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Community Spotlight – SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Highlights

One of the most well known and most exciting theme parks in the Central Florida area is the beautiful SeaWorld Orlando theme park. There are so many great rides, entertaining shows, delicious food to eat, and plenty of other fun things to do at this park. You and your family will also be able to check out SeaWorld’s water park and the very popular Discovery Cove. You will be able to enjoy coming here anytime of the year with an all year pass or a one day ticket.



After spending time at SeaWorld Orlando, you will definitely want to take a visit to SeaWorld’s very own water park known as Aquatica. This isn’t just a water park, but it’s a water park where you will get to experience fun water rides, close encounters with sea animals, and entertaining shows. You and your family will absolutely love spending a hot summer day cooling off at this great water park. You will have the ability to rent one of the many shady cabanas and spend time relaxing with family or friends. This special rental area also allows for a cabana host to bring you your meal of choice. Another relaxing spot at the Aquatica theme park is the Wave Pool Loungers area. This designated area is on the sandy beach section directly in front of the exciting wave colorful water slidespools. You won’t want to miss out on all the fun opportunities that this water park has to offer their guests. For instance, you will want to visit all of the fun pools and thrilling water slides. The Ray Rush happens to be the newest water slide that the park has to offer. Take time to experience the Dolphin Plunge. This attraction is where you can race through tubes with an underwater view of some gorgeous black and white dolphins. Another ride that you will have to be brave to try out is the IHU’S Breakaway Falls. This multi drop tower will have your heart racing with adrenaline! The best part of this thrilling ride is not knowing which side is going to drop down first. Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is the perfect place that any kid will enjoy. Kids can enjoy the water spouts, a small slide, and fun rides just their size.


Enjoy some time relaxing while still enjoying being in the water in the Loggerhead Lane area of Aquatica. Sit in the raft as the current takes you through to see all the magnificent and unique fish. Try something a little bit more up to speed at the Omaka Rocka water slide. During this water ride, you will be able to slide down different tunnels while gripping onto your tubes. The Roa’s Rapids ride allows you to race through one of Aquatica’s rivers at an exciting speed. Tassie’s Twisters will have you twisting around like crazy on this fun ride. You’ll go from laid back to being shot through a tube into a circular area that spins you around until finally you’re brought back down into the lazy river area. What’s a water park without a water mat ride? Try out the Taumata Racer. Eight guests area able to race down this water slide, but you’ll want to be careful because you get to experience this race going head first into the water! A couple of other water rides at this park is Whanau Way and Walhalla Wave. Another great area for the kids within this water park is the Walkabout Waters. This colorful area is basically a fun filled playground area that involves just the right amount of water for all the kids to play in. A day filled with so much excitement and being in the sun will make anyone hungry. You will have the option to do the all-day dining experience at Aquatica. This includes a drink, your meal, and either a side or dessert at least once an hour. If you prefer to eat somewhere else during your park visit, you can choose between the Banana Beach Cookout, the Mango Market, or the Waterstone Grill. Of course after such a fun filled day, you will want to have the ability to get a souvenir to remember this experience. You can check out any of the gift shops located inside the water park. For instance, you could either get your souvenir from Adaptations or Kiwi Traders.


Discovery Cove:

SeaWorld Orlando is also known for owning another exciting theme park known to the community as Discovery Cove. This amazing attraction is unlike any other experience. Discovery Cove is most known for the very popular Dolphin Lagoon. At Dolphin Lagoon, you will get to learn all about dolphins and their behavior. Not only will you be able to learn about them, but you will have discovery covethe chance to get up close and personal to the dolphins within this beautiful and well maintained lagoon. This attraction allows each of its guests about a thirty minute time period to swim with the dolphins. Of course you will also have a well-educated trainer helping you out along the way! The Freshwater Oasis Experience will make for some fun memories. You will get to see otter and marmosets up close and personal during this interactive experience. There is also a rainforest canopy above the clear springs. Another adventure within Discovery Cove is the Grand Reef. This area allows its guests to snorkel through the coral reef alongside so many unique fish. This will be an experience that you will never forget. Maybe you happen to be feeling extremely adventurous and instead of swimming with dolphins, you want to have the ability to swim with the sharks. Lucky for you, Discovery Cove gives their guests the option to do just that! You will learn a little bit more about different sharks and then you can swim right next to certain sharks within the water. Visit the SeaVenture part of Discovery Cove. This is basically an underwater walk through tour of the underwater area. Step down into the coral reef floor and experience many different sea creatures up close and personal. This walk through is about a full forty five minutes long with a trainer alongside guiding you and filling you in on interesting facts as well as answering any questions. Discovery Cove also does not let their guests go hungry during their visit. You will have the ability to enjoy unlimited amount of food and drinks all day long. Just like at any other theme park, Discovery Cove gives any visitors options to buy any souvenirs or gifts at the gift shop. You will have a blast visiting here and will definitely want to come back and bring friends along as well.


