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Antique Shops in Central Florida

Best Antique Shops in Central Florida

Check out the wide variety of antique stores in Central Florida. Find so many amazing treasures at any of the local antique shops in your part of town. There are a lot of amazing shops near you that you will want to check out. You never know what you might find at these quaint antique shops!


Orange Tree Antiques Mall:

Located in Winter Park, Florida is the Orange Tree Antiques Mall. This antique mall is pleasant for all visitors. Whether you’re a regular shopper or a first time visitor. The Orange Tree Antiques Mall has all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Visitors who come to this antique store can even sell their antique items. Get your items appraised by their in house appraisal expert.


Sun Thrift Antiques:

Orlando is home to Sun Thrift Antiques. This lovely antique shop has a friendly atmosphere along with amazing treasures to choose from. Sun Thrift Antique shop is the perfect place to visit with family or go hang out with friends. People generally give this antique shop a five-star rating after their first visit because of how welcoming the store is and the abundance of treasures that visitors can find.


Trader Mae’s Decor Market:

Apopka has unique furniture and antique shop for everyone to enjoy. Trader Mae’s Decor Market is open daily. People who visit this shop can find inexpensive rustic furniture. Find all types of farmhouse style items. Plenty of decor, vintage pieces and more. Trader Mae’s Decor Market is a great shop to visit with wonderful furniture and decor to decorate your home with.


Lily’s Lace Antique Market:

The gorgeous Lily’s Lace Antique Market in Maitland Florida is a quaint antique market to check out. When you visit Lily’s Lace Antique Market, you will find that it has a wide variety of furniture, lovely pictures, and beautiful vintage style home decor to keep in your home. This store is packed with wonderful treasures hidden within the store.


The Coop Antiques:

Oviedo has an amazing antique shop in the area. This store, The Coop Antiques is known for its gifts and collectible items. One of the best parts of this vintage antique store is that it has over sixty dealers. For instance, some of the amazing treasures that you might find at this location are items like repurposed furniture, jewelry, toys, and other shabby chic things.


Renninger’s Antique Center:

Discover one of Mount Dora‘s best shopping centers, Renninger’s Antique Center. You will find that this isn’t just another antique shop, but it’s also a flea market and has a lot of great special events that happen throughout the year. People who come to the antique center will love being able to explore everything that this area has to offer.

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Village Antique Mall:

Another antique center in Mount Dora is the Village Antique Mall. There are at least over sixty vendors within this antique mall. You never know what you might find at this location. For example, customers could find typewriters, vintage lamps, or small knick-knacks to place around your home.


Flo’s Attic:

Another popular antique store in Winter Park is the lovely Flo’s Attic. Many of the wonderful items located in this shop have been refurbished and restored. Check out the showroom at Flo’s Attic. During your visit to the showroom, you might notice how classical most of the pieces in this showroom are. Flo’s Attic has become an icon in the Central Florida area, so you will have to make sure that you stop in anytime that you can.


Adjectives Market:

There are a few places in Central Florida where you can visit Adjectives Market. Located in Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, and Winter Garden is the lovely Adjectives Market. The goal of the Adjectives Market is to inspire customers to decorate their home with beautiful pieces from their store. If you can’t get enough of all the amazing things in this shop, then you will also have the ability to take any classes at this market. For instance, visitors can take a refurbishing class or any of the other specialty classes


Andee’s Thrift Shop:

Orlando Florida is home to Andee’s Thrift Shop. Check out all the creative and unique pieces at Andee’s Thrift Shop. People who visit this shop will notice how colorful and fun all the items located in this thrift shop are. There are so many amazing things to find and a great place to find stunning artwork and you will even have the opportunity to become an artist at this location as well. You could have your artwork featured at this location just like all the other talented artists at this antique shop.


Busby Antiques:

Oviedo Florida has the amazing Busby Antiques. You will find that this antique store specializes in buying and selling gorgeous antique items. During your visit to this location, you will find so many amazing things that you won’t find at any other store in the area! Search for old comic books, vintage toys, and action figures, as well as plenty of dining sets.


Backhome Antiques Inc.:

Backhome Antiques Inc will do just that, take their customers back home to a more simple era. This antique store in DeLand has a huge amount of furniture, outside furniture, and plenty of artwork as well. Customers who visit this location are generally stunned with all the great finds within the store. People also appreciate the lovely atmosphere and how friendly everyone is at Backhome Antiques. Since the store is so friendly and inviting, it is definitely one that people choose to visit time and time again.


Antique Shops:

Find the best antique shop and take a trip there. During your visit, you will be transported to so many other eras. Find a piece from an era that you love and place it as decor in your home. Vintage pieces from these antique shops tell a story and will become the perfect item to have on display! You will also love being able to tell guests that the furniture throughout your home has been refurbished and transformed into brand new.


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