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Lake Eola: Dreaming of being able to experience the lifestyle you deserve?


Lake Eola Park is considered as one of Orlando’s top ‘natural’ playgrounds. We are your one-stop shop for EVERY property for sale near Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida.

A great downtown spot for picnics, exercise, paddle-boating or just a quick escape from the nearby high-rises. The 23 acre site is located off East Washington Street. The park features a sidewalk that circles the lake is .9 miles in length, making it easy for visitors to keep track of their walking or running distances. Other activities available to park visitors include renting swan-shaped paddle boats, feeding the live swans and other birds inhabiting the park, seeing a concert or a play in the Walt Disney Amphitheater, grabbing a bite to eat at Relax Grill on or relaxing amid beautiful flower beds and a spectacular view of Orlando’s skyline.


The park remains an unchanging emblem of Downtown Orlando. It is surrounded by the dining and shopping of Thornton Park, South Eola District and the Central Business District. Lake Eola is truly the center of the downtown life. The majestic fountain and graceful swan boats make Lake Eola a one of a kind amenity to the area.

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