Welcome Home! 🏡


Congrats to one of our amazing buyer’s agents, Lauren Miller! Welcome Home, Kathryn! 🏡 We are so happy for you. Here is what Lauren had to say on closing day:

“Congratulations to Kathryn Morgan Marsh on her Florida home purchase. We started talking in June and constructed a huge plan! We were going to sell her house in NC, move her down to Florida, move her daughters in, then bring an elderly family member down to Florida too. We needed the perfect house in the perfect spot. After a contract on another home, her home sale not moving quickly enough, canceling and etc, her daughter and I went to see this BEAUTY! We brought her down to see for herself and it was a perfect match!

We’re tucked in a quiet neighborhood, but still close to everything Altamonte has to offer. The attached in-law suite will be perfect for the girls, the master is perfect for Ms. Nancy and then Kathryn gets the rest of the house and yard. After some tough negotiating we were able to get a credit, the vertical garden, and the washer & dryer! there are blueberry plants too! Then we ended up appraising OVER our contract price! Now we have the “equity credit” to pile on top!

Thank you to Caleb Corsair and his team at Home 1st Lending for pushing to make sure we closed as fast as possible! And a huge shoutout to Patrice Marie for always making sure we’ve got everything covered. Even Cristel Rosas Anderson got in on the action and helped me grab the spare keys while I was across town. So grateful for my tribe!” 🏡

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