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Best Places to – Bike in Central Florida

Best Places to Bike in Central Florida

Doing outdoor activities in the Central Florida area will become one of your favorite things to do. Being able to ride your bike at any of the offered trails within the Central Florida area will be even better. This is an activity that anyone in your family will have the opportunity to enjoy. Luckily, there are so many great places to ride. You can check out any of the trails nearby the town that you choose to live in. 


Seminole Wekiva Trail:

A popular trail in Central Florida is the Seminole Wekiva Trail. This clean and friendly trail will have you coming by often not only to bike ride, but to just enjoy a breezy day in Central Florida. This trail is approximately fourteen miles long. You can bring your bike, walk, run, or jog down this asphalt trail. This trail is surrounded by so much beautiful nature including trees, bushes, grass, and flowers. While bicycling down this trail, you will see quite a few painted fence pieces along the way. You will be able to enjoy riding your bike with friends down this gorgeous trail any day of the week.


Lake Apopka Loop Trailhead:

If you live in or near the Apopka part of Central Florida, then you can visit the Lake Apopka Loop Trailhead. There’s plenty to do at this park besides bike ride. You can also sit under any of the pavilions at the picnic tables to enjoy a peaceful picnic outdoors or have a small birthday party at this trailhead park. The kids in your life will also be able to come to this particular park to play at the fun and exciting playground that’s offered here. However, the best part about having the opportunity to bike ride at this loop trailhead is the amazing scenery that you will get to experience along the way. Whether you live in the Apopka area or just live near the area, you will love experiencing the atmosphere of this environment. 



Cross Seminole Trail:

There’s just something extremely unique about getting to ride your bike along the Cross Seminole Trail. This part of Central Florida is open to the public and has a lot of great paths to ride down. For example, this trail has a bridge trail to cycle, a sidewalk path, and a couple of smaller trails that are roads for cyclists. One of the best parts of this path is that it connects to three different parts of Central Florida. Instead of having to drive to the different towns, you will have the opportunity to ride your bike to help get you from place to place. 


Mount Dora Trail:

The Mount Dora Trail isn’t just a trail to visit, but it’s also a park that anyone can enjoy. This particular trail is known as a mountain bike trail that will make you want to grab your mountain bike and do all sorts of unique tricks throughout the trail. The trail offers different ramps that are elevated, child riding bicycle.turned sideways, and more giving visitors the opportunity to practice tricks and flips on their mountain bike. Visiting the Mount Dora Trail doesn’t mean that you can only ride your bike in a cool and unique way, but you can also take your bike down the cleared pathway for a leisurely bike ride within the Mount Dora area. This gives anyone the chance to step out of the house for a few hours to get some fresh air while also being able to exercise.


Gaston Edwards Park:

Located in Orlando Florida is Gaston Edwards Park. Not only does this park have a lot of amazing amenities, but this park offers a scenic trail for you to enjoy. This concrete trail is surrounded by beautiful greenery, and every time you cycle down this path, you will be able to clear your mind while getting your daily exercise in. You will also be able to ride along the Lake Ivanhoe’s Eastern Shore. People in the community use the opportunity to ride down this trail often, and people that live in other areas of town also enjoy traveling down to use the trail located at Gaston Edwards Park.


Lake Fran Bike Trail:

The perfect place to ride your bike in a nature filled part of town is at the Lake Fran Bike Trail. This bike trail will have you speechless because of how gorgeous the area is. The concrete pathway is surrounded by greenery from the luscious grass to the beautiful trees. You will also enjoy being able to cycle around the lake as well. So many people visit this trail because of its beauty, but mainly because it’s the perfect spot to cycle in Central Florida. black BMX bike.


Shingle Creek Trail:

Riding your bicycle in nature is honestly one of the best places to do that particular activity. Let the nature lead you along any of the given pathways. You can cycle through the trees or along the small bridge over the small creek. This is a great place to either come to ride by yourself and get some alone time or you can get a group of friends together to ride along with you at the Shingle Creek Trail. Either way, you will absolutely love having the chance to come to this trail whenever you please. 


West Orange Trail:

Winter Garden Florida has a lot of great trails to visit in the area, but one of them is the West Orange Trail. The best part about this trail is that it’s not only a trail, but it’s also a park area that you can visit with an amazing playground, areas to walk and explore, but mainly a wonderful trail to ride your bike down. You won’t have to worry about getting too much sun while cycling down this path because there’s a lot of shaded pathways along this particular trail. 


Greenway Bike Trail:

Casselberry Florida is home to the Greenway Bike Trail. This trail has the best spots to cycle down, but also offers benches to sit at if you need a break or just want to appreciate the welcoming atmosphere that this bike trail has to offer to all of their visitors. You will have the opportunity to ride along the concrete path or along the bridge walkway. The Greenway Bike Trail is also considered a nature preserve within the Casselberry area. You will love man riding bike at the woods.that this bike trail is a clean and friendly environment. This will make you want to continue bike riding here as often as you can.


Little Econ Greenway:

The park located in Union Park Florida is a great place to cycle in town. It offers visitors with a trail of many uses that includes biking, jogging, running, walking, and skating. Many people also enjoy visiting the Little Econ Greenway for the amazing wildlife nature that this part of town has to offer. There’s not just trails that people will be able to enjoy, but many people like to come to this park to fish, kayak or possibly canoe as well. You will want to make a day of it at this park because of all there is to do here. You and your family definitely won’t want to miss out on all the fun here at this particular park and trail.


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Shadow Bay Park Pavilion:

Another park in Orlando Florida that also offers an amazing bike trail is at the Shadow Bay Park Pavilion. This park has a wonderful playground to run off some energy, a pavilion to have a birthday party or a small picnic, but most importantly a great path to bring your bike to ride. The path leads to different areas of the park and beyond that. Ride your bike up to the basketball court to practice some dribbling or ride on over to the baseball field to watch a game or two. This will become one of your favorite places to ride within the Central Florida area because of all the great stopping points that you can ride to. It will also be great having plenty of other options here besides just riding along the bike trail.two red and blue city bikes parked near pathway.


Regional Trail:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity in the Deltona area to ride your bike along the Regional Trail. This trail is beautiful at any time of the day. For example, bring your bike early in the morning to ride or cycle down the gorgeous path closer towards the end of the day while the sun is setting. You will be marveling at the amazing scenery located along the paths and it will be great just being able to spend time outdoors feeling the crisp breeze through the air. People enjoy cycling down this path often because of the atmosphere and the friendly environment that it has to offer to all visitors within the Central Florida area.


Riverwalk Sanford:

So many people in the Sanford area enjoy visiting the Riverwalk to ride their bikes along the Lake Monroe. This beautiful area is surrounded by a park, basketball courts, and a few restaurants here and there. You will be able to cycle with a view and also enjoy checking out all the great things happening in this part of town.

Central Florida is home to so many amazing trails. It will be difficult just trying to pick one to visit. Since there are so many, you can travel to different ones in many parts of town. Take time to enjoy the different areas of Central Florida by riding your bike at all the beautiful parks and trails within the area.


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