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Jennifer Sambolin

Realtor® & Transaction Manager, Se habla español

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Realtor® & Transaction Manager, Se habla español


Jennifer Sambolin is a Realtor and Transaction Manager at Wemert Group Realty. Her role as realtor and client care coordinator means that she is constantly assisting clients and other agents. She is the one making the home buying process happen. Jennifer is constantly checking all the intricate details that go into the home buying process. Part of her role is to make sure all clients whether they are her clients or other agents’ clients happy. All clients that work with Jennifer feel like they are supported and guided throughout the whole process.

She has a background in customer service. Talking to people and answering questions is something that Jennifer has plenty of experience in. She is easy to get along with which makes working with her stress-free. She is helpful in assisting all clients and any agents working with her daily.

Jennifer Sambolin has a passion for working in real estate, but when she isn’t working in real estate, you can find her doing an abundance of other activities. Jennifer enjoys finding all different kinds of crafts through Pinterest. Jennifer enjoys being able to spend time with her toddler and making those fun crafts come to life.

She also loves being able to travel around the world. Jennifer, who is originally from Puerto Rico likes having the ability to explore many different places. Doing photography is also something that Jennifer enjoys doing in her spare time. Taking pictures of all the places that she has been really helps Jennifer to capture all the moments that she’s gotten the chance to experience.

Jennifer is constantly motivated to help people as often as she can. She meets her goals on a daily basis and is always working hard at getting all of her tasks done in a timely manner. Working with Jennifer is always a pleasure and someone that you will enjoy talking to and working with.



GET TO KNOW Jennifer Sambolin

Q: What is your title at Wemert Group Realty and how does it apply to the real estate industry?

A: Realtor and Client Care Coordinator

Q: How has your past job experiences helped you with your title at Wemert Group Realty?

A: I have a strong background in customer service skills.

Q: Have you always lived in Central Florida? Where do you consider home?

A: I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Q: What are your favorite things about living in Central Florida?

A: I like that there is a midway point to all of my family that is spread out across the US and the close proximity to theme parks 🙂 Oh, and Wemert Group Realty is here!

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of working at Wemert Group Realty?

A: Crafting! I will literally do anything I find on Pinterest! (Pinterest addict!), photography, reading and Traveling! I do these only if I have time since I am also a mother of a toddler, I try to do all of these activities WITH HER. Including cooking, reading, etc.

Q: What have you learned since working on the team?

A: Nothing can be solved, there is always a “next”!

Jennifer Sambolin

Realtor®, Wemert Group Realty