family of four standing in their new front yard



Congratulations to another one of our amazing agents, Lauren Miller! See how she was able to help Matt and Jen find their first home:

“Congratulations to Matt & Jen Starchak on their home purchase! After moving from Virgie, it’s been apartment life since. Now they can finally spread out and establish roots in their new home. And the twin boys will LOVE the space to run and play, and the pond behind the house to fish a little. 🎣 I knew we’d be friends from the first time we met, Jen brought me sanitizer and cookies! 🍪 I can’t wait to watch the next chapter for you two and the boys!

We were able to negotiate a credit from the seller as well and appraising slightly above our contract price! A little instant equity never hurts! Thank you so much to Caleb Corsair and his team at Home 1st, as well as Sarah Zack for making sure we kept all details in order. I appreciate you!” 💕

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