SeaWorld Orlando’s Rides:

Something that everyone loves about SeaWorld Orlando is their ocean or sea creature themed rides throughout the Park. For example, work up the courage to ride on Manta. This unique roller coaster lets you soar through the sky from a Manta’s point of view. You’re securely fastened into a seat and right before the ride starts you move face down and you face the ground while soaring through the ride. After you get off this thrilling ride, you can take a walk through of the little Manta aquarium. While you’re still feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins, head on over to ride on one of SeaWorld’s classic rides, the Kraken roller coaster. This floorless roller coaster goes up to sixty five miles per hour. Recently Kraken was renamed the Kraken Unleashed after it wasseaworld refurbished and the virtual reality option became included in the Kraken experience. Another fun ride close by in the park is the ride known as Journey to Atlantis. You could possibly get wet riding on this ride. You will be taken through a dark journey in the beginning and then soon you will be dropped into the outside splashing down along the way and then this will take you on a quick little roller coaster ride right before you get off. One of SeaWorld’s newest rides that you can experience while visiting this amusement park is the roller coaster known as Mako. This is considered one of Orlando’s tallest and fastest roller coasters within the state of Florida. Mako happens to be named after one of the ocean’s fastest sharks. You will love the speed of this roller coaster and the twists and turns that you will experience while riding on this roller coaster. A few other rides that you will enjoy that aren’t as scary throughout this park are rides like Wild Artic where you’re in a motion simulator. You will feel like you’re flying high in the sky in a helicopter. After getting off this fun experience, you will get to walk through the animal exhibit and see beluga whales, walruses, seals, and other creatures. After experiencing the Wild Artic head on over to another attraction within the park. You will love riding on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. This amusement ride takes you through the journey of a penguin. The whole family can enjoy this great ride and then immediately after you get off the ride, you will get to see all the penguins up close and personal in their natural habitat including the very cold climate that they live in. You can also witness a fun 3D adventure at the Turtle Trek attraction. This attraction lets you see many different sea turtles before you get to watch the 3D movie all about a sea turtles life within the big blue ocean.


SeaWorld’s Happy Harbor:

Your kids will love being able to experience the Happy Harbor Kid Rides and Play Area. This fun happy harbor has rides friendly for any kids. For instance, take your kids on a ride on the shamu express which is a great little roller coaster that the kids are going to love. Other rides within this section of the park are rides like the Flying Fiddler, Ocean Commotion, the Sea Carousel, and an exciting play area that the kids can freely run around in.


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Dining within the Park:

There are plenty of delicious places to eat throughout the park. For instance, you can have the option to eat at places like the Up Close Dining at Shamu Stadium where you can dine while also being up close and personal to the shamu stadium. Another delicious place to eat within the park is the new Flamecraft Bar. Another option similar that you can also enjoy is the Seafire Grill. Some casual options in the park consists of places like Mango Joe’s, Seaport Pizza, the Spice Mill, Voyagers Smokehouse, the Expedition Café, Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen, and Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs. A couple of other fun and exciting dining options is the Shark’s Underwater Grill and Breakfast with Elmo.


SeaWorld’s Entertaining Shows:

This Central Florida theme park is known for all of their great shows. When arriving at the park, grab a map to check for show times of all the different shows so that you can have the opportunity to check out all of them. For instance, you will want to check out the comedy show called Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High. This show focuses on two sea lions and their funny interaction with the audience as well as their adventure in Sea Lion High. Another entertaining animal show that you can see is Pet’s Ahoy. This pet show has all different pets show off their special talents to the audience members. You will love being able to see the rescued dogs, cats, birds, and more show off what they’ve got. Experience a show based off of one of the sea’s friendliest creatures, Dolphin Days is a show all about dolphins and all the special tricks and exciting things that they can do. Of course the one show that you definitely will not want to miss out on seeing is the killer whale show called One Ocean. This show is a splash. Sit up close and risk the chances of getting wet by the killer whales or view the show from father away to see what these great talented whales can do. You will love seeing all the trainers so involved in the show and all the great talent everyone involved in the show has.


SeaWorld’s Gift Shops:

Being at SeaWorld is probably one of the best things, but being able to take a piece of this theme park home with you might be even better! SeaWorld Orlando has so many different gift shops to choose from that you will want to bring something home from each one. For example, get a turtle themed souvenir from the turtle trek gift shop called Trek Treasures, check out the SeaWorld Rescue shop to get any of their adorable rescue themed items. Some other gift shops to check out throughout the park are ones like the Guy Harvey Shop, Coconut Bay Traders, the Emporium Gift Shop, Exit Gifts, Fins Gifts, Flamingo Pointe, Glacial Collections, Golden Seahorse Gifts, Kraken Gifts, Oyster’s Secret, Shoppes at Waterfront, and Wild Artic Gifts. Any of these gift shops will have plenty of items that you will want to keep and hold onto forever.


SeaWorld Orlando is one of Central Florida’s most well-known theme parks. A day at this park will leave you wanting to come back again and again because of all the excitement, the fun rides, and the great shows. Not only are just able to visit the park itself, but you can also visit either of the other parks that SeaWorld owns and you will have just as much fun!


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