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Best Places to take Photos in Central Florida

Find the Best Places in Central Florida to take Photos

Central Florida has a lot of amazing great locations to take pictures. Take engagements photos, wedding pictures, family pictures and more at so many beautiful locations near your home. The areas of Central Florida to take pictures has plenty of wonderful scenery. This will give your photos that unique look that you and everyone who sees them will love.

Dickson Azalea Park:

The Orlando area has a gorgeous park to take plenty of photos in. Dickson Azalea Park has a stunning outdoor atmosphere. This park has a lot of areas where the sun will hit just right giving your photo that look that you are aiming for. Another great reason to visit this park to take your photos is because of the bridges at this location. Take engagement photos, senior pictures, or any other photos within Dickson Azalea Park.

Blue Jacket Park:

Another park in Orlando that has a large number of beautiful photo opportunities is at Blue Jacket Park. Take romantic photos with your significant other in front of the elegant water fountain at this park. Walk along the bridge and find the perfect spot to stop and strike a pose. Blue Jacket Park also has shaded areas to take a lot of great photos without the Florida sun getting too much in the way. This park has a lot of gorgeous spots that will be perfect for a wide variety of photos.

Murals in Downtown Orlando:

Walk around the Downtown Orlando area to find all the colorful murals throughout this beautiful Central Florida area. There are many unique murals that you will have the opportunity to take a picture in front of. For instance, some of the murals in Orlando have the word ‘Orlando’ written on them. Visitors looking for that perfect wall for their picture can choose from others like butterfly wings, flowers, and an abundance of other images.

Lake Eola:

One of the most popular lakes in Central Florida is Lake Eola. Downtown Orlando is home to this lake and park. Many photo opportunities await guests who visit Lake Eola. Take photos at this lake with the beautiful city of Orlando in the background. Have a seat by the lake and get your photo in front of the gorgeous Lake Eola. Pictures taken at this park will come out amazing.

Downtown Winter Park:

Visit the Downtown Winter Park area to take some gorgeous photos in many different spots. The landscape in this area is always beautifully taken care of. Downtown Winter Park has a lot of great spots where you can take beautiful photos. Dress up or dress casually for any type of pictures that you desire. Find the beautifully structured buildings to stand in front of or take photos within the park.

Gemini Springs:

DeBary Florida has the wonderful Gemini Springs. This location is perfect to take pictures. Spend time with your family searching for all the great spots around Gemini Springs for your best photos. Take your best outdoor photos at Gemini Springs. At Gemini Springs, you will find that it is one of the best places to take great outdoor photos, no matter what the occasion may be.

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Baldwin park:

Check out another popular place in Orlando, Baldwin Park to take all your best photos. Not only will guests love the atmosphere of the park, but there is a lot of great shaded areas. Walk around this park to find just the right place for your photos. There is a lake which will look great in your pictures or sit on the green grass to make your photos pop.

Old-Town Kissimmee:

A different place to take some unique photos is in Kissimmee. Old-Town Kissimmee is a lovely spot, especially at night to take photos with loved ones or of even just yourself. Old-Town Kissimmee sounds exactly like what it is. If you are going for that retro look, then Old-Town is a great area to take your photos. You will love taking your photos at night because of the glow that the lights within this area give off. Take your photos in front of the Ferris wheel at Old-Town or take some in front of the classic cars that are on display at this location.

Downtown Sanford:

For more of a historic atmosphere to your photos, then you will want to visit the Downtown Sanford area. Walk around this area of town by the thrift shops, the brick walls that make the perfect background, and of course head over to the lake. Downtown Sanford is a big area with a lot of room to take a wide variety of different photos. Many come to this area of Central Florida for senior pictures and family photos.

College Campus:

Looking for a place to take your best graduation pictures? Look no further, if you are a student at the University of Central Florida or even at Rollins College, then you can take photos at either campus! This is the perfect place to get your photos done. Stand in front of the reflection pond at UCF holding your decorated cap. Dress in your cap and gown at Rollins for that amazing graduation photo. People don’t just use these college campus’ for graduation photos, but some photographers will even use these gorgeous campus’ for engagement photos and other miscellaneous photos.

Wall Crawl Orlando:

The new fun spot to take pictures in Orlando is at Wall Crawl Orlando. This venue is designed specifically for people to come and take photos in front of various painted walls. People from the Central Florida area have spent time painting each of these amazing walls. Bring friends and take photos to display in your home or photos for your Instagram. At Wall Crawl Orlando, if you happen to come alone, then they have photographers ready to take pictures for you.

Downtown Lake Mary:

Take photos at the quaint park in Lake Mary. There is plenty of outdoor space for the perfect picture with great lighting. This downtown park is also known as Central Park. Residents love spending time at this park and many use this area to take gorgeous prom pictures. Stroll around the park to find the Lake Mary murals. Many also come to this park to take pictures in front of the murals which include palm trees, angel wings, and balloons.

Walt Disney World:

Some people in Central Florida want the best of the best photos and choose to visit Walt Disney World to take gorgeous photos. For example, many people plan a photographer to take proposal pictures in front of the castle either during the day or at night. As it turns out, many people also like visiting Walt Disney World for their pictures because of the colored walls. Taking photos at Walt Disney World will be a magical experience.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk:

Right on Daytona Beach is the Daytona Beach Boardwalk. Of course, people enjoy visiting the beach and some of the best photos come from the beach. At the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, people have the opportunity to take photos on the boardwalk and in front of the carnival-inspired rides. The Daytona Beach Boardwalk will look amazing in the daylight or even at night. There are endless photo opportunities at this location.

Disney Springs:

Disney can sometimes be an expensive location for just taking photos. However, instead of going to Walt Disney World, people also have the option to take a plethora of photos at Disney Springs. There is a lot of great stores at the springs and of course a few of the springs!

Cypress Grove Park:

One of the best parts of being able to take photos at Cypress Grove Park is that there are many renovated estate houses that people will be able to pose in front of or around. The landscape at this park is well-taken care of making your pictures look clean and polished.

Leu Gardens:

Make your photos into a fairytale at Leu Gardens. The exquisite views at this Orlando location will make all of your photos feel enchanting. There is an endless amount of forest, trees, and gardens with flowers that will look gorgeous in any photos that you plan on taking. Often times, people will take wedding photos and engagement photos at Leu Gardens because of the whimsical feeling that it has to offer.

Mead Botanical Garden:

Another area in Winter Park that will be perfect for any photos that you want to take is the Mead Botanical Garden. This garden is basically a beautiful garden that will look stunning in all your photos. Mead Botanical Garden has such a lovely outdoor atmosphere that you will want to take photos at this location for numerous occasions!

Take Photos in many areas of Central Florida!

No matter where you live in the Central Florida area, there will be plenty of great locations to take pictures. Walk a short distance to take beautiful photos. Depending on the type of photos that you want to capture, you might have to travel a short distance, but with all the lovely locations, it will be worth it.

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