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Community Spotlight – Amway Center

Amway Center

One of the most memorable parts of Downtown Orlando is the Amway Center. People gather at this beautiful building to see the popular Orlando Magic team play against whomever they might be up against. They cheer for their team and they cheer for their city. Their hearts race in anticipation of who will win the game, while the player’s hearts also pound because they don’t know if they’re going to let their community down or be able to make their day a little brighter and a little bit better. In reality, the game doesn’t matter and it’s the atmosphere of all the people coming together in this beautiful building to share excitement and enthusiasm with one another. This won’t only happen during the Orlando Magic games, but you will also be able to share the excitement in this building when your favorite band travels to your home city to perform songs that you grew up listening to.

Your smile will widen when you learn that the newest artist that you’ve been hearing on the radio, who sings that catchy song that you love will be singing that particular song in your favorite Downtown Orlando center. This Amway Center isn’t a place to go and experience, but it’s a place that you will make memories at that you will remember for a lifetime. This center will hold memories of friendships, laughter, smiles, cries, and tears. You will be able to tell so many people of so many great and fun events, concerts, and more that you got to experience in this building. You will fall in love with not only this center, but also this amazing part of town for so many reasons.

Orlando City Soccer Club:

Downtown Orlando is home to the Orlando City Soccer Club. This soccer team is a more recent established team to the Downtown Orlando area. People from all over Central Florida enjoy going to watch all of their exciting games. You can wear your best royal purple shirt and support this wonderful Central Florida soccer team. The Orlando City Soccer Club is definitely something that you will want to be able to experience at least once while living in the city of Orlando Florida.

Camping World Stadium:

Near the Amway Center is the Camping World Stadium. This very large stadium located in Downtown Orlando is used for a variety of different things. For example, plenty of football games are held here, and there are also many events held in this stadium as well. Living in this area of Orlando you will have the opportunity to check out what events are held so that you can come and enjoy time at these events with friends and family. Not only will you have fun at the event, but you will love the atmosphere of the stadium and the comfortable seating as well. This will definitely be a stadium that you will want to come to time and time again.

World of Beer:

Another place in the general area of the Amway Center is the amazing place known as World of Beer. This is a restaurant with a variety of different beer options and delicious food as well. This place to dine also has things like Taco Tuesdays, Trivia Night, Ladies Night, Burger Monday, and so much more. Since this is known as the World of Beer, you will want to have a lot of beer choices. A few of the many options that they have on this menu are beers from all over the world. Try beer from not only America, but from so many other countries as well. This will be a great spot to hang out with friends and try a new beer that you never knew existed before.

Restaurants near the Amway:

I’m sure while going to events, concerts, and more at the Amway Center will call for getting something to eat either before or after whatever you might attend. There are so many great places nearby like Gringos Locos, the Magic Grill, Jernigan’s Restaurant, Big Blue Taco, Silver Spoon, Silver Spark Grill, Harry Buffalo, Ceviche, Latin Asian Fusion, Hamburger Mary’s Bar and Grill, Lion’s Pride Orlando, Chef Eddie’s Restaurant, Ferg’s Depot, The Rusty Spoon, Jersey Mikes Subs, Amura, Graffiti Junktion, California Tortilla, Big Belly Brewery, Nature’s Table Café, and so much more. Having all these options around will be great because you will have access to anything that you might be in the mood for.

Search for Homes for Sale near Amway Center

Businesses near the Amway Center:

There are so many businesses around and near the Amway Center as well. For example, you will be able to find places like the Orlando Business Journal, Parker Business Planning, the American Business Group, Transworld Business Advisors, and a lot more as well.

Hotels Close by the Amway Center:

If you or any of your out of town guests are looking for the perfect hotel in the Downtown Orlando area nearby the Amway Center, then there will be plenty of options around that you will be able to choose from. For instance, you can stay at hotels like the Grand Bohemian Hotel, the Aloft Orlando Downtown, the Marriott Orlando Downtown, the Crowne Plaza Orlando, the Embassy Suites Orlando, the Travelodge by Wyndham Orlando, the EO Inn, the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, the Residence Inn at Marriott, the Hampton Inn and Suites, the Doubletree, the Best Western, and the Delaney Hotel. All of these hotels are close to the Amway center and located in Downtown Orlando. This also makes it easy in case you don’t want to drive all the way home after a late concert or a long event, you can stay at one of these amazing hotels instead of getting stuck in horrible traffic on the way home. This will be convenient for you and whomever comes along with you for the amazing events and concerts that the Amway Center has for anyone and everyone in the community.


