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Aspen Glasshof

Executive Assistant

in partnership with Michele Moon

Cellphone: 407-729-3351

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Aspen is a shining beacon of energy that both agents and clients rely on for encouragement, support and assistance. After moving from her role as a client services associate, Aspen is well versed in communicating with clients, working with a wide array of agents, following transactions, and filling in all of the pieces that need to be filled.


Working in partnership with one of the teams leading listing agents as well, Michele Moon, Aspen is now the backbone of many of our high end transactions, across all of Central Florida.


When she isn’t on the road or assisting Michele with a transaction or a client, Aspen is likely working on another project around the house or in the yard, or simply enjoying anything outdoors, especially the beach!

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Get To Know Aspen

Happy couple standing in front of their new home


Have you always lived in Central Florida? Where do you consider ‘home?’


I was born and raised in WI, lived in Canada, and moved to FL as an adult. I will always consider WI my home-I’m a Midwesterner through and through!


Where does your inspiration come from when it comes to selling real estate?


I am constantly inspired by our agents who go above and beyond for their clients. I am also always blown away by the staff who seem to know SO many different things and are constantly making things happen!

Man standing in front of his new home purchase
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What are your favorite things about living in Central Florida?


I love the vacation vibe and the SUN!!!!!! The beach isn’t bad, either!

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What are your hobbies outside of doing real estate?


I love to repaint/remodel my house. I LOVE yard work/landscaping. Anything outdoors makes me happy.

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What are some aspects of real estate that you have learned that have surprised you about real estate?


I never realized how 24/7 this position is and how much work the agents and staff do behind the curtain to pull off their sales and purchases.


What, if anything, would you want your future clients to know about you?


I would like everyone that I work with to know that I am ALWAYS coming from a place of wanting to help and make life easier…even if it doesn’t always translate that way. I have best intentions at heart!

Man standing in front of his new home purchase


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Aspen Glasshof
Executive Assistant, Wemert Group Realty