact on others’ lives.


Orlando Union Rescue Mission:

Check out another organization that you will have the ability to volunteer at known as the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. This organization focuses mainly on helping with homelessness in the community. Being a part of this rescue mission means that you and your teammates will come up with projects and find solutions to providing food, shelter, clothing, and hygiene items for the less fortunate in the Orlando area. Not only will you love being able to volunteer here, but you will have a blast at all the different events and activities that you will be involved with while volunteering here. 


Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida:

Another place in the Central Florida area that you can choose to volunteer at is at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. This non-profit organization also does a lot within and for the community. You will feel like you’ve contributed a lot to this organization while taking time out of your busy schedule to do volunteer work here. Being a part of such a giving organization will be great because you will be able to use any of your skills to help with the events. You can volunteer as an individual or you can get a group of people to sign up with you and work together to volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Volunteers for Community Impact:

Become an important part of the Central Florida community by taking time out of your day to volunteer at the Volunteers for Community Impact. This organization is helpful towards one another in a way that many people might not realize is a problem within the community. For example, people who volunteer here are taking their time to improve the lives of others by being there for each other. Many of the volunteers work with older adults whose health is disintegrating and senior citizens. This isn’t just a place to volunteer at, it’s a place that you will be volunteering at to make a difference in other people’s lives. You will have the role of being able to make them feel important, cared for, and most importantly, loved. 


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HOPE Helps Inc.:

Located in Oviedo Florida, HOPE Helps Inc., is another non-profit organization that helps to reduce the number of homelessness in Central Florida. The volunteers at this organization go above and beyond to make sure individuals in the area are well taken care of. Being a volunteer means that you can donate money or you can also donate food items to the organizations food pantry as well. It will be great being a volunteer for such an amazing organization, but you can also look into becoming an intern for HOPE Helps Inc. as well. This organization puts on special events like food drives and many other events that help with the cause. One of the best parts about volunteering here is that HOPE Helps really appreciates their volunteers and makes them feel important because if you volunteer here, what you’re doing is important and helpful to the Central Florida community.

The Forgotten Ones:

Another non-profit organization that you can easily become a part of is what is known as The Forgotten Ones. This is a place that helps young adults in Central Florida improve for their futures in becoming adults. This organization focuses a lot on helping young adults, but also a lot of young adults that have been in foster care for the majority of their lives. It will be amazing getting to work with these young adults and help them grow. The success rate at this point in time is great and will be even better with so many great volunteers willing to help others and that truly care about the outcome. You will be able to help with donations, fundraisers, and any of the other special events tha with a group of people. There are a variety of so many different opportunities that you will have the ability to be a part within this organization. You will also have plenty of

time to fit volunteering here into your schedule since you can volunteer anytime between Mondays through Saturdays. This organization puts together any items that people might be needing and distributes them wherever those items happen to be needed.

You can volunteer anywhere throughout the Central Florida area. There are so many places that do so many different things for people in need, young adults, anyone with special needs and so much more. You won’t only be volunteering at any of these places, but you will be doing something important and you will be making a difference no matter what the circumstances may be. Volunteering is also a great way to get involved within the community that you live in and will also give you the chance to meet so many new friendly faces.


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