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Best Escape Rooms In Central Florida

Check Out All The Amazing Escape Rooms In Central Florida

Enjoy an hour of solving puzzles, looking for clues, and figuring out how to escape in any of the escape rooms located in Central Florida! Find one close to where you live and schedule a time to go.

Escape Artists:

Located in Sanford, Florida is the very popular escape room, Escape Artists. Schedule a time slot that works best for you and pick the room that you think you can escape. The owners of this escape room are big fans of the industry. An interesting fact about this location is that the owners have a background in designing and building making the desire for this location come to life.  Escape Artists is expanding to an Orlando location. Their favorite part of the experience is being able to see players reactions to what the designers have created for each room.

Escape Goat:

The Escape Goat located in Winter Garden, Florida has four different rooms to choose from.  Pick between Camp Echo, Area 51, The Quest, and A Fisherman’s Tale. These rooms are all ranked from easiest to hardest. Depending on the room also depends on how many people in your group can play. After experiencing the Escape Goat, you will want to recommend this location to everyone you know!

Lockbusters Escape Room:

Orlando has a ton of amazing escape rooms to visit! One of the escape rooms in Orlando is Lockbusters Escape Room. Check out this location Monday-Thursdays from 2:30 P.M. until 10 P.M. Fridays from 2:30 P.M. until 11 P.M. and Sundays from 1 P.M. until 10 P.M. Lockbusters has five rooms to choose from and many unique adventures to become a part of during your experience!

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Breakout Escape Room:

Another Orlando location that you will want to check out is the Breakout Orlando Escape Room. This location has a variety of different games to choose from, but the one that started it all was the circus-themed room. Teamwork and working together to solve puzzles is the best way to try and break free from this exciting location. They call themselves game masters making each puzzle and clue a certain level of difficulty. By doing this, it helps to challenge all who stop by.

American Escape Rooms:

At American Escape Room in the Orlando area near Alafaya, there are plenty of rooms to book. Make reservations for you and your party ahead of time, so that you are guaranteed a place in one of the four rooms at this location. Large parties or small parties are welcome at any scheduled time. Each of the games is filled with opportunities and problem-solving during your experience.

MindQuest Escape Rooms:

DeLand has an amazing escape room called MindQuest Escape Rooms! Choose the room that you think you’ll be able to escape, and challenge your mind to problem solve and figure out all the clues in order to escape the room that you have chosen.

The Great Escape Room

You name it and The Great Escape Room will handle it for your party. Game Room, The President’s Bunker, and the Infirmary are the few escape rooms that you will have the ability to choose from. Another amazing part about this location is that they allow an “on the run” experience. Each room is disinfecting between every use, and rooms are specifically booked for you and your private party only!

The Escape Company:

Orlando has the perfect place for if you really want a challenge when it comes to these games. The Escape Company is the best place for the people in your group that are eager for a challenging experience. The mysteries to be solved and the challenge that you will face when trying to break out of any of the rooms will give every member that adrenaline rush. The Escape Company is located right across from Disney Springs!

America’s Escape Game:

One of the most popular escape rooms in Orlando on International Drive is America’s Escape Game. This location has at least six different escape rooms. Each room is unique in its own way to fit the theme of the room that you decide on trying. Get a team of a few people together and try to navigate through the room to find your way out. The clock is ticking, so do your best to get through each room as fast as you can!

Locksmith Escape Games:

Another escape room located in the Sanford area is Locksmith Escape Games. Locksmith Escape Games is located right in the Seminole Towne Central Mall. Book online to make sure that you have your time slot secured.

Mystique Escape Room:

Lake Mary, Florida is another area of town that has an amazing escape room to visit. Mystique Escape Room has it all from creativity to all the challenges that you’ll face when trying to escape one of the rooms. Check out their website to learn more about the rooms, check out pricing, and see whatever else the escape room at this location has to offer.

The District Escape Rooms:

Oviedo has an amazing arcade and restaurant called The District. The District has so many fun activities inside including an escape room with at least four different rooms to choose to book! Call and book one of the rooms ahead of time or check to see if any time slots are available online. The District is located right inside the Oviedo Mall!

Escape Rooms Near You

There are so many entertaining and unique escape rooms in the Central Florida area. Find the one that interests you, and bring a group of friends to figure out how to break out of the challenging and mindboggling rooms at any of the locations.

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