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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Decorate Your Dining Room Table For Thanksgiving!

Give your Thanksgiving day table a gorgeous look for everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner to admire. There are so many great ways to get the perfect Thanksgiving table setting! Create your favorite look with any of these suggestions.

1. Pumpkin Centerpieces

One way to make your Thanksgiving table look filled and decorated is by decorating with pumpkins. Place many pumpkins of all sizes along with the runner of your table. Not only can you put pumpkins of all sizes on the table, but you can also choose your favorite color pumpkins to put on the table too. Depending on what color scheme you choose can factor in the color of pumpkins that you want to put out.

2. Pumpkin Place Cards

Another way to add pumpkins into your table setting is by making pumpkin place cards. Instead of only doing name cards, spice them up a bit by tying the name cards to the pumpkins on the table. Not only will this make your Thanksgiving table organized, but this will also give it that Fall look that you’re trying to create as well.

3. Add Candles

Find your favorite tall candle sticks or fall scented candles and add them to the middle of your Thanksgiving table. Lighting candles are a great way to add to the lighting and makes for beautiful decor pieces.

4. Plate Settings

Some people prefer to place all of the Thanksgiving food in the middle of the Thanksgiving table. Therefore, if the food takes up the space of the middle of the table, then you will want to focus on the plate settings. First put a large plate on the bottom with a smaller plate on top, after you stack the plates, you will want to wrap your silverware in a crafty napkin roll.

5. Creative Tablecloth

Enjoy adding a craft paper to your table as your tablecloth. This is a more creative way to add to your Thanksgiving day table. For example, you and your guests can write on the table and decorate it any way you’d like. Many people enjoy being able to write what they’re thankful for on the table or draw pictures all over the craft paper.

6. Fall Flowers

Simply add some Fall flowers to your Thanksgiving table. By adding Fall flowers, you’ll be adding many beautiful colors to your Thanksgiving table setting. Flowers like mums or peonies will also match well with pumpkins on the table or just on their own.

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7. Scatter Fall Leaves on the Table

Even if your table setting is simple, an easy way to add some great decor is by scattering fall leaves on the table. Purchase any fall leaves to place on the table at stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

8. Basket or Jar of Pinecones

Another way to decorate your Thanksgiving table is by adding a basket or jar of pinecones to the table, whether the basket is big or small. The basket or jar of pinecones will create an amazing table decor piece and will be a little extra for your table.

9. Add Greenery 

Make sure to add some greenery to your table decor. Adding the greenery will help to enhance the colors on your Thanksgiving table, as well as will break up the other Fall colors that are included on the table.

10. Burlap and Other Fall Items

There are so many other great items that you can incorporate onto your Thanksgiving table. For example, you can place burlap as your table runner or you can add the bulap underneath your table runner. Other Fall decor that you have around the house can work well as your Thanksgiving table centerpieces.

Add Beautiful Decor To Your Thanksgiving Table!

Your Thanksgiving table setting will be one that you will end up remembering for a lifetime! Recreate your favorite table setting every year or choose to decorate it differently every year!

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