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Kristy Krockmeyer

Kristy Krockmeyer

Licensed Realtor®

CELL PHONE:  925-275-5308

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Kristy Krockmeyer is a dedicated REALTOR® and valuable member of the Wemert Group Realty family. Kristy currently lives in Winter Park, FL and has lived in Central Florida for almost her entire life. She was raised in Oviedo, FL and has a unique understanding of the Greater Orlando area which she loves serving. Valuing the bond of family, Kristy treats her clients like her own family members. She provides warmth, trust, and guidance to help them reach their real estate goals. Kristy is not only a passionate mother to two little girls but is also deeply committed to her profession.

As a member of a knowledgeable, multi-award-winning, and top-producing team, Kristy has access to valuable resources and expertise. This ensures every aspect of the process is handled correctly, giving her clients peace of mind from start to finish. Kristy’s commitment to excellence consistently surpasses expectations.

When she’s not showing homes and negotiating deals, Kristy enjoys spending time with loved ones, attending sporting events, exploring theme parks, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and discovering local treasures.

Kristy’s passion for real estate, family, and Central Florida shines through her work. As a trustworthy REALTOR®, she guides clients with care and attention, ensuring their real estate journey is as smooth as possible. With her dedication, resources, and commitment to client satisfaction, Kristy is an ideal partner for achieving your real estate goals!



GET TO KNOW Kristy Krockmeyer

Q: Have you always live in the Central Florida area? Where do you consider to be ‘home’?

A: Central Florida is home! I have lived here since before my earliest memories. Grew up in Oviedo and went to UCF for college. During the end of college, and the years following, I lived in Downtown Orlando before briefly moving to Austin, TX. I spent a little over a year there before Orlando called me home and I moved back Downtown before buying my current home in Winter Park.

Q: What are some things that you have learned and that surprised you about real estate after becoming an agent?

A: Going into it I thought, “I get to meet new people and look at pretty homes 24/7” and that was how my day-to-day was going to be! It is so much more and in a good way! I had to learn how to dissect contracts and become fluent with the language. I had to learn to look past the fresh coat of paint and pay attention to what’s inside of the walls. I’m studying the housing market daily to get top value for our sellers while protecting our buyers, and we had to master marketing a family’s home that reflects how proud they were to live there and also attract another family to want to purchase it. It was surprising how much more really happens behind the scenes that I didn’t think of before becoming an agent. I make it my mission to always be learning something new every day so I can better serve the people I work with.

Q: How has your personal life blended into your life as an Agent in a positive way?

A: Real Estate is more than a profession for our family, it’s a lifestyle! Prior to becoming an agent myself, seeing homes was one of my favorite hobbies! Being in Real Estate has given our family the flexibility to do what we love without missing the major moments. It’s a 24/7 gig and we love it!

Q: Where does your inspiration come from when it comes to selling real estate?

A: People, people, people. A home isn’t a home without a family; it’s just a house. It’s the people inside the house that make it a home! That might sound cheesy, but that’s what we truly believe. We cherish all of our differences and individuality, different backgrounds, different thought-processes, etc. We value getting to know people for who they really are, learning what’s important to them, and partnering with them to turn their vision of what a home should be into reality is the most inspirational part of selling real estate for us!

Q: What are your hobbies outside of real estate?

A: Our two little girls are our favorite hobby!!! We are big music lovers and love to go to concerts and festivals. We’re huge foodies, so if there’s a new restaurant, we’ll be there. We’re also big Miami Dolphins & UCF fans, so we try to go to the games whenever we can! Lastly, we may or may not have a small Disney obsession!

Q: What, if anything, would you want your future clients to know about you?

A: I am an incredibly positive person and consider myself to have uplifting energy, but sometimes that holds people back from telling me the things that aren’t so positive. You are my top priority. I value honesty and open- communication above all else! You won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me you don’t like something or feel frustrated. I would want you to tell me right away so I can correct the course! I sell real estate, but I am not a “salesman” by nature. I want you to know in your heart this is the best home for you and your family, so don’t be afraid to speak up if I missed the mark or if there’s something I can do better. Please keep in mind, when I’m trying to find you the perfect home, every “no” is getting me closer to finding that “YES!” as I learn your needs and preferences!

Q: Do you have any other skill sets from your past that transferred well to Real Estate?

A: YES! I have a strong background in customer and client service! Previous roles have allowed me to polish my negotiation, problem-solving, and de-escalation skills allowing me to have a great set of soft skills while advocating for my clients. In addition to that, I have spent 16+ years learning, studying, and practicing American Sign Language (ASL). While I am not a certified interpreter, I have a wonderful understanding of the Deaf community, its beautiful culture, and language. I am a passionate advocate for bridging the Deaf and hearing worlds.


    Eric with Wemert group realty is the best! He treats you like family and we never felt pressured to buy. He helps you find the perfect home for your family. He is friendly funny and realistic. He understands what a difficult time it can be to buy right now and walked us through the whole process! We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


    Michele and Eric were awesome. Super professional, knowledgeable and patient. Were always available. 100% recommended.

    Michelle Casanova

    Working with Eric and Adriana at the Wemert Group was such a great experience!!! With their help, we found our dream home. Eric was so responsive and helpful - he would literally drop everything to make a showing - and when it was time to make an offer (which we did about 6 times!) he was responsive and super helpful. Once we had our offer accepted, Adriana stepped in to assist with the paperwork and made sure our deadlines were met. All around - a great home buying experience!!!

    Chris Dayss

    We absolutely had the best experience working with this group. Our agent Eric Krockmeyer was phenomenal. Never have we had someone work so hard to meet our needs. We would recommend him to anyone and would definitely use him in the future.

    Jason Valenzuela

    "Eric was awesome! I was a first-time home buyer and he guided me through the entire process of eventually closing on my first home. If you are looking for an agent that can get the job done in an efficient and timely manner, he is your guy."

    "I couldn’t have asked for a better realty group! My realtor was Eric Krockmeyer, he is honestly the best realtor out there! When I was having trouble with my lender, not only Eric, but the whole team at Wemert Group Realty was working tirelessly to get me into my home! They have a realtor to fit everyone’s needs. They have a great network and are very professional. You will not be disappointed with this group and you will love the end result whether it’s your new home or closing a chapter on your old one. Thank you Wemert Group Realty for all your help in getting me and my family into our new home!"


    "Everybody was very professional but also treated me like they’ve known me all their lives, especially the realtor Eric. He has a great personality and an awesome sense of humor! This is what you really need when you are purchasing a home as there is always some type of stress that you have to deal with especially at the end of the purchase. I would definitely recommend this group of people that helped me pull the rabbit out of the hat at the final stretch to get this house!"


Kristy Krockmeyer

Realtor®, Wemert Group Realty