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Eustis Community Spotlight

Eustis Highlights

The beautiful Eustis area is the perfect place to live! There are so many amazing parks to visit, restaurants to try, and things to experience throughout this Central Florida area.

Lake Eustis:

Eustis is known for one of Central Florida’s most popular lakes which can be known as Lake Eustis. It covers an area of seven thousand acres. Living in the Eustis area, this will be the perfect lake for you and your family to come and visit. Sit near this lake and take in the beautiful scenery of the huge trees. Watch the lake sparkle when the Florida sun hits it just right. Bring your fishing pole along with you to this lake and catch a fish or two. You might even want to stay until the sun starts to set and watch all the colors of the sky change right over Lake Eustis!

Parks In Eustis:

Explore some of the amazing parks located throughout Eustis. Some of the parks located throughout the Eustis area include Ferran Park, Palmetto Point Park, Bennett Park, and so many other great locations! The Trout Lake Nature Center is a nature preserve park that’s located in the Eustis area. Coming to this nature preserve, you will be able to have the option to go hiking, visit its informational wildlife center, take a walk on the boardwalk, and have lunch at any of the picnic tables set out in the area for any of the guests to use.

Ferran Park:

A stunning park that you will want to visit in the Eustis area is Ferran Park. This is just the right park for the view of Lake Eustis. Kids can enjoy coming to this park to play on the unique playground or splash around the aquatic area. Ferran Park is a decently sized park that everyone will love. By living in Eustis, you will want to come to this park as often as possible. Bring a book and sit and read while relaxing under any of the shaded areas.

Eustis Historical Museum:

The Eustis Historical Museum which is also known as The Clifford House has a wide variety of knowledge and facts. The Clifford House is welcome to anyone in the public. You can schedule tours here or you can come and attend any of the exciting events that this museum hosts throughout the year. During your visit to this museum, you can see the many different artifacts, pictures from history, and learn a lot about Eustis that you might not have known before. There were three different generations of the Clifford family that lived in the museum before the descendants decided to make it the official Eustis Historical Museum. The Clifford House also has an exhibit called “The Laundry Room.” Guests of the museum will be able to experience a replica of a 1900’s laundry room. The Eustis Historical Museum can also be used for public gatherings like weddings or other gatherings. Keep in mind that this museum is only open from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. every Friday and Saturday of the month minus Holidays. Group tours are also available by appointment.

Lake Eustis:

Located in the Downtown Eustis area is Lake Eustis. Lake Eustis covers about 7,000 beautiful acres. This lake is connected to the Harris Chain of Lakes and the St. John’s River. Many people visit the Eustis area to check out the gorgeous Lake Eustis. Bring your fishing poles when visiting Lake Eustis to see what you can catch in the sparkling lake water!

Peddler’s Wagon:

Stop by the local Peddler’s Wagon in Eustis Florida. This little shop is a home goods store that you will absolutely love. The Peddler’s Wagon located in Eustis is a well-loved shop by everyone in the area. Peddler’s is a family-owned company. Check out all of the amazing home decor and products available for all customers at Peddler’s Wagon in Eustis. Whenever you’re exploring the Eustis area, you’ll have to stop by Peddler’s whether it’s just to browse or to find some incredible merchandise.

Restaurants In The Eustis Area:

Check out all of the amazing restaurants in the Eustis area. For instance, you can try out the Aloy Dee Thai Cuisine for amazing Thai food! This location is open for dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery. Tuesdays through Saturday, this location is open from 11 A.M. until 9 or 9:30 P.M. Aloy Dee Thai is closed on Sundays and only open from 3 until 9 P.M. on Mondays. Another restaurant located in Eustis includes The Crazy Gator for amazing seafood options. This restaurant is located lakeside with patio seating and a welcoming atmosphere. Some of the other restaurants around this area include Oyster Troff, Oakwood Smokehouse & Grill, CJ’s Seafood Company and so many others!

