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Congratulations to one of our amazing top agents, Lauren Miller! She helped guide her amazing buyers through the home buying process and managed to get them the home of their dreams. We want to wish Andrew and Cristina many blessings in their new home. Here is what Lauren had to say on closing day:

“Congratulations to my customers and new friends, Andrew Disney and Cristina on their home purchase. It was quite a road to make it to the finish line, but their trust in Wemert Group Realty and myself made it all possible. We went from a home with a rough inspection, to a remolded home with nearly everything brand new! The new home had gone under contract and fallen apart twice, just in time for us to swoop in and get it under contract. We were even able to negotiate to get the Disney’s moved in before closing! Thank you for your constant patience and trust that you’d land in the perfect house. And we certainly did! See you at the house-warming party!

A special thank you to Kevin Murphy and his team at Waterstone Mortgage for making this loan process completely painless. And an even bigger thank you to Sarah Zack for helping me keep all of the moving parts in unison. I’d be lost without you.”

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