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Taco Restaurants in Central Florida

Taco Restaurants in Central Florida

There are so many amazing taco restaurants in the Central Florida area. Visit any of the local Mexican restaurants to try some of their tasty tacos. Gather together at any of the restaurants and enjoy eating and socializing with one another.


Tijuana Flats:

Located in multiple areas of Central Florida is the popular Mexican restaurant, Tijuana Flats. Choose from beef or chicken tacos and pick any other toppings that your heart desires to go in your tacos. Tijuana Flats makes sure that their tacos, as well as their other items, are made completely fresh. Ordering tacos at Tijuana Flats, you will also be able to get a side of chips to go along with your meal!


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Moe’s Southwest Grill:

Central Florida also has many Moe’s Southwest Grill locations that Central Florida residents will have the ability to visit. Go to a Moe’s near your home and pick up their three amigos tacos. While ordering at Moe’s, you will have the ability to watch them make your tacos right in front of you. Customers can pick whichever toppings are offered at Moe’s.




Within Orlando, Florida area is the very popular Chipotle restaurant. Choose from either one, two, or even three tacos on the Chipotle menu. Chipotle also offers crispy or flour tortillas to eat with the other taco toppings. At Chipotle, they make sure that there are plenty of options on what ingredients to choose from to add to your tacos.


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:

Visit another amazing Mexican restaurant, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in the Orlando area. Download the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop app to earn rewards and get points. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has a wide variety of tacos to choose from. For example, customers can order veggie tacos, shrimp tacos, and plenty more! Don’t just settle for the tacos, but try all the other items on the menu as well.

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Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant:

Lake Mary and Orlando are both areas in Central Florida that have a Don Julio’s Mexican restaurant. Don Julio’s Mexican restaurant has a great atmosphere, especially for large parties. Check out the weekly specials to enjoy trying out something different during each visit. Order tacos as well as soups and salads.


Black Rooster Taqueria:

Another amazing taco restaurant to visit in the Central Florida area is Black Rooster Taqueria. The Black Rooster Taqueria is owned by a husband and wife. If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant with fresh and authentic food, then the Black Rooster Taqueria will be the perfect place to visit. You will love the vibe and atmosphere of this restaurant.


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El Potro Mexican Restaurant:

Winter Park has an amazing Mexican restaurant to try out. El Potro Mexican Restaurant has delicious tacos. At El Potro, guests have the ability to view the menu online and then call to order. Another great part about the El Potro Mexican restaurant is that it has a lunch buffet. Find the El Potro closest to your home and check out which days and what times offer the lunch and dinner buffets.


La Fiesta Mexican Grill:

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant that is wonderful to visit and the perfect location to cater to your party, then you will love having access to La Fiesta Mexican Grill. La Fiesta Mexican Grill does everything that they can to provide excellent tacos as well as tasty tacos and other Mexican dishes.

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Habaneros Mexican Grill:

Oviedo, Winter Park, and Orlando all have Habaneros Mexican Grill. Not only does Habaneros have many tacos to choose from, but you can also pair a refreshing drink to go along with your meal. People love being able to order tacos that this friendly Mexican restaurant.


El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant:

Gather together with some friends at the El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant in the Winter Park area. This Mexican restaurant has such amazing food that will make you want to visit El Pueblo as often as you can.


La Gordita Loca Mexican Restaurant:

Check out La Gordita Loca Mexican Restaurant in Orlando. People can visit this restaurant daily from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. but they are closed on Sundays. La Gordita Loca Mexican Restaurant has so many special offers and discounts that are offered to all customers. However, people love the tacos that are offered on their menu.


Hunger Street Tacos:

The authentic Mexican restaurant in the Central Florida area is Hunger Street Tacos. Hunger Street Tacos even has a brunch menu for those customers that just love their Mexican food at any time of the day. At Hunger Street Tacos, they make sure that all customers who visit are experiencing and celebrating Mexican culture and art during their visit.

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Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar:

People in the Central Florida area also enjoy visiting Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar to get their favorite tacos. Lunch, dinner, happy hour, and desserts are all available at this location. Book one of your events at this location for a great space with plenty of great food! The atmosphere of this location is absolutely stunning.


Gringos Locos:

The Gringos Locos restaurant can be found in a couple of places in Orlando. For instance, there is a Gringos Locos located in the UCF area. This location is great because of how clean and welcoming this restaurant is. Gringos Locos is known for their delicious tacos and has won for best tacos in the Orlando Weekly for several years in a row.



Located in the Waterford Lakes area is Chuy’s Tex-Mex. Chuy’s is a Mexican restaurant that believes in giving back to the community. The founders of Chuy’s has decided that each Chuy’s location will partner with a local charity. While you enjoy a delicious Chuy’s taco, you will also know that you are taking part in making a difference in your community.


Del Taco:

There is something that everyone will love at Del Taco. For instance, not only will you be able to enjoy their tasty tacos, but you can also try their burritos, handcrafted salads, as well as many other items. Del Taco is affordable and has an allergy guide making it easy for others with allergies to order. Visit Del Taco to find out what their amazing specials are that day or week.


Rookie’s Cantina:

A popular Mexican restaurant in Longwood is Rookie’s Cantina. The Rookie restaurant is spacious making it easy for this restaurant to have a large number of people. Try out the delicious tacos at Rookie’s and enjoy eating them while socializing with friends or family. Rookie’s has a friendly atmosphere with a well-kept environment. Rookie’s makes sure that everyone’s dining experience is pleasurable.

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Tin and Taco:

In Downtown Orlando is the amazing Tin and Taco restaurant. This taco restaurant has amazing craft tacos, craft soda, and craft beer to pair with your tacos. Tin and Taco has a modern style atmosphere for when customers visit and get their tacos. At this Downtown Orlando Mexican restaurant, they do their best to ensure that all of their customers are well taken care of.


Wako Taco:

Many people in the Central Florida area love being able to visit the fun and exciting Wako Taco Restaurant. There is plenty of items to choose from on the Wako Taco menu. Of course, people love ordering tacos at this location because of the wide variety of options available on their menu.


San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant:

Clermont has an amazing Mexican restaurant to eat tacos at. San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant has everything from tacos to quesadillas and so much more. Customers also love eating at San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant because of all of their wonderful specialty drinks. If you don’t live in the Clermont area, but would love having the ability to visit San Jose’s, then you can also visit one in Altamonte, Ocoee, and Winter Garden.

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Taco Norteno:

Another amazing place to eat a wonderful taco is at Taco Norteno. So many people rave about their amazing experience at Taco Norteno. Central Florida residents love being able to try out the delicious tacos offered at this restaurant. Visit as much as you can and bring friends along with you, so that others will have the ability to try the Taco Norteno tacos.


Tacos My Guey:

Being able to eat tacos at Tacos My Guey is an amazing experience. The unique menu is what makes the experience at Tacos My Guey so great. At Tacos My Guey, the overall atmosphere is laid back which will make anyone’s experience enjoyable.

Guacamole Mexican Restaurant:

Visit the beautiful Mexican Restaurant in the Orlando area. Guacamole Mexican Restaurant has some of the best, inexpensive tacos for all Central Florida residents to enjoy! Choose to sit either inside or outside on the breezy patio while enjoying a taco or the choice of your favorite Mexican dish!

Find the Best Taco Restaurant in Central Florida!

Visit as many taco restaurants as you can in the Central Florida area. You will find that there are many different types of tacos to try out at each of these wonderful restaurants. Order your favorite type of taco at any of the taco restaurants near your home. Find your favorite taco restaurant and visit it anytime that you would like during the week!


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