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Shopping In Eustis Florida:

Take your next shopping trip in the beautiful Eustis area. Find all the best places to shop and explore! Some of the more popular places located in Eustis include places like the Eustis Square Shopping Center, Wildwood Antique Mall of Eustis, the Eustis Village for a variety of shops to check out. Eustis has plenty of other stores to visit including Bealls along with the Bealls Outlet right nearby, and a Kohl’s. Plus enjoy visiting so many other great places to shop throughout this gorgeous Central Florida area.

Desserts And Sweet Shops In Eustis:

Visit all of the great dessert shops and places located throughout Eustis for an amazing sweet treat! Lakeside Skoop is the perfect place to order your favorite ice cream treat. Lakeside Skoop is open for dine-in and take-out. Order a milkshake, an ice cream cone, banana splits or soda floats at Lakeside Skoop. Can’t Top This in Eustis is the perfect place for frozen yogurt, smoothies, and bubble tea. Customers love the fun and inviting atmosphere of this local sweet shop!

Gym and Fitness Centers Near Eustis:

Keep an active and healthy lifestyle while living or being in Eustis. Some of the locations that you can look into owning a membership at include places like Planet Fitness, Fitness CF, and Anytime Fitness. Check the hours at each of these locations to see which gym and what hours work best with or accommodate your schedule.

Schools In Or Nearby The Area:

There is plenty of great schools in and around the Eustis area! Some of the schools that you can check out includes the Eustis Heights Elementary School, Eustis Elementary School, Eustis High School, Eustis Middle School, and so many other amazing schools that you’ll enjoy having so close by!

Doctors, Dentists, and Pediatricians:

Eustis is home to a lot of friendly and trustworthy doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, and pediatricians. Choose your favorite place by checking out some of the offices in the area. Take a look around at Lake Primary Care Associates, Community Primary Health Clinic, and finally Family Care on Eustis Square. A few dentists around this area of town are offices like Jackson Dentistry, Greenberg Dental and Orthodontics, Brignol Dental and Orthodontics, Mid Florida Pediatric Dentistry, Tri Dental, Eustis Family Dental Spa, Central Florida Orthodontic Specialists, St. Luke Free Medical and Dental Clinic, and more. A few great pediatric places in the area that you can check out are places like Lake Pediatrics, Excel Pediatrics and Family Care, Pediatric Associates of Lake County and a couple more.

Venues in Eustis Florida:

Looking to have a celebration somewhere in the Eustis area? Check out all of the great venues in the area. One of the venues in the area that are perfect for weddings, and other special events is the Mieluz grand hall! Plan your next event at this gorgeous venue. Another venue that is often used located in Eustis is The Little Wedding Chapel – The Chapel Of Love. This wedding chapel is the perfect place for small and intimate weddings. The Little Wedding Chapel offers a variety of packages so that clients can pick which package works best for their celebration.

Hotels In Or Near Eustis:

Check out all of the great hotels located throughout the Eustis area. Some of the hotels that are available for guests to stay or hotels to recommend are places like Comfort Inn and Suites, Quality Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn, and so many other great places that will be the perfect fit for you or visitors that are coming by to spend vacation days in the wonderful, sunny Central Florida area.

The Historic State Theatre:

A fun attraction in the Eustis area is visiting the Historic State Theatre. Visit this theatre to see live shows and performances. This theatre actually performs five Broadway shows per year. You won’t want to miss out on attending one of their spectacular shows. This theatre has comfortable seating and is a great place for everyone in the community to gather together.

Black Bear Golf Club:

In Eustis, you can practice your swing on the beautiful greenery at the Black Bear Golf Club. The clubhouse at this golf club gives off a cabin vibe. It wouldn’t be a golf course without the ability to rent one of their golf carts to use to travel along. This course is designed to challenge its participants but will result in a great place to just come and have fun.

The Hidden Waters Preserve:

Located in Eustis Florida is the Hidden Waters Preserve. This wildlife preserve is secluded, which will make you feel relaxed whenever you visit this area. Clear your mind and enjoy the view at the hiking trail that’s located here. See a variety of different wildlife throughout this preserve. After checking out The Hidden Waters Preserve, you might also want to check out a couple of different nature preserves in the Eustis area like the Lake May Reserve. The Lake May Reserve area has hiking trails and wildlife.

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