Welcome Home Eden Family! 🏡


Special congratulations to one of our amazing agents, Lauren Miller! Welcome home, Eden family! 🏡 Here is the journey that Lauren and her buyers went through to FINALLY get this beautiful home:

“Congratulations to Andrew Eden and Delina Eden on their home purchase. Normally I don’t highlight the bad things, but this purchase deserves some recognition! We started off with tough negotiations out of the gate! We ended up doing the appraisal first, which came in as “Tidewater” (in most cases, the appraiser is not seeing the same value and it’s anticipated to come in lower). After 6 long hours of comparables and notes, we ended up OVER appraising (only slightly, but every penny counts)! We had a very small window to get a WDO, home, well water and septic inspections completed. After negotiating through that, we had to get a seller’s court case approved for the sale. While all this was going on, my customers had a job loss, secured a new job, and we had to switch lenders at the finish line. Most closings take about 30 days and were nearing THREE MONTHS from execution. But we finally made it!!!

A HUGE thank you to Christian Rey Lopez and Home 1st Lending! After loan denial in the 11th hour, Christian scooped up the mess, combed through the pieces and brought us to closing in about 2 weeks. Also a massive shoutout to Patrice Marie for being my right hand and supporting myself and my customers throughout the entire process. I don’t know what I’d do without you!!! Thank you to Shawn McNeil for a gorgeous inspection and helping coordinate the other inspectors as well.

But most importantly thank YOU Andrew and Delina! This purchase was anything but easy and we hit just about every roadblock possible. But your positive attitudes and trust in me to carry us through is the only reason we made it. Most customers (and agents) would have thrown up their hands at the first bump. Thankfully we’re all fighting for the same goal and that’s your GORGEOUS, custom-built home on over an acre of land. I’m so very excited that you can all lower your shoulders and enjoy the fruits of your exhausting labor. Also a big thank you to their son Marshall Tostie for connecting us. I’m so grateful you trust me to take care of your family. Thank all 3 of you for your service to our country and allowing me to help make your dream come true.”

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