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Best Places to – Exercise

Best Places to Exercise in Central Florida

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your daily exercise in, then look no further because you will have plenty of different options in the Central Florida area on where to get your workout in at. You will love being within a close distance to all the local gyms, the relaxing yoga studios, any of the outdoor parks, and plenty of other fitness classes that help keep you healthy and moving.

Local Gyms in the Area:

If you need a place that will keep you motivated and moving, then you can get a membership to any of the gyms in a close by area to where you live. You will also have a variety of different gyms to choose from as well. For example, you will have the ability to go to gyms like Gym Downtown, Planet Fitness, South Orlando CrossFit, Orange theory Fitness, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Winter Park YMCA Family Center, Anytime Fitness, Core and More Fitness, and so many other great gyms within this area that you will absolutely love being a member of.

Yoga Studios around Town:

Some people enjoy getting their exercise at some of the local yoga studios as opposed to all the gyms within the area. For example, you won’t only be getting your exercise in, but you will also be able to relax and feel at peace with all the yoga poses and the meditation that you will be doing at any of the studios nearby your home. Some of the studios that you will have the option to check out are at places like the Yoga Mix Orlando, Project 7 Yoga, Orlando Power Yoga, College Park Yoga, Thornton Park Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Full Circle Yoga, Guruv Yoga, The Yoga Shala, Live Oak Yoga and Massage, Elevate Yoga Center, Inspirit Yoga Studio, Total Zen Float and Yoga, Be Free Yoga and Wellness Studio, Harmony Yoga, Orlando Power Yoga, Red Sun Yoga, Lake Center Yoga, Yoga Stress Relief, Boda Yoga, Sunlight Yoga, Aerial Fitness Center, Yoga Lemon, Firefly Yoga Company, and Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness. You will love having the opportunity to try out any of these serene yoga studios that will keep your body healthy as well as active. These yoga centers located in Central Florida will be the perfect place to come exercise with friends or get your work out done on your alone time. Either way, your body will feel relaxed and less tense after each session no matter which yoga center you decide to take the opportunity to visit.


You can also get your exercise at any of the Jazzercise places located in the Central Florida area. This will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. You will be able to experience an amazing jazzercise class in a variety of different places. For example, you can check out places like Jazzercise Orlando Casselberry Fitness Center, the Jazzercise Orlando Lake Mary Fitness Center, Jazzercise Orlando Altamonte, and just the Jazzercise venue located in the Dover Shores Shopping Center in the Orlando Florida area. You will love being able to do all these fun jazzercise workouts with friends or just enjoy going to get your daily work out in.


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Outdoor Parks:

Being able to exercise at gyms and yoga centers as well as jazzercise places is great, but often time’s people prefer to exercise outdoors where there is plenty of fresh air. There are a lot of great parks in the Central Florida area where you can enjoy running, walking, or just jogging to get in your daily exercise. You will also find that some parks in the Central Florida area have a few exercise equipment that you can follow along a certain path. Enjoy using these parks to stay in shape, but to also enjoy time in the comfortable Florida weather. Some of the parks that you will be able to enjoy visiting within the Central Florida area are parks like Cranes Roost Park, at this particular park, you will have the opportunity to enjoy walking along the path that Cranes Roost has set up for their visitors. People in the community enjoy walking, running, and just enjoying the scenic view that this park has to offer. Another area of town that you can enjoy getting your workout at is in Downtown Sanford at the Riverwalk. Enjoy using the walkway to walk by the lake, jog alongside this lake with your dog and take in all the fresh air in this area of town. Some of the other parks in the area that you will be able to check out whenever you please are places like Central Park located in Winter Park. This park has plenty to look at while you enjoy a leisurely stroll throughout the area. Some other parks that you will have the ability to enjoy is Central Park in Lake Mary, Central Winds Park, Lake Eola Park, Harry P Leu Gardens, Festival Park, James Dunn Lake, Gaston Edwards Park, Lake Underhill Park, and so many other great parks that you will enjoy being able to exercise at.

Nature Trails to Exercise at:

Instead of just having the ability to visit all the parks out in the Central Florida area, you can also enjoy being able to use some of the nature trails in the area to enjoy and to use to excise as much as possible. Some of the nature trails that you will be able to check out are ones like the Greenway Bike Trail. This specific trail is mainly focused on visiting while riding your bike, but you will also have the opportunity to walk along this pathway as well. However, if you have a bike on hand, then this will be the perfect place for you to exercise in the great outdoors. Another trail that won’t be too far away is the Bear Creek Nature Trail. This trail is located in Winter Springs Florida. Even though this trail is a little smaller than some of the other trails, it will still be the perfect place to enjoy walking, running, jogging, or just visiting with your dog for some fresh air. You will also be able to spend time at the Cross Seminole Trail which is also known as Big Tree Park. This trail is located in Longwood Florida and has a boardwalk for you to use whenever you would like. During your exercise through this park, you will be able to appreciate all the beautiful wildlife and nature atmosphere that this trail and park has to offer for all its visitors. Another trail that you will also be able to enjoy getting your daily exercise at could be at the Black Bear Wilderness Area. This local area in Central Florida is the perfect outdoor spot to walk around and enjoy either running or walking through the trails or along the boardwalk that this swampy area has to offer. Visit a park and a trail in Casselberry Florida known as Kewanee Park. At this park, not only will you be able to get your exercise along the boardwalk located in this area, but you will also be able to enjoy time spent looking out at the water nearby as well. After your workout, you will also be able to enjoy taking your kids to the playground within this park or just enjoy sitting in the pavilion and resting after your extravagant workout. Some of the other amazing trails that you will also be able to visit are ones like the Lake Monroe Conservation Area, Osprey Trail Trailhead, Shingle Creek Trail: Pine Island East Loop, Split Oak Forest, Joshua Creek Trailhead, Greenwood Urban Wetlands, Clear Lake Park, Seminole Wekiva Trail, Harbor Park, Hammock Trails, Airport Lakes Park, and so many other great trails that you will love having the opportunity to walk through whenever you have the chance or whenever you just feel like you need a great workout but in the outdoor atmosphere.

Fitness Classes:

Throughout the Central Florida area, you will also be able to take a few fitness classes. This will give you the opportunity to stay motivated during your workout and you will be able to continue with your daily exercise by going to your favorite fitness class. Some of the fitness classes in the Central Florida area include ones like Jazzercise Fitness Center, Orlando Fit Body Boot Camp, Pure Barre, CKO Kickboxing, Dance Trance, Orlando Ninjutsu Center, Lotus Fitness Studio, All Fit Bootcamp and Personal Training, Bell Bennett Boot Camps, Core and More Fitness, American Combat Club, Signature Fitness, The Bar Method, and any other local gyms that have private personal instructors or also offer private lessons. Sometimes people do their best workouts on their own and with help from someone else as opposed to many other people watching them in a gym.

There are a lot of great ways in Central Florida to do your daily exercise. You will be able to choose from exercising outside to indoors and so many more other options. It won’t take you long to figure out what the best method or routine is when it comes to getting in your daily work out.

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