Some of the best venues are located around the Amway Center. For example, the Amway Center is actually used as a venue. You can rent out the Amway Center for events like weddings, graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers, business meetings, birthday parties, and anything else that you might want to celebrate. One of the best parts of renting out part of the Amway Center is the private rooms and the rooftop view. You will have the most beautiful view of Downtown Orlando from the top of the Amway Center. You will be able to admire the busy streets, the tall buildings at eye level, people enjoying the Central Florida area spending time with their families and friends. Another venue nearby that you will be able to check out is the Citrus Club. This gorgeous venue is inside the Citrus Center on the eighteenth floor. You will love the all the space that this venue has to offer. The rooms in this venue are elegant and will have you and all of your guests in awe of how amazing it is. You will also love the atmosphere of this beautiful area as well. This is also considered a club, so you will be able to have a membership if you really want to and enjoy spending time at this wonderful venue. Another great venue that you will have the opportunity to check out is the Ballroom at Church Street. This is another elegant ballroom that you will be able to have your dream wedding at or your extravagant party at. This ballroom is extremely large and will fit a ton of guests, and will also give you a lot room for dancing and having a great time. Check out other venues in the area like the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. This venue is mostly used for theater shows and concerts as well. Another spot that you will love as the perfect venue spot are places like the Abbey, Venue 578, the Venue, and so many more amazing places that you will absolutely adore.


Check out all the shopping selections in this area as well. For example, if you need any groceries, then you can go to the local Publix to pick up any refrigerated, frozen, or canned item that you might need. Another place to shop nearby is the local Target. You will be able to pick up a clothing item, any groceries, beauty products, household items and plenty of other miscellaneous items.

Entertainment in the Area:

Not only will you be able to attend fun and exciting events at the Amway Center, but you will also be able to visit all of the great theme parks, water parks, and entertaining places near the Amway as well. You can spend time with friends at some other amazing places. For example, you will be within a close distance to Walt Disney World. Travel on over from the Amway Center to spend the day at any of the four Disney World parks together with family and friends. You will have the opportunity to visit either Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios. You will also have the ability to visit either of the Walt Disney World Resorts and water parks. For example, you can check out Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Visiting either of these water parks will be a fun and refreshing activity to do during those hot summer months. It will be great cooling off in the water and splashing along all the water rides and all the other fun rides as well. Another theme park close by the Amway Center that you won’t have to travel too far to is the amazing Universal Studios. This theme park has a lot of great roller coasters and shows that the whole family can enjoy. Choose to visit either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure or possibly even both. You can also enjoy visiting the newly established water park which is known as Volcano Bay. This is also a fun and exciting water park that everyone will love. If you love animals and theme parks, then you can head over to SeaWorld Orlando and check out all of their entertaining shows and ride on all their amazing rides while also getting to experience some beautiful sea life up close and personal.

Tours and More:

Close by the Amway Center are also some amazing and fun tours for you to do while celebrating or just an exciting activity to do in general. For instance, the American Ghost Adventures tour is one that you can enjoy doing at any time of the year. During this two hour tour, you will get plenty of enjoyment and excitement. You will get to hear ghost stories and actually be able to go ghost hunting in haunted buildings as well. This will be an experience of a lifetime and will definitely be something that you will remember forever. You will also have to take friends on a trip to do this tour at least once in their life. If you happen to be looking for more of an outdoor activity that’s close by the Amway, then you will have the chance to experience the Close Encounters Fishing Charters. This is where you can visit any of the estuaries. You will basically get to enjoy all of the amazing wildlife in this area that Central Florida has to offer to its wonderful community of people. This is also one of the most entertaining fishing trips that you will get to experience as well. You can either just enjoy time admiring the tour or make it an interactive tour as well. It’s one thing to visit and go to the Central Florida theme parks, but it’s another to get a full tour of these theme parks as well. Check into doing the VIP Tour. During these tours, you can get a personal tour of any of the parks where you will learn about all the greatest attractions and possibly be able to meet some of the most popular characters that are throughout the park. This tour includes an itinerary, having set reservations, and a few other things that will make this tour worthwhile. Events at the Amway Center can be a lot of fun, but maybe you want to check out something that will be funny. Luckily, you will be within a close distance to the SAK Comedy Lab. This comedy show will be one that you will be talking and laughing about for days to come. These shows are improvised in the best way and will have the whole audience cracking up at all the great jokes and skits that they put on. While attending this comedy club and laughing together, you will also be able to enjoy food and drinks as well. Another popular attraction in the nearby Amway Center area is the wonderful Great Escape Room Orlando. Visit this escape room with a group of people and try your very best to put your minds together to try to escape in a decent amount of time. You will be able to work together as a team and have a blast doing it as well.

The Amway Center located in Downtown Orlando Florida is an excellent place where you will be able to go and see shows, concerts, and attend many events. You will also have the ability to check out all of the fun and exciting things to do around this center as well. It will be great getting together with friends and spending time at this beautiful center.

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