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Best Places for Wine Tasting in Central Florida

Best Places for Wine Tasting in Central Florida

If you are ever looking for a fun activity to do over the weekend either with friends or for fun date night, then Central Florida has you covered. Try out all the different wine rooms in the Central Florida area to do some delicious wine tasting! There are so many great places to visit as well as sweet wines to taste.

The Vineyard Wine Bar and Healthy Bistro:

One of the wineries that you can try out located in Apopka Vineland is The Vineyard Wine Bar and Healthy Bistro. Not only will you have the ability to taste a wine of your choice, but you can also choose from other alcoholic beverages that they have to offer for all guests. Enjoy taking in the beauty of this spot and spend time sitting together on the patio, sipping on your drinks, and laughing with friends.

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards:

Another winery in the Central Florida area to try out is the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards. This beautiful vineyard is within the Clermont area. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards is unique because it is in an estate and is actually one of the largest wineries in Central Florida.
A great aspect of this vineyard is that it is just west of Downtown Orlando. Check their schedule of this winery and vineyard since they will hold events and festivals. Schedule to do a wine tour at this location any day that you choose.

Quantum Leap Winery:

If you happen to decide to have wine in Orlando, then you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to visit the Quantum Leap Winery. You will instantly fall in love with the atmosphere of this winery. This winery is gorgeous on the inside. Feel right at home the moment that you walk into this winery. For instance, you can enjoy sitting at any of the round tables while you take a sip of your wine. One of the best parts about visiting this winery is that you can get wine on tap.

Swirley Wine Bar:

Come to happy hour at the Swirley Wine Bar or just hang out in a cozy atmosphere. This wine bar has a lot of great deals and plenty of great wine. A lot of people in the area really like coming to this wine bar because of all the different events that happen throughout the year. For example, you will have the opportunity to check out the Blind Tasting Tuesdays, the Movie Night with Wine and Popcorn, and any other special events that happen throughout the year.

The Wine Room:

Take time to visit The Wine Room whenever you get the chance. At this wine room in Winter Park is a great place to visit. The Wine Room is a classic style winery that will make anyone and everyone feel welcome. Plus there are over one hundred different choices of wine to choose from. This will be the perfect place to come to unwind on a Friday night. It is also a great spot to spend time with friends from another area of town. Experience the wonderful atmosphere for a sweet date and so many other fun occasions.

Katya Vineyards:

Another wine or vineyard to check out in Ocala Florida is Katya Vineyards. Katya vineyards is also a restaurant so that people can enjoy food with their drinks. Hang out or to celebrate an event at this location. People that come to Katya Vineyards appreciate the friendly service and the variety of wine to choose from.

Bunkery Hill Vineyard and Winery:

A quaint little place that you will enjoy trying wine at is the Bunkery Hill Vineyard and Winery in Parrish Florida. People often enjoy visiting this winery so much that they decide to apply for the paid internships that they offer. Instead of using barrels for their wine, this winery took on a different approach where they keep the wine in glass carboys and store them in a wine cave. Check out some of the interesting wine tours whenever you want because this location doesn’t require making an appointment.

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Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery:

Check out a vineyard in Spring Hill Florida. The Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery is a bit more of an outdoor winery with of course plenty of indoor seating as well. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that you will be surrounded by when visiting this winery. Not only will you like the atmosphere overall, but you will appreciate the inexpensive prices as well as the delicious food options on the menu at this winery. Keep track of all the great events that happen at this location.

Hutchinson Farm Winery:

Apopka Florida is home to the Hutchinson Farm Winery. This winery will make you feel like you’re right at home on the farm. Hutchinson Farm Winery offers tours, tastings, and a large variety of different wines. It’s the perfect size if you want that at home or farm feel. You will be able to experience the gorgeous vineyard as well. They make all their wine straight from the farm. You will have to experience this amazing farm.

Tasting Room Orlando:

Located in Orlando Florida is the Tasting Room Orlando. This is more of a tasting room that you would want to visit for a date night. Possibly enjoy a night out with some close friends. During your visit to the Tasting Room, you will get to see some of the live performances, enjoy happy hour, and of course all the wine tastings. The vibe of this area is relaxed and laid back. Guests will often feel comfortable, while you still feel like you got to get out for a night of fun and entertainment. A lot of people in the Central Florida community really enjoy having the ability to have parties and small gatherings at this location because it’s the perfect amount of space.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant:

Try out another winery in the Waterford Lakes area, Cooper’s hawk Winery and Restaurant. This winery restaurant has a more contemporary feel to it. There is also has a great amount of space for a lot of guests. People enjoy the friendly service here as well as how helpful they are when it comes to wine. If you have questions about any of the wine or food, the servers are happy to answer them and willing to help you pick the best option. Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant is a lovely place to visit and you will not want to miss out on coming to this location.

The Vineyard Wine Company:

Lake Mary Florida is home to The Vineyard Wine Company. The Vineyard Wine Company has all different types of wines that you will definitely want to try out. There is plenty to eat and a lot to drink at this venue, but you will also love the brick wall element. The soft lighting will set the mood within this restaurant.
These elements will make it relaxing for you and your company. They, of course, have comfort food, happy hour, dessert, and live music. Enjoy the outdoor seating and so much more that you will just have to experience in person.

A Taste for Wine:

St. Petersburg has the perfect elegant spot for dining and wine tasting. Visit a Taste for Wine to find your new favorite wine option. This location has a beautiful restaurant that you will want to visit over and over again. A Taste for Wine is another location that has an outdoor seating option if you prefer to sip on your wine or other beverage under the moonlight.

Oak Haven Farms:

Sorrento has a winery farm called Oak Haven Farms. This winery has an enormous vineyard that you will feel impressed with. At Oak Haven Farms, you can pick strawberries and enjoy the great outdoor area. Even though this might be more of a winery, it is a great place for the family to visit together. Go strawberry picking and check out the amount of space to roam around. Wander around the open areas and take in all of its beauty.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar:

Located in Winter Park Florida is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Order one of their amazing steaks and then ask the staff which wine would be the best paired with that steak. Taste wine in a more intimate setting and book one of their private rooms.

Enjoy Wine Tastings!

Central Florida has so many great places for wine tastings. No matter what area you happen to live in, there is a great winery or vineyard close by. Go wine tasting for entertainment over the weekend. Who wouldn’t want to unwind with a sweet glass of wine with some friends in an elegant setting? A lot of wineries have a variety of wines that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Therefore, you might have a hard time deciding on which winery that you would like to visit. Try out a new winery whenever you can.

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