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Places to get Pie in Central Florida

Best Places for Pie

Central Florida has a lot of amazing places for desserts. Many of the dessert shops in Central Florida have pie available for anyone to order. Check out all of the amazing bakeries near your home. A lot of grocery stores throughout Central Florida have wonderful pie flavors available for purchase or pies to bake right at home. Find out where to get your favorite pie flavor!

P is for Pie Bake Shop:

Orlando has one of the best places for pie in Central Florida. P is for Pie Bake Shop has a wide variety of pies available to all customers. P is for Pie Bake Shop gets especially busy around the Thanksgiving holiday, so you will want to make sure that you preorder one of their whole pies or gluten-free pies. This pie shop isn’t just popular during the Holidays, but many also like to have P is for Pie Bake Shop cater for their wedding or party.

Sister Honey’s:

Order your favorite baked pie or cold pie from Sister Honey’s located in the Orlando area. For instance, people will have the opportunity to purchase a baked apple pie, black cherry, pumpkin harvest, and more. Options for cold pies at Sister Honey’s include chocolate cream pie as well as key lime pie and more.

Charlie’s Gourmet Pastries:

Located in Central Florida is the amazing Charlie’s Gourmet Pastries. Fruit pies, meringue pies, seasonal, and whipped cream pies are all options at Charlies’s Gourmet Pastries. Not only can people purchase a variety of pies at this location, but many are also able to get other pastries or bakery items.

Se7en Bites:

If you want somewhere where you can get mini pies as opposed to whole pies, then you can visit Se7en Bites in the Orlando area. Se7en Bites has the perfect mini pies to satisfy your pie needs.

Valhalla Bakery:

Another bakery in Orlando is the Valhalla Bakery where anyone is able to get all their favorite flavors of pies like banana cream, blueberry, peach, and chocolate cream. Pick any of these pie flavors and experience the inexpensive goodness that each pie flavor has. Plan accordingly when getting pie at this location since all orders are pick-up only.

Sugarbuzz Dezert Company:

Edgewater is home to Sugarbuzz Dezert Company. There are only a few pie flavors to choose from at Sugarbuzz Dezert Company. However, people in Central Florida love visiting Sugarbuzz Dezert Company to order all the classic flavors available at this location. Key lime pie, chocolate cream pie, and peanut butter pie are all on the menu.

Trader Joe’s:

Visit Trader Joe’s in the Winter Park area to get a pre-made pie or all of the ingredients that you might need to bake your own pie. Any flavor that you choose to make, you can find all the best ingredients to include at Trader Joe’s.

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Choose a Publix near your home to either pick up the ingredients to make your favorite homemade pie or get one that is already available for purchase. There are many Publix locations in different areas of Central Florida. For instance, many people can find Publix in Lake Mary, Casselberry, and a few other areas.

Carlo’s Bakery:

Inside of the Florida Mall is Carlo’s Bakery. Carlo’s Bakery is well-known for special occasion cakes and bakery items. Of course, at this bakery, you can order a delicious pie as well. Pick up, delivery, and catering are all available at Carlo’s Bakery as well.


In many areas of Central Florida are Toojay’s restaurants where you can order from their bakery. For instance, you can get flavored cakes, cupcakes, and a few pies that are available for guests that visit can pick up. Order one of Toojay’s wonderful items and share your favorite flavor pie or other popular desserts.

Blue Bird Bake Shop:

Check out the Blue Bird Bake Shop in Orlando for mini pies and of course the seasonal pies that are available for anyone to purchase. For instance, people can get pie flavors like pumpkin pies, dulce de leche pies, and mini pies for only five dollars.

The Glass Knife:

Another one of the great places to visit that has a wide variety of desserts, including pies is at The Glass Knife. The Glass Knife is located in Winter Park. Try out any of the wonderful desserts at this location whenever you are in the Winter Park area. Not only can you get great desserts at The Glass Knife, but many also like visiting The Glass Knife to get brunch together.

The Proper Pie Company:

Davenport has a unique pie shop, The Proper Pie Company which has fruit pies, and many other pies like chicken pies, steak pies, and vegetarian pies. This pie company was established in 2008 and made its mark in Central Florida. Each of the pies that are made at The Proper Pie Company has one hundred percent quality ingredients.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery:

In different areas of Central Florida like in Altamonte has Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. When customers visit the Perkins Bakery, they are able to choose between fruit pies or the tasty rich cream pies. Coconut cream, chocolate french silk, and banana cream are all amazing flavors available at the Perkins Bakery plus many more.

Walmart Bakery:

If you’re in a hurry and looking for somewhere to grab an already made pie, then you can head over to a Walmart Bakery near your home. Pick up a pie from the bakery area. Whether it’s an apple pie, a cherry pie, or a pumpkin pie, they are all available at a Walmart Bakery location near you.

The Florida Key Lime Pie Company:

Head over to Cocoa Beach to check out The Florida Key Lime Pie Company. The Florida Key Lime Pie Company has a delicious key lime pie and key lime pie flavored products. They make the freshest key lime pie at The Florida Key Lime Pie Company. Check out all of the other products at this location besides just the key lime pie.


Pick up a pie of choice from a Target near you. Target has quite a few pies to choose from like apple pie, pumpkin pie, or pecan pie. Target is also a place to shop and pick up any of the ingredients that you may need to make your very own pie.

The Pastry Studio:

If you live in or near the Daytona area, then you will have the opportunity to visit The Pastry Studio to get pies. Bourbon pecan chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, as well as chocolate peanut butter pie. You will love being able to pick up these gourmet pies at The Pastry Studio.

Eat Pie in Central Florida!

Pie is a staple during the Holiday season. Luckily in Central Florida, people are able to get pie any time of the year at any of the amazing bakeries or grocery stores in Central Florida. Pick your favorite flavor pie and see which location has it available or you can even pick up the ingredients at the grocery store and bake the pie in the comfort of your own home!

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