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Congratulations to Lauren Miller on helping her amazing clients find their forever home. We are so happy for you, Rob and Kelley! We wish you many new blessings in your beautiful home!

Here’s what Lauren had to say on closing day:

“Congratulations to Rob and Kelley Hassett on their first home purchase!! We actually wanted to wait to buy a little later, but when a great pool home in their top choice neighborhood pops up, you’ve got to jump on it! And now they’ll be living right down the street from the family.
Negotiations were lengthy, but we ended up getting a large credit paid by the seller. Now they’re ready to move in this weekend and be settled before the holidays. And their mortgage payment is LESS than what they were paying in rent, instant savings! Not to mention we over appraised, creating a little instant equity. A special thank you to Patrice Marie for assisting me and the Hassett’s throughout the process.”

Ready to stop renting and start owning?! Call Lauren or one of our other amazing top agents to find out how they can make it happen! 🏡🏡