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Fun Halloween Activities To Do This Year

Enjoy Doing Any Of These Fun Halloween Activities!

Halloween might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy all of the amazing Halloween activities available to you! Spend time doing some or all of these fun activities together.

Carve Pumpkins:

One of the most popular Halloween activities to do is carve pumpkins! Pick up a pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch, or you can even purchase a pumpkin from a store near you. Carve your pumpkin with a face, character, or whatever you please. If you aren’t comfortable with carving a pumpkin, you can always paint your pumpkin instead!

Boo Your Neighbors:

A fun way to interact with your neighbors this Halloween season is by “booing your neighbors.” What you will do for this activity is to pick out a Halloween basket and put a bunch of fun goodies inside for your neighbors to enjoy! For instance, make it a Halloween movie night theme. By making it a theme, you can put all items related to your theme. If you decide to make it a Halloween movie night theme, you can add a pack of popcorn, a Halloween movie, either fun or scary, add a box of movie theater candy, and then leave the basket on your neighbor’s doorstep! These baskets can just be simple with candy or prepackaged cookies with a sweet note telling your neighbor’s that they’ve been booed!

Halloween Movie Night:

Make a list of all of your favorite Halloween movies and turn it into a Halloween movie night! Get all of your favorite snacks or your favorite Halloween treats, turn off all the lights, and start your Halloween movie night marathon! Choose to watch cute Halloween movies or scary movies, whichever you prefer.

The Haunted Road:

If you’re still trying to find something similar to haunted houses this year, then you can check out The Haunted Road located in the Orlando area. While visiting this attraction, you and your family can stay in your car while getting the thrills and chills of a regular haunted house experience. Purchase your tickets ahead of time and enjoy your haunted drive-thru experience! You can even check out the family-friendly version if you have young kids to bring along.

Create Fun Halloween Treats:

Another fun way to celebrate the Halloween season is by making all of the amazing Halloween themed sweets! For instance, you can make Candy Corn Spiral cookies, Mummy brownies, and so many other delicious baked goods to enjoy.

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Decorate Your Home For Halloween:

Bring out all of your fun, scary, and cute Halloween decorations! Turn the inside and the outside of your home into the best Halloween decorated home in your neighborhood. Put the skeletons and pumpkins in your front yard, while you add the spiderwebs and broomsticks to the entryway of your home. This is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season!

Virtual Halloween Costume Party:

Plan to have a virtual costume party with your friends! Tell everyone to wear their Halloween costume, grab some drinks, have your snacks available at hand and log in to see what all of your friends decided to dress up as this year. Turn it into a contest and vote on who has the best virtual costume!

DIY Halloween Costume:

Make your own homemade Halloween costume with items that you have lying around the house. For instance, if you have mickey ears lying around, you can make a Mickey or Minne mouse costume. You might have a witch hat from previous Halloween years, then you can make a witch costume. Find all of your tacky clothes and make a tourist costume! There are plenty of creative DIY costumes to make right from your closet.

Halloween Costume Photoshoot:

While you’re in the costume creating mood, you might as well turn it into a Halloween photoshoot! Pose in front of your Halloween decorations in your home in your favorite homemade or DIY Halloween costume. This is a great way to get all of your photos in this year’s Halloween costume. If the outside and the inside of your home is decorated, then you can choose to take the photos indoors or outdoors.

Turn Your Home Into A Haunted House:

A fun way to create your very own haunted house is by decorating each room in a theme. For instance, you can turn your bathroom into a murder mystery scene with fake blood and mirror hangs. You can turn one of your family rooms into a scene from your favorite scary movie or thriller TV show. There are plenty of great ways to turn your home into a haunted house. Have your family members walk through the house and make sure to put a few creepy animatronic items in the room as well!

Read Spooky Books:

Create a list of all of the spooky, thriller, horror books that you want to read for the Halloween season! This is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween rather than just watching a Halloween movie, you can enjoy a wonderful spooky book as well!

Sit By The Fire To Roast Marshmallows And Tell Scary Stories:

Head out to your backyard to make a bonfire and enjoy telling spooky ghost stories while sitting in front of it. If you’re not into telling scary stories, then you can always just sit in front of the bonfire and roast marshmallows to enjoy a tasty smores treat!

There Are Plenty Of Unique And Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year!

Have fun doing any of these activities with one another this Halloween season. You can enjoy these fun activities plus so much more. Do you have any other Halloween activities that you plan on doing this Halloween? Let us know!

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