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Hurricane Irma Preparedness – A Few Tips

A few helpful hints we’ve gathered as we get ready for the storm.
Be safe friends!

* Should we lose power, It’s sometimes hard to find things in a semi dark house — put the things you think you’ll need in a central location

* If you don’t have lanterns or they run out of battery, remember you can bring the solar landscape lights inside at night.

* Oreos & root beer sounds like a good idea until about day 3. Get some real, nourishing food.

* Boil up some pasta, toss with olive oil & store in a zip lock. Then if the power goes out you can add whatever veggies, meat & cheese you find in the fridge & salad dressing & everyone can make their own pasta salads.

* Freeze some of your water bottles — then they are both ice and a cold drink

* Baby wipes !!! Good for everything.

* Dress appropriately during the worst of the storm. This includes having a decent pair of shoes on. Should you need to leave your home for safety reasons, you’ll be ready.

*Charge everything you own. Everything! Cell, tablets, i-pods, speakers & don’t forget your toothbrush and facial cleaners if you use them.

*Get some bug spray. You may be doing yard work or dealing with a broken window.

*Get some cash. The stores may open without power & there will be no ATMs or card usage. You may also need to pay helpers to cut a tree out of your way.

*Buy a roll of contractor sized trash bags, Good for both cleanup & keeping things dry.