Community Spotlight – Butler Chain of Lakes

Butler Chain of Lakes

Windermere Florida is where you’re going to want to go to get to experience all the best Florida lakes. This is where you’ll want your home to be and you’ll also have plenty of entertainment and a variety of restaurant choices at the very popular place known as restaurant row. Butler chain of Lakes is surrounded by the most magnificent lakes in the state of Florida. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see all the beautiful parts of nature in this area of town. You’ll have a difficult time deciding which lake you’ll want to go see or visit because of how gorgeous and unique they all are. This is also the area you’ll want to find your forever home in with it being so close to the theme park part of Florida, most importantly with your home being just a car ride away from Disney World.


The Lakes and the Outdoor Atmosphere:

You’ll definitely want to see these blue lakes shine when the sun hits them just right. You’ll appreciate the way the lily pads float carelessly along each of the stunning lakes. The best part about this area is that you don’t have to just go and take a quick glance at them for a day, but that you can actually go out and enjoy this part of town every day. The houses here are what make the lakes even more beautiful than they already are. Butler Chain of Lakes also offers boat tours during different times of the day and at a couple of different lakes. You’ll be able to get the full experience of being in the wildlife and while actually being on each one of these breathtaking lakes. There’s so many different lakes in the Butler Chain of Lakes that it will be hard to pick just one to go and enjoy. You’ll have to eventually check out all of them. There are about twelve different lakes in this area to see.


Get your fishing poles ready. Lake Down is the lake where you’ll have plenty of opportunities here to spend a peaceful afternoon relaxing by the water waiting for the best catch of the day. There’s approximately eight hundred and seventy two acres to fish at here. This particular lake also offers grass beds throughout the lake. If you want to fish for a particular type of fish, like Bass. The lake that you’ll want to check out in the chain of lakes is Little Lake Down. Not only is this lake famous for all its bass, but this lake also offers grass beds like Lake Down does, but it also has hydrillas. One of the smaller lakes in this chain would probably be the Wauseon Bay. Along with the other two lakes, this lake also has grass beds. This particular lake also offers a section with a dock to enjoy playing in and out of the water. It also has a beautiful lily pad section that will give this lake a unique look.


The opposite lake of this one would be the fifty acre lake known as Lake Louise. This lake is a lot more narrow and longer than the other lakes around this area. If you’re looking to find which lake has the shallowest water, Lake Blanche will be the one that you’ll want to go to. The only way out of this lake is by going out through the canal to Lake Chase. If you want to see more of a nature based lake, Lake Isleworth is the one you’ll absolutely have to go out and see. This lake is in a circular shape with about ten acres on its canal. This is the area that will take you to all the other lakes through the canal. Lake Chase is close near the ramp on Lake Isleworth. At the end of Lake Chase is also attached to a golf course at the end of the lake. So after a relaxing day at this lake, you can enjoy some time swinging some golf clubs at the golf course. Lake Tidbit is the second largest lake. This lake actually offers several different docks as opposed to just one dock. Lake Sheen is also one of the smaller lakes in the area. This particular lake also has a hydrilla area and an area where the cypress trees are. The canal at this lake leads into Pocket Lake. Pocket Lake has about one hundred and twenty six acres and is more of a round shape. This lake offers a Mepps Minnow on one side of the lake. The other side of the lake that isn’t as well put together unfortunately has quite a few obstacles like sunken logs. Lastly, Fish Lake which is only about thirty acres. There’s also not as much to do at this particular lake. However this one does have an amazing view of lily pads as well. There’s also only a little bit of boat traffic at this fascinating lake. It’s possible to be able to experience all the lakes in one day if you feel the desire to. The easiest way to do this is looking into a kayak tour. They actually have a specific kayak tour that you can experience called “The Peace of Mind Kayak Tours.” If you’re big on fishing, sometimes this area will have fishing tournaments throughout different times of the year.


Dining in Restaurant Row:

After having some quality time with nature, it’s possible that you might get hungry for dinner. Travel on down to Sand Lake Road and head over to the popular Restaurant Row. Try out Flemings Prime Steakhouse Wine and bar to pair a juicy steak with sweet tasting glass of wine, try out the Ocean Prime restaurant where you can have the option of eating seafood, steaks, and a couple cocktails. Another option to enjoy some delicious seafood is at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. Restaurant Row also offers Rocco’s Taco’s if you love taco Tuesdays, they also offer Tequila Bar here to go right alongside your favorite kind of taco. Possibly make reservations at the fancy Italian restaurant here called Christini’s. You’ll really feel like you’re in Italy from all their delicious entrees and desserts. Try out Morton’s the steakhouse for a traditional steak. If steaks aren’t your thing and you’re in the mood for sushi, Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi is where you’ll want to be. There’s also quite a few bars in this area that you’ll have to try out! For instance, “The Whiskey” which has many different cocktails to enjoy. A menu with plenty of burgers to choose from. Not only is a great place to gather together with friends, you’ll love the live entertainment that this bar has to offer to anyone in the community. If you’re looking for just a place to hang out with some friends during a night out, a more casual atmosphere. A great place to go in this area would be the Corona Cigar Company’s Superstore and Cigar Bar. Maybe you want to have fun while enjoying a nice dinner. Restaurant Row also has the perfect dinner and entertainment location known as Dewey’s Indoor Golf and Sports Grill. A classic favorite along this row of tasty places is Ruth Chris Steak House or Season’s 52. Try out the entertaining and delicious melting pot in the area, where you can somewhat cook your own dinner and eat it too! One more place you’ll want to try in this area is Vines Grille and Wine Bar.


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The Always Enchanted Disney World and Disney Resorts:

This area also has the most magical place on earth, and that’s Disney of course! Being so close, it’s almost impossible to not make a trip to Disney World. Stop by any of the four main parks, and ride at least one or a couple rides. Experience Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. This is the park where all your dreams will come true. Here, you’ll be able to meet any of the famous Disney Princesses. You’ll also be able to ride a bunch of rides, like Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain. Your kids will also love this particular park because of all the child friendly rides. These rides include the “mad tea party” spinning teacups, a fun carousel, and Ariel’s grotto where you can take a glimpse “under the sea” at princess Ariel’s world. Another park that’s always fun for the whole family is the Animal Kingdom Park. You can come here to see all the exotic animals during the safari ride. You can also come to this park to experience the thrill of Expedition Everest.


If you want more of a classic, old time feeling, Hollywood Studios is the park that you’ll want to check out. At this park, you’ll be able to ride the tower of terror and if you’re a big star wars fan, you’ll get to ride “Star tours – the adventure continues.” This is also the park that’s Pixar centered. Then there’s the very popular park known as Epcot where you can walk around the world and get a taste of what it looks like in all the different countries. You don’t only have the option to walk around the world at Epcot. You can also go to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, where you can try out small portions of a variety of different food choices from every country as well as a variety of different wine options. All year long, Epcot gives their guests the opportunity to choose from a plethora of coke from all around the world. Your taste buds will be busy trying out all the coke flavors that you’ve probably never had before. This park also offers quite a few fun rides like mission space to get a feel of what it would be like to be in outer space, there’s also test track, this ride will let you design your very own test car, then you’ll actually get to take a ride in one of the cars as a crash dummy. Another ride that is a bit more relaxed is Spaceship Earth where you can take a ride through the Epcot ball and see how technology and other things have progressed through time. Another fun ride at this park is soarin’ where you’ll feel like you’re flying above different cities. Also enjoy another ocean experience with this parks nemo ride. You’ll be able to go through and see a quick overview of the movie with this ride in a fun and unique way with a small aquarium to enjoy after you get off the ride. Another ride at this park is also the new popular Frozen Ever After ride based off of the movie Frozen. Disney doesn’t just offer their theme parks to Florida residents.


Check out the Disney water parks in the heat of the summer to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. These water parks include blizzard beach and typhoon lagoon. Both parks are kid friendly as well. Disney also offers quite a few resorts including the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the Fort Wilderness Lodge where you can stay in stay in a cozy cabin in a woodsy atmosphere. Another resort you can stay in is the Art of Animation resort that is inspired by classic animated movies. This resort also has the largest pool at Walt Disney World. Disney also has a boardwalk near quite a few of their resorts. The biggest and most extravagant resort that Disney offers is the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Another resort they offer at this particular theme park is the All-Star Music Resort, this resort is of course inspired by music. This resort actually offers two different pools. One pool is guitar shaped to go along with the theme of the music resort. Another themed resort at Disney would be the Polynesian Village hotel and resort which gives off an Island feel vibe to it. You’ll feel just like you’re in a tropical island at this resort. All of these hotels also have appetizing choices of restaurants within the resorts themselves. Anyone can go and check out some of the dining options without having to stay at that particular resort. Living so close to a theme park will be so convenient for when you get bored of all your regular activities and have nothing else to do. You will always have the option to go to Disney World, and it will always be a place of joy and making wishes come true. You won’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this.


You’ll love this area of town and will be wanting to always come back to do all the exciting things that you didn’t get to do before. You’ll also have to try out all the different restaurants at the restaurant row to experience all tasty food each place has to offer. If you ever happen to have visitors from out of town. This area would be a great place to show them. They’ll get the full Florida experience with all the lakefront views and of course all of your out of state friends will associate Florida with Disney World, so this will be the perfect area to be close to at any time of the year. This area is also the perfect place to go out and see the trees perfectly placed near all the lakes. The fresh air in the outdoors of this part of town will have you feeling so relaxed and at peace with nature.


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