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Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Enjoy Any Of These Date Night Ideas With Your Love!

Whether you’re having a beautiful date night in or a date night out somewhere, there are so many wonderful ideas for you and your significant to do together. Pick out any of these ideas and enjoy a day or evening celebrating your love for each other.

Order Your Favorite Take-Out And Watch A Movie Together:

There are so many great places to order a meal from! Order from your favorite place, and pick which movie you want to watch while you eat. Pick a romance, comedy, or thriller to sit and enjoy watching together. If you can’t decide what to order, then the perfect go-to option is a large pizza with your favorite toppings! Order from any pizza shop located in Central Florida.

Board Game Night:

If you and your significant other love playing board games, then having a game night together for Valentine’s Day is the perfect date night activity! Play together at home indoors, on the front porch, or on the back patio! There are so many fun card games and board games that you and your significant other can play together.

Take A Walk On The Beach:

A fun activity to do together is take a walk hand in hand on the beach! Visit any of the beautiful Central Florida beaches and enjoy walking barefoot in the sand. Watch the waves crash onto the shore and just enjoy being in one another’s company. If the weather feels nice, then you can always enjoy swimming in the ocean or laying in the sun.

Paint Together:

You can either schedule a time to paint together at one of the Painting With A Twist locations. If you can’t get a seat at any of the locations near you, then you can always have a paint night right from home! Get blank canvases, grab your favorite beverages, and find a YouTube video that can give you a painting tutorial straight from your living room.

Schedule An Escape Room:

Central Florida has so many amazing Escape Rooms! Find one that’s open near you and schedule a time and room for you and your date to do together. This will be a great way to spend time with each other, and an exciting way to work as a team to try and escape.

Cook A New Recipe:

Find a new recipe to cook and work together in the kitchen to make the recipe into a meal! Not only will it be a fun activity to do together, but you can keep this new recipe, and make it on many other special occasions.

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Have A Spa Day:

Plan a trip to the spa together for a relaxing day. If you can’t find the perfect spa to go to, then you can always plan the perfect spa day right from home! Light candles, have relaxing music, and get all the best oils or lotions that will help you both relax. Maybe even pick up face masks to put on.

Sit By The Fire:

If the weather is cool on Valentine’s Day, then you can sit outdoors together under the stars by a warm fire. If the weather is too warm to sit by the fire, then you can still sit under the night sky with the stars brightening the night sky. Grab some drinks and enjoy the glow of the fire, maybe grab all the ingredients to make smores as well.

Visit a Local Coffee Shop:

Go with your significant other or even with a friend on Valentine’s Day to a local coffee shop near you. While the restaurants might be crowded on Valentine’s night, enjoy each other’s company out at a coffee shop ordering one of their seasonal hot or iced coffee drinks. Chat about your day while enjoying the amazing atmosphere of the coffee shop that you choose to visit.

Attend a Movie at a Drive-In:

Movie theaters make for a great date night idea, but visiting a Drive-In movie theater is also a fun and unique idea. A drive-in movie theater to visit in Central Florida is either in Ocala or Lakeland Florida. The Ocala Drive-In has two different screens that will play different movies. This inexpensive movie theater is great for adults and children. Lakeland is another area with a drive-in, the Silver Moon Drive-In. The Silver Moon Drive-In has been around for over seventy years.

Go to a Dessert Shop:

Eat dinner at home together, but splurge when it comes to dessert! Central Florida has plenty of amazing dessert shops. For instance, enjoy a lovely cupcake shop or bakery together. Order a delicious chocolate cupcake or eat a tasty red velvet cake. There are plenty of amazing dessert shops to hang out at in the Central Florida area.

Find a Scavenger Hunt to Go On:

Search online for a scavenger hunt to print out, and then make a date out of it! Venture around Central Florida and see how much of the scavenger hunt that you and your loved one will be able to accomplish together. Doing a scavenger hunt together will make for a unique date night. Explore many Central Florida cities during your Valentine’s Day date night like Altamonte, Lake Mary, Winter Park, and more.

Take a Walk:

Sometimes just simply going on a walk makes for the perfect date night experience. Walk around any of the beautiful downtown areas of Central Florida. For example, walk hand in hand with your significant other at the Sanford Riverwalk, Lake Eola Park, or any other lovely areas near your home. Not only does this make a great date night, but it’s a completely free activity.

Ride A Bike Together:

Instead of just taking a walk together, if you both have bikes, find a bike trail and go for a ride with one another. Make it a competition and see who can get to the end of the trail first, or just go on a leisurely ride.

Visit A Brewery:

Central Florida has a wide variety of breweries to hang out in on Valentine’s Day night. Visit one or many of the breweries in the Central Florida area. Enjoy a craft beer together or your choice of any alcoholic beverage while spending time with your loved one at any of the local breweries!

Go To All Of Your Favorite Places Together:

If you and your significant other want to do something meaningful together on Valentine’s day, then you both can go to all of your favorite places together. Make a point to visit all of the places that mean the most to both of you. For example, if possible, go back to the place that you both met. Go to the place that you and your significant other had your first date and reminisce about the first time being there together.

Have a Picnic Together:

Put together a basket of tasty food, drinks, and sweets to take on a picnic together. Being in the presence of one another while eating some tasty food outdoors will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day. Pick up all of your favorite things, and include them in your lovely picnic date. Have the picnic at your favorite park or just go to a beautiful park with plenty of grass to set up a blanket or towel for your Valentine’s Day picnic.

Bake Valentines Day Themed Treats:

Of course, you can always pick up sweet treats from all the amazing sweet shops located around Central Florida. However, something that might be a bit more fun to do together is to bake Valentine’s Day-themed treats. Bake heart-shaped cookies or make brownies with red and pink sprinkles. Look up all the wonderful recipes for new baked goods that you’ve never made.

Disney Springs:

Walk around Disney Springs. Check out all the shops at this location, grab a sweet treat, and buy a ticket to ride on the hot air balloon. There are plenty of amazing restaurants to try out at Disney Springs as well! Enjoy a meal together at this location.

There Are So Many Fun Ideas To Do For Valentine’s Day!

What activities do you and your significant other love to do together? Do you plan on staying in and cooking a new meal? Movie night for two? Whatever it is, as long as you’re enjoying one another’s company, and enjoying a familiar or a new activity is all that really matters